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My dog was basically my child as I never had any children.  I can't get past how I failed her--how she was in pain and I didn't know how much, how she was pleading with me for help and I got it too late.  I never educated myself and now am paying the price.  How does one ever recover from losing what they loved more than anything in this world?  I think I know that answer, you really don't. I hope it will be a good day for many of you.


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Dear Becky,

I will be there right with you tomorrow.  May 11 2006 was the last time I held my beloved feline child Tweeny alive, she departed the next day.  Though I've been blessed to hold her in my sleep a few times, even lately, and she is fluffy, beautiful and very well in those dreams.  I hope you get some of those blessed dreams as well, if not yet, in time. 

Appropriately it is supposed to rain a lot tomorrow and I will be at my mother's grave, I don't have human children either.  I am very thankful for my senior kitty Rusty and my two others, so I still count as a mom tomorrow, as you do too.  Maybe go buy yourself something inexpensive but something your girl would like you to have, I just might do that.  We can both sing to our girls.

May you feel your precious Libbie close by tomorrow ((((Becky))))

Love, Tweeny's ma


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I'm sorry Becky - It is so hard to continue to live our lives without our babies.

I don't have human children either and my baby girl passed on a Sunday so tomorrow will be the one month anniversary and I'm dreading it.  I know I will be crying all day tomorrow.

I hope that some of us will have a good day though.


Piggy's Mom


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Dear Becky,

I never had any human children either, so Betsy was/is my little dog daughter.   Tomorrow, Mother's Day, is her four month BridgeDay.   I hope you and I can do our best to remember our beloved girls with joy and love, and less so with tears and sadness. 

Sending you a big hug,
Betsy's forever mom

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Hi Becky,
I am also a fur mom only, and I am right there beside you.  We grieve together, and I am praying for our hearts to mend.
Love and hugs,
Heather, Hankies forever mommy

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Dear Becky:

I'm so very, very sorry for your loss.  Becky we all make mistakes, we're human - we do the very best we can and our babies understand this more than we ever give them credit for.  They know we aren't perfect but they really don't care - they love us unconditionally for who and what we are.  Please do try to forgive yourself - guilt is a horrible monster and will eat you alive - if you let it.

Your baby would never ever want you to be this unhappy.  They live for very little except to make us happy so why would they want us to be soooooo sad.  It's hard to get your world spinning again, and yes it takes quite some time but it's important you find "inner peace" and live your life.  Your baby wants you to.  Perhaps when you feel ready, another loving soul will come into your life and fill Mothers Day with smiles, love and happiness.  It has for me and I wish that for you and everyone. 

There isn't a single moment of a single second I don't miss my boy - I imagine I always will and honestly I want to, but now when I think of him I feel warmth and not pain.  My newer babies aren't a replacement, they will never ever be him but they are wonderful and it feels to good to love and be loved again.  Becky I love my Kato more than life itself, I really didn't think I would ever be able to live life again but with the help of this site and all the wonderful people in it - I have. Becky there is hope, there is lots to live for - please hang in there and know your lil one wants you to be happy.

Thinking of you and big huge hugssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss,

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Please know that I too, have no human children. I too, have lost everything I had and had loved before. I thought I could never go on. I went for a walk that lasted almost a year. I thought my life was over, I did not want to live. But, things change. I will say again: Time does not heal all wounds, but you do learn to live with the pain. And Becky you can learn to live with the pain. Think, is there anything you can do to help anyone. Not with money or anything, but any cause you can fight for, or anything you strongly believe in? Try to find something and do what you can to help. You will heal yourself by helping others.
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