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Tweeny my Sunshine Girl- 2 Year Bridgeday

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it has been two years.

It was a different life, a happier, sunnier life.

I don’t want it to be two years. My feline daughter Tweeny and I went to the pet hospital Thursday May 11, she was to stay there three nights and she was to come home on Mother’s Day. That was our plan, but it wasn’t The Plan. It ended up being the last time I held her alive. An angel had come for her the next day May 12; the same angel that told her to stay in the bushes here until we took her in that blessed October day 1993: the day I received the most precious gift in my life- my soulmate. Tweeny went to join mom in Heaven on Mother’s Day weekend, which is also mom’s birthday. Tweeny is sure to have lots of laptime and lullabies sung to her.

Tweeny, my little princess, you appeared here in the autumn when life traditionally prepares for the winter’s sleep, our grief for dad was still very deep and you became our happy sunshine. Why you had to depart in springtime May when life all around is renewing, I know it was the beginning of your eternal life, one without the chains and pain of the physical. When I see your roses bloom, and all flowers, I am always reminded of the beauty radiating from you as you always soaked in their fragrant purrfection.

So much happiness you brought in your little package, how quickly I found out how you loved to play hide and seek, peekaboo, and how you would jump up a few feet straight up into a paper bag as I held it upside down! You had the quickest million-mile-an-hour paws when the choo-choo sound thingy fell between the sofa cushions as you maddingly tried to retrieve it, pressing the buttons and making it go “choo choo… ding ding ding ding”, and your paws would go even faster! You had the quickest paws I’d ever seen! How much happy noise there was in the house when you would attack those paper bags! Running head first into them, across the floor, paws digging in the corners, then when you got tired you’d crunch down the bag and take a nap on top.

You would look so proud and listen intently as you knew when mom and I would stand at the doorway admiring and talking about you. How mom would go off to bed and see us on the bed together, and say “Goodnight daughters”. I miss how as soon as the freshly laundered clothes were on the bed, you climbed the pile and arranged it to your liking, and as for folding them- well, that always came later. Or I would carefully pull out the clothes on the edges without disturbing you in our own version of “pick up sticks”. If the dresser drawer or suitcase was left open you would definitely take notice!

One silly thing that I miss was how you would be dreaming and twitching then abruptly wake up saying “Neow? Neow?” looking for treats. Ah, I think I know what you were dreaming about. I would sit there and watch you, and knew when you were going to get up and do that and I had the treats ready and waiting. Oh and it’s just not the same opening a slice of cheese and you instantly appearing at the sound of the wrapper. The word “cheese” would get you all excited!

It is too quiet now without you jumping on the window shades at 5:30 AM so I could pull them up for you to look out of, especially at this, your favorite time of year. I miss that chittering sound you did at the birds; the bluejays driving you especially crazy! The bed of daylilies is once again growing and I always remember how you disappeared for a while- “Where’s Tweeny?” and you would come out from under them, stretching after a long luxurious nap.

Soon after you departed I started going to a party store called “Tweeny’s Paradise” and I showed the nice people your picture and told them about you. Sometimes when I stop in they call me Miss Tweeny. I like the name of the place as I picture you in a blissful Tweeny’s Paradise. In your honor I will have a gentle Tweeny Martini.

So often lately it seems like there is someone else in the house, and many times I open the door to where you first appeared and hope you’ll be there; I look out the windows and on the porch thinking maybe, maybe….still. I’ve had a couple dreams of you missing, or me looking for you, and I always find you! Ooh last Saturday I found you and got to hold you! How are mom, dad, Glenn and the family? I have dreams about them too. Does mom run a Kitty Soup Kitchen there? I miss all the residents and visitors from those blessed days, maybe you’ve run into some of them? All I want for you is pure blissful happiness, as humans we have a constant need to be reassured of these things. Thank you precious girl for the messages, visits, peeks and love of yours that will be forever with me.

Tweeny My Business Partner
“Visual inspection- pass; Material quality control- pass; Looks good to me- let's auction it!”

Tweeny My Flower Girl

Tweeny the Comedienne

Tweeny, Gentle Girl of Grace

Tweeny My Baby Girl

Tweeny My Soulmate

Tweeny was always a very spiritual girl. Each night as I pray before going to bed, she would gently sit by my side and allow me to complete my prayers, even if it was 20 minutes! If I would read, though, she decided that quality time together was more important than reading- she was right. But she always let me pray, and wonder if in her own way silently alongside she meditated; being more spiritually evolved than I may ever be as a human.

