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It will be one month tomorrow since Chewie left to go to the rainbow bridge.  I've never lived alone, as Chewie has always been by by side.  The days are fine, but coming home has become a chore.  I hate walking into the empty house and being alone.  No one or nothing could ever replace Chewie.  I have been thinking about rescuing another dog, but am racked with guilt.  I know everyone is different, so I wanted to get an opinion.  I have so much love to give, and there are so many fur babies that need it.


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Here's my opinion. I have always said that once Mandy was gone, I would never get another dog, because I would never want to feel that pain again. Now that Mandy being gone has become a reality, at first I thought that would be like betraying her. Now, although I don't want another dog at this time, I do not think Mandy would look badly upon me for getting one. I think she would smile down on me. I think she would say yes, I knew she was a kind soul. Look at her, helping another dog to have a great home like she gave me. I think our pets would want us to help another. So I don't think you should feel any guilt about thinking about it or acting upon that thought.


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CS, I lost my dog in tragic circumstances nearly four months ago.  The guilt is overwhelming because my vet and I missed important signs.  He is not to blame, I am.  She was simply the one that I loved most in the world.  I have never loved a human on that level nor will I ever love anyone or anything that much again. 

 I have no idea what got into me a few weeks ago on this board.  But Ghatten's thread on the little beagle that she could not find a home for kind of got to me.  I still don't know what I am doing, but everything is in motion now,and the dog is being flown out to my home in a couple of weeks.  She was too old for rescues to take her and she would have been put down.  The picture of her showed her looking so happy and it just broke my heart so here I am doing this crazy thing I said I never would.

I know it will be hard, but it is going to be hard whether she is here or not.  I can give her a good home and a chance to live out her life with comfort and good care. 

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My Friend,

I, too, am going through this same thing. I have another pup, a 12 year old who is missing her "sister" like crazy, as am I and the rest of the family. Here is what I said to my 10 yr. old daughter over a decade ago when I fell in love again after losing my first husband to cancer: "No one can ever replace your Dad in my heart. But, the heart is something that grows when you meet someone new to love. This love does not replace the other that you love, but your heart grows to accept the new person. This way, your heart grows bigger and makes room for all of the wonderful new people that come your way without your ever forgetting to love the other people who came before."

This is how I feel about our "Furbabies." If you can open your heart to a new companion without expecting it to replace the companion that you've lost, but rather have your heart grow to accept your new friend, with no expectations from your new "furbaby" other than it be itself, I say, go for it! A new rescue would be blessed to have you for a parent. I think that I will be joining you as a new "parent" in the very near future.

God Bless You!


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Another dog will help you through and make you feel better. I think everyone is ready at different times. I too have another dog who is SUPER lonely now. I can't leave him home alone for 5 minutes without feeling WAY guilty. I will have to get another dog in the next few months. I just need more time to grieve. It's hasn't even been two weeks yet.


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Just listen to your heart.  I rescued another dog just 3 weeks after losing my Bas.  He in no way replaced Basil, he has his own unique character and personality, but he so needed to be loved, just as I needed a baby to love.

It was the right move for me, for although I will always miss my Bas, as I do all of my babies, I just think of it as the start of another fur baby love story.  I will add this story to the rest, that I hold in my heart.

Di xxx
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