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It's been a while since I've posted anything on this site.  Everybody has been so nice to my wife and I here, I felt like I needed to give you guys an update.

It is coming up to our 7th month date when our litter Trooper went off to the Bridge.  A couple of months ago he sent us an angel.  Her name is Maggie May.  Maggie is a German Shepherd mix and a ball of energy.

Maggie was brought into the vet (by the Humane Society) because she had been hit by a car.  Her right hind leg was broken and needed surgery.  During the surgery they discovered some pellets inside of her.  Some jerk was shooting at this poor dog and she ran into the road to get away.  The vet said that he almost lost her during the operation.

The vet and the Humane Society wanted the girl to be adopted but with the cost of the operation, they wanted her to go to a good home.  We were fortunate enough to adopt her.  The vet knew that we would give the little girl a good home. 

Maggie is now 7 months old and weighs 45 lbs!!!  She is going to be a big girl.  Lady (our 2 1/2 yr Yellow Lab/White German Shepherd mix) has a playmate.

If you do the math.... Trooper died about 7 months ago.... Maggie is 7 months old.  It's pretty amazing.  We have been truly blessed.

Thanks for reading,
The Opusman

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I am sorry for the loss of your precious Trooper. 

It's  wonderful that you have opened your home and your heart to Maggie May. She sounds like a joy to have.

I hope someday I can find it in my heart to have another special furbaby in my life. Right now I know it is not time; I lost my cherished cat Cheeseburger on May 4th, 2008.

I wish all the best for you and your beautiful Maggie and Lady. Enjoy the smiles, laughter, and love these extraordinary creatures bring to our lives.

Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE

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Sorry for your loss of Trooper. It is amazing synchronicity that Maggie was born at that time. I guess not much is coincidence here on planet earth. It's hard to believe there are such idiots in the world, too, that would want to purposefully go after an innocent animal.
 One of my pets, the "youngest" (almost 14 yrs. old now)I adopted her or rather the other way around, when I was working in Fla. in home health. I was at a patient's home and saw her as I entered his trailor. I said something to him about how cute she was and said "Well, I think I'm gonna kill her soon--she's a stray" or something like that. Imagine next I had to take this jerk's vital signs, etc.
I talked to her as I was leaving and told her she could come home with me and she jumped in my car! She talked the whole way home (telling me her story, I guess). She came home and my other cat took her under his wing immediately, well, showing her he was the boss type of thing, too.
It's amazing how they find us and how it is all fate.
It's great you could open up your home to Maggie.

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I am so glad that you and Maggie and your wife have found each other.  Poor sad Maggie, now a very pleased Maggie with her loving home.  I am sure that Maggie was sent to you by Trooper, I have been sent a new boy too, another rescue.  End up with Ben after I didnt intend to get another dog at that time, I just know that it was arranged by my guys at the bridge. 
I am so pleased for you and your wife, may you all have a long and happy life together.  Much Love, Di xxx

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I meant to ask on my previous post if you could put a photo on of your Maggie.  I would love to see her, as Im sure everyone else would, Di xxx


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What a wonderful, uplifting story.  Trooper surely sent Maggie to you.  And maggie's so happy to be with such a good family. 

There are no coincidences IMO.  I love it. 

Congratulations on your new furbaby.


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