Precious Tweeny, you helped heal our hearts; you were there when mom was to depart. The joy you brought her I’ll never forget; not enough time, my only regret- but yet- though I’m still filled with sorrow, we will someday have our tomorrow. You are home, wait for me- for then we will continue our dreams. I miss you so much, most precious little girl.


Be carefree and happy, my Little Peach~
I'll join you again and we'll be together in eternal bliss. 

I miss you little girl and love you with all I have.

Thank you to Punkin Mummy Colleen for this beautiful Gift.
It does my heart good every time I see it.
"Tweeny Tweeny Little Star"

If any of you like the Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire, here is a slideshow to that song that Tweeny and I would dance to.

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        What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl on her 2-year Bridgeday!  Isn't it amazing how, even after 2 long years, the pain of loss is so evident?  As much as we try to replace our sad thoughts with happy memories, we still feel that heartwrenching sorrow of having them removed from our physical lives and having to wait to see them again some day in the future.
        I hope that you have found some peace in your life without Tweeny.  She seemed so much a part of it, as my Teddy was/is to me.  There's not a day that goes by, that I don't think of her and shed a tear.  The bonds that tie them to us are so strong, and it's so difficult to overcome that incredible sadness that we're left to bear.

        HAPPY 2-YEAR BRIDGEDAY, DEAR TWEENY.  I know that you are young and healthy again awaiting the reunion with your loving Mommy some day.

                Many thoughts & prayers-- Teddy's Mom

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Oh Tweeny's Ma, that was just so beautiful.  What a touching tribute to your beautiful girl. She is gorgeous!

I'm sorry about your beautiful Tweeny.  How we suffer for the ones we have love and lose.

You two were indeed soulmates and I know that feeling my friend. How lucky we are to have had found our angels in our lifetime. We are truly blessed.

God Bless you Tweeny - Happy Two Year Anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge Sweetheart!


Piggy's Mom


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Dear Tweeny's Ma.....
How can it possibly be 2 years since we last held our precious soulmates?! How I wish we could hold them just one more time. For now we hold them in our hearts, our mind, and soul.....and we rest assured that we WILL be reunited with them again! The summer Tucker passed away, I planted what is called "lambs ear". It is not the most beautiful plant....but the leaves are so very soft and velvety......and it reminded me of my Tuckers ears. They just started growing again....and I felt those soft leaves...and it really is the closest thing to touching my Tuckers ears. It is funny how a simple little plant can make me so happy. Your pictures of Tweeny are just so beautiful...and I am certain you could  win a photography award with them! Those pictures must bring you such joy because they seem to capture the essence and beauty of Tweeny.

I know how this day brings up those very vivid feelings of emptiness and heartache. I send you a giant hug today and hope you feel the comfort I am sending your way. God Bless you and your very special girl *Tweeny*.......Take Care.....Tuckers Mum

Puppy Tuck     1995-2006   Old Man Tuck in "his" kitchen chair


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Oh dear Tweenys_Ma –


Since the first time I saw a picture of your Tweeny, I knew she was so special. Your tribute letter is so BEAUTIFUL; recalling all of those wonderful memories that you have of your baby. It is evident the deep love you have for Tweeny and I know your heart, while filled with all of your brilliant memories, is still sadly broken.


You wrote so eloquently about the changing seasons and how your Tweeny fit so naturally into those events. Tweeny certainly was a gorgeous flower girl, as well as a comedienne, and a lady of sweet grace. I can also see how contemplative she was, making it evident that she was your meditative soulmate. You’ve captured all her characteristics and more in all of these photos – she is simply magnificent.


My soulmate and 1st son, my kitty Rusty was 21+ years old when he left me 12 weeks and 2 days ago. You talk about your Tweeny being with your mom & dad, and I’m going through something very similar . . . my dad has been gone 20 long years and my mom is very, very ill and I thought I might lose her on Mother’s day, but she’s still with me. I pray that Rusty has had the chance to meet up with my dad, and that when it is my mom’s time, they will be there, together to greet her. Of course, all at once, my sorrow is so deep, yet I have a certain sense of comfort when I think of this.


2 minutes, 2 months, 2 years, 10 years . . . it doesn’t matter . . . time separates us from our babies and our hearts will forever carry the sadness we feel from their departure.  


Dear Tweeny, watch over your mommy who misses and loves you so very much. She remembers you every day, but today her heart is heavier than usual as she’s remembering you on your 2 year anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge.


Many hugs Tweeny’s_Ma.


With warm affection,


Rusty’s Mom.


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Tweeny's Ma,

I LOVED your tribute to your gorgeous girl, Tweeny.  I always call my Betsy Miss Congeniality, but I think Tweeny is clearly Miss Photogenic!   What a beautiful girl!

Your tribute describes her so well that I feel I know her---all her antics, all her gentleness, all her devotion to you.   I especially liked the story of her waking from naps and "Neowing" for her treats and the way she always waited patiently for you to finish your prayers.   And the photo of her in the green bag is striking, what green eyes! 

I know how very difficult it is and how much you miss her, no matter how much time has passed. So, I will be thinking of you and offering up a little prayer that you find peace and feel her love surrounding you.  

Thank you so very much for sharing all the beautiful photos with us.  By the way, I think you have earned your gentle Tweeny Martini, for sure.   Toast her and celebrate her beautiful life.


Love and hugs,
Betsy's forever mom 


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Dear Anna - 

You have outdone yourself with your tribute to your sweet Tweeny.

My heart is full with the love you show for your wonderful girl.  I know how
hard it can be and I know how lucky we are to have this wonderful love -

Love from Lisa - (tiger's mom)

Tweeny you and Tiger share your love of cheese - Tiger would wake up from a sleep when he heard that word or heard the rustle of any cheese wrapping (not sure how they could tell!)

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Dear Anna,

What a lovely tribute to Tweeny and your love for her.  It is just so lovely.

Tweeny is  a wonder...when I look at her lovely is just so calming and warm.  That girl certainly loved wonderful.  And I am so glad you shared your pictures with all of us. Your love for Tweeny  is everlasting...what a celebration when you two meet once again!!!   And we certainly must be re-united, such love and hope for all of our could it just not happen? are stunning little girl...stay near your mom today.  She misses you so.

Suzanne sweet girl


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Oh, Tweeny's_Ma, that was beautiful.  What a touching tribute to your Tweeny.  I loved the stories and pictures of the wonderful life the two of you shared.  Tweeny is so pretty.  I would just love to bury my face in her soft fur. 

Our babies are such a wonderful gift from God.  There are no words to describe how much they bring into our lives.  Even though my Gus was taken from me much too soon and  the pain has been horrific, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. 

Tweeny--  Your mom loves you so very much.  You will always have a special place in her heart.

Loving hugs
Kate (Gus' mom)


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Dear Anna,

As always, you capture so much with your words and Tweeny's breathtaking photos.  Her beauty and grace sing from every picture, and her precious soul shines through your loving words.  I know how much you grieve, and I am sorry for your pain, my friend.  But I know you well enough to also say that I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way, if the pain is the price to be paid.  I'm the same way - this is no surprise to you - but it still hurts.

We are blessed beyond words with their presence in our lives.  And then we are blessed with the miracle of their reassurance from beyond the grave.  How incredibly lucky we are.

Thank you, Anna, for the comfort and support you have brought to countless people here, but thank you most of all for sharing your beloved child with us.  She is like no other...

Many hugs for you,



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Dear Anna............I am always in awe at the posts you send to your baby girl......The photos of her are absolutely stunning- unlike any others I've seen.....You are a good photographer, and certainly- you had a good "subject."  Your "Sunshine girl" is very photogenic!!!!
Oh, I know how much you miss her still, Anna- it is evident in every word you write!!  She was (and still is) that "one in a life-time love......"  How wonderful that the two of you found one another.  The bond seems to grow stronger and stronger as the years go by, doesn't it?
My heart grieves with yours right now, and I'm sending a huge hug your way ((((((((((((((Anna)))))))))))))
Bless you for being JUST the perfect Mom to such a beautiful little girl!!
Much love.............Kelsey's Mom  (Ruth)

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Dear Anna:
Your Tribute to Tweeny is absolutely beautiful.  This overwhelming pain just never seems to end.  These Precious Angels steal our Hearts and take our souls with them when they leave.  I cannot believe that Tweeny has been gone for 2 years.  Christopher has been gone for almost 14 months and it seems like he left yesterday.  Your pictures of Tweeny are absolutely wonderful.  We will miss them for Eternity and no one will ever take their place.  They will Always be safe in our Hearts.  We were so fortunate that God chose us to be their Mommies.  May God's Angels watch over Tweeny Forever.

Big Hugs
Georgeann and Christopher

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Dearest Tweeny's Anna,

Please forgive me for being so late wishing you comfort on your exquisite girl Tweeny's special day. Your words as always touch me deeply and I see such beauty in each one of Tweeny's pictures. I don't know if you know the expression "old soul" but Tweeny's eyes are those of an old soul, well lived, well loved and those of a soul who understands the wisdom of the ages which so often escapes we mere mortals. That in the end, love is all that matters and I can feel that forever connection and that deep abiding love between you and Tweeny.

I so admire your ability to remember so many moments of Tweeny's physical life-time here. Surely an angel was watching over her making sure she found her way to the very heart she shares forever. So often too I find sweet echoes of my little ones in your memories. My Chloe used to leap straight up into an open bag as well, like she was diving up. And my Punkin liked cheese so much I had to sneak into the fridge when he was sleeping and cover the sound of opening the door with a cough or he would be right there waiting to share it.

Tweeny's pictures tell so much about your good girl and the wonderful physical lifetime she shared with you. How I wish every furry soul in the world knew the love you and Tweeny share and that each furry soul could be blessed with that same wonderful life. Tweeny looks so happy and serene and you can tell how much security and love she knew in each picture.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your exquisite girl with us. You have helped so many, many people here and I know Tweeny shines on in so many other people's hearts too. I hope the day was not too hard remembering, Anna. I have to smile when I think of Tweeny in the beautiful flowers and colors in the Heavens we here all call the Bridge. I can see her showing all the other little ones the joys, the sights and the sounds there. And often I am sure St. Elmo's Fire is one of the pieces of music to which they all celebrate. Sending you many warm hugs of comfort and understanding with my apologies again for being so late.

Much love,

Colleen (Forever Mummy of The Orange Tabby Crew at the Bridge)


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Dear Anna,  I am sorry this is late.  I come in mostly these days to moderate but I saw your post just now and had to acknowledge the 2 yr. anniversary of Miss Tweeny going to the bridge.  All of the photos are so beautiful.  I know how much you miss her at 2 yrs.  I still miss Miss Dallas after 5 1/2 yrs.  But as you know time heals that initial gut wrenching pain we all experience when we loose these wonderful members of our families.

Bless you and the spirit of your beautiful girl.  You will see her again someday.

Love,  Diane

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Hi Tweenys Mom;
I just saw your spectacular beautiful post,tribute here. Wow. For once I am speachless. Absolutely the best everything ever. How lucky you two are to have had such a great life together with so many happy beautiful memories. Wow. ......

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Dear Anna,

Sorry I'm over a week late in posting, but I wanted to say what a wonderful, precious, touching tribute to your beautiful Tweeny.  Thank you so much for sharing your memories and pictures of your gorgeous girl.  You two were so lucky and blessed to have each other, what an incredibly special bond and relationship you had. 

When you wrote "It was a different life, a happier, sunnier life," I completely understand your heart.  We love all the animals that come into our lives but there are some that just touch us in a very different and special way.  It was like that with me and my Blackie.  He has only been gone for a little over 7 weeks but it really does seem like our time together was a different life, one that was happier and definitely sunnier.

Thank you again for sharing your memories with us, they are a true tribute to the love you two shared and the life you had together.

Take care,

Blackie's Mommy

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Tweeny's Ma (Anna),

This post is so beautiful - just as your Tweeny girl is. What a simply beautiful girl. You have honored her so well in all you do -- you have been here, supporting and comforting, so many of us (me for the last year +), and I know that Tweeny is very very proud of her Ma. You have been a wonderful example of devotion and love for Tweeny, in every post here.

Thank you for sharing this with us - all the photos and the slideshow. Just a wonderful tribute to a beautiful girl.

I think of you both often. I know that Tweeny and Molly must have made friends by now -- Molly's best little friend here was "her" kitty, Missa. I know she must miss her so. I hope Tweeny is her friend now.

Big hugs,



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Happy 2 year BridgeDay beautiful Tweeny! My goodness, she is just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I had to really laugh at "Business Partner Tweeny". Aren't cats hysterical how human they are? Thanks again, I needed a laugh today. I wish you peace and comfort. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Sorry for Tweeeny's loss--she was a beautiful girl--pictures are amazing.


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Your tribute to your Tweeny is so beautiful....just like the beautiful girl she was.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Chiquita's Mom



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Thank you to all your comforting replies from the heart- they truly helped my aching heart feel your love and support, as otherwise I’d spent the whole day crying- 2 years is nothing when you so greatly miss the love of your life.  Truly, I am humbled by the love shown through your words, and Tweeny, a very modest girl, would be very honored for all the love you have shown her.  Though I grieve for her every single minute, I hold my breath for twelve days until the 24th when she was cremated (we made it a sacred occasion together).  This is so hard.....  I love all your babies’ pictures and if and only if you feel like it, I’d be honored to have their pics added if you haven’t put them.  No obligation of course, don't want to be demanding. One of the only comforting thoughts is knowing all your beautiful bridgekids she is with.


Also Thank You to those who just took a peek- I hope that Tweeny’s photos were able to bring you a smile and maybe bring back some of your own memories. 


Individual Thank Yous:


Dear Arthursmom, Thank you for your precious message about Tweeny, I know it wasn’t an easy Mother’s Day for us, but it is because of her that I can participate in that day- I hope one day I will meet with her birthparents so I can thank them with gratefulness.  Your Arthur is so precious; I read how you left his drawer where he slept as is.  I know your heart aches for him, I hope you see lots of special butterflies this summer.


Dear Helen, Thank you for the very comforting message you have written and I hope you also find some peace without your beautiful Teddy physically here. Yes, our bonds to them are so strong that it’s hard to find the strength to continue on, though their love in life was so bountiful that they supplied us with extra to help us go on until that seemingly forever distant day we will be with them again.  I hope you have felt comfort from your sweet boy as you go through the tough six month mark.


Dear Piggy’s mom, Thank you- your girl Piggy is very gorgeous as well.  Oh, when I first saw her she took my breath away, pretty, pretty girl.  Sometimes I wonder why does God make them so beautiful and then take them away from us?  And their internal beauty is so far superior to anything we’ve known.  But I know that they have been sent ahead to help prepare a place for us when it is time; soulmates they will forever be to us.  Your loss is still so very new and deep, and I truly hope you feel your girl’s love all around you all the days of your life.


Dear Tuckers Mum, It is so great seeing Tucker’s beautiful face again!  As I was writing out my post, I was thinking of the many babies that went to the bridge around the same time Tweeny did, Tucker included.  He will always be a fixture in my heart, and it will be great to meet him one day.  Aw, that is sweet how you have planted the “Lamb’s Ear”…it must be so comforting to touch them and think of Tucker.  I often called Tweeny “Velvet Ears” because they were so velvety- loved to kiss them… Sigh…I hope you get a dream visit where you can hold your boy again.


Dear Rusty’s Mom, Thank you for your very beautiful letter to both Tweeny and me- you have been an incredible support for so many here with the loving replies you have written.  I am very sorry that your mother is very ill, I’m thankful you did have her for Mother’s Day.  It does comfort me that mom has Tweeny with her now, and as dad never got to meet her in earthly life, she was sent to help us heal after he departed and now they are together as well.  When the time does come, your dad and Rusty will ease her transition- I hope that will help your heart some.  I will keep you and your mother in my loving thoughts.  I might have mentioned this, but I am a mom of a Rusty as well (vet thinks he’s about 17 now).


Dear Melissa, Aw, can’t you just imagine our girls wearing little sashes around? Tweeny was actually a very modest girl, but amazing how she always sat still for the photos.  My sister joked one day about that black and white photo being like those “Glamour Shots” boudoir photos that were popular in the 90’s.  Yeah that “Neowing” after abruptly waking was so funny- they all have their own unique precious traits don’t they!  Oh, I know your heart misses those WooWooWoos, I hope you get to hear them in upcoming dreams for reassurance.


Dear Lisa, It was wonderful to see Tiger stop by for Tweeny’s bridgeday. I love that picture, so humanlike like ‘no pictures please’. While I spent much of the day crying, I had to laugh when I read about Tiger’s love for cheese as well.  When Tweeny was already somewhat ill, I didn’t want to disturb her while sleeping two rooms away, so I very c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y opened a cheese wrapper, humming while doing so to disguise the sound, and yet when I looked down there she was.  A single cheese molecule released into the air and their internal GPS leads them right to it. Thank you for the smile and friendship.


Dear Suzanne, I am always comforted seeing your beautiful Puff….she always radiates such sweet love and loving intelligence.  You and Puff are always a breath of fresh air and sunshine to me, you always lift me up… you both working together.  I know there is something special about Puff and our universe.  Now whenever I see a dime on the loose, I think of Puff.  There was one by the race car today.  Whichever of us gets to the bridge first, it will be great to see the other’s reunion with their child!  Thank you for your always sparkling of shiny love.


Dear Kate, As you said you would love to bury your face in Tweeny’s fur, I have always felt the same way about your precious Gus!  A vet actually asked if I used conditioner on her! I really ache for you in your loss of your very precious boy, every time I see him I have to wonder why.  I am just thankful that you two were chosen for each other and I know there is more in the Plan for you both, one day and forever.  Thank you for all the help from your heart you have offered so many here. I know all the girl kitties at the bridge must be fussing over Gus.


Dear Barb, Thank you for the love you always pour into your replies.  As you wrote we are blessed with the miracle of their reassurance from beyond the grave, I was recently contemplating that God chose and sent me this most special girl for all the life circumstances that were to come and she would be the one to be my strength in life, and her love so powerful that it continues to be my ‘compass’ even after her physical departure. Thank you for being so inspiring dear friend, to all of us here- you are a beautiful purrson.  Your beautiful Max, Hazel and Cully are working their magic with you making it feel like they are all so close.


Dear Ruth, Thank you for your always uplifting posts. I still find it amazing that she appeared here right after I started a college photography class- the angel sent me the purrfect model, always sitting still when I wanted to take a pic- she was so smart.  We also share very close bridgedays, though two years apart, May now always having a different meaning for both of us, hearts grieving together- you for your apricot girl, me for my little peach.  May you always feel darling Kelsey Len close to your heart.


Dear Georgeann, You are right that we are so fortunate that we were chosen to be our babies’ mommies.  He knew who would be our perfect match to spend eternity with and I cannot wait for that day.  The pain of their physical absence just doesn’t go away.  Thank you for your message to Tweeny, I hope that when we finally join them, we will find that they have been living beautiful lives all this time.  Think of the beautiful place that Christopher is helping to prepare for you for that ultimate reunion.  May you get a visit from your precious boy soon, that wonderful dream you’ve been waiting for. 


Dear Colleen, Forever mummy of the precious Orange Tabby Crew, the way you described ‘old soul’ makes so much sense, there has always been something “familiar” about Tweeny to me, even now when I look at her pics- something beyond a typical relationship.  Just the way she always trusted me, and at the end, what I didn’t recognize then, was the look of “knowing” on her.  On a lighter note, I cracked up picturing Chloe jumping up into a bag too.  “Diving straight up” is a great way of describing that- it was just so silly.  And how you “coughed” to disguise the opening of the fridge (Punkin)- they sure had us well trained!  Tweeny and Punkin’s bridgedays are so close together, though two years apart- I had you and Punkin in my thoughts all day Saturday and hope you got to spend “quiet time together”. 


Dear Diane, Thank you for remembering and honoring my girl with your kind words. I will always have warm feeling of Miss Dallas as her pretty face is one of the first I had seen here.  It helps to know that my Tweeny is in very precious company.  It actually feels like our wee little girls are confirming that at the very moment as I write this.  Thank you for all hurting hearts you are helping here, I actually wrote an additional thank you to the moderators for all the reading you do keeping this place safe!


Dear Loudpurring (Heidi), Thank you sweetie, I had to laugh when you said you were speechless as I read how you always write detailed instructions for clients and always get eyes rolling, bless your heart.  You are truly an asset to this board and have touched many lives.  I really was blessed to have my girl in the period of my life with the heaviest losses- I know that she saved me.  Remembering that beautiful life together keeps me going, and though I go overboard with the pics, it is in hope of rekindling memories for others (in addition to having the attention span of a six year old).  Thank you again for all the great help you are providing.


Dear Kelly, Thank you for your beautiful reply even while freshly grieving your beautiful boy Blackie.  You are right that we love all the animals that come into our lives, but there will always be that special one who is tuned to the very same frequency as our own very being, if that makes any sense.  I am very grateful for you rescuing Blackie and giving him some glorious time that he would not have had, my heart just hurts for you that you didn’t have nearly enough time together.  He is your special boy, though, and one day you will continue your dreams together. 


Dear Robyn, Thank you, you have been a good friend to myself and so many here with your very caring replies.  Aw, that is sweet how you wrote Molly’s best friend was “her” kitty- Tweeny and many others will give her lots of kitty love at the bridge, but I think your miracle girl Molly might be whispering to Missa that she’s ok.  Upon revisiting Molly’s page, I had forgotten you had “Arms of an Angel” playing- that song was playing the whole summer after Tweeny departed.  Oh the hurt is still so deep- may all our precious babies be in the arms of angels, especially the ones who didn’t have loving humans here on earth.


Dear Donna, Mr. Meowgy’s forever mama (I always love that name!), Tweeny would be very happy that she made you laugh.  That was her favorite thing to do along with love.  Yes, sometimes I swear they are little humans in a cat’s body!  It’s so funny how they have to inspect every new thing that comes along. She was also my quality control inspector on the crafts I made, if she really liked something, she would give it a gentle bite.  If only they could talk, but it is us humans that lost the ability to ‘communicate’ through the ages.  I read that on the other side we will be able to talk to them!


Dear Nancee, Thank you for your nice words about Tweeny and your compassion.  Since I am basically alone, it helps to share the wonderful life that she and I had together. I just went back and read your beautiful prayer on Puffy’s thread and it really brought tears to my eyes.  I also read about the flax oil/cottage cheese for Deanna.  I tried it but Tweeny wouldn’t eat it.  I am sorry for all the heartache you’re going through. Thank you for making this a more beautiful place.


Dear Annette, Thank you for your kind words and thoughts for Tweeny’s bridgeday.  Your beautiful Chiquita left on Labor Day, it was returning from a labor day weekend that I came home to find a tumor on my little girl.  What an awful day for both of us.  I hope you feel your precious little girl close to you all the days of your life. 


Nugget's Mom and Max's Mom,  I am editing to add your thank you's here instead of bumping the post back up.


Dear Nugget’sMom Alana, (such a pretty name!) Thank you for your very nice reply, and I am glad you found it uplifting.  That is how I promised I would post about Tweeny, which is how she would want it.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of her cremation date, when I went into the yard to pick flowers to keep with her, all the ones in bloom were purple! That just seems to be one of her colors.  I am very sorry about your own beloved Nugget, it does seem as if someone put a filter on the sunshine doesn’t it.  I am happy also, that so many furbabies are as loved as they are here! I wish they all could be.


Dear Max’s Mom Jo, Thank you for your beautiful words of love, as I look at Max’s picture I am full of tears at the incredible loving wisdom in those eyes.  I remember how you wrote about finally living where you wanted to, and now he isn’t physically there to share it.  I hope you have felt his presence there as I’ve read of people who move and their babies show up as well!  Yesterday I saw a photo of a woman made homeless by the Myanmar disaster, she was in a public shelter with her cat at her side.  Though it is so tragic, it really got to what I've often thought, if I had nothing else, as long as I had my girl that was most important.  But now Max and Tweeny are helping to build eternal castles for us to be with them one day.


Moderators- I also want to say a special thank you to all the wonderful Moderators here.  Sometimes I go back and find a mistake I’ve made and edit, and feel guilty for all the reading you have to do!  You are all a blessing for your special gift of your time and care- days, nights, weekends, holidays.  I think about your sacrifice of love all the time and though we don’t say thank you enough, we have very much gratitude for you.  Thank you. 


Thank you to the Wolfpack for supporting so many here and in the chatroom, including myself for the last two years. Even for the occasional much needed laugh.


Thank you Ed for giving us this place where everyone can find so much support and many resources to help in the healing process. 


Thank you to all here whether or not we've crossed paths yet; we are still all connected by a common eternal love for our loved ones.


Love Always to You and Your Bridgekids,

Tweeny's Anna

.......*My Flower Princess*..


Posts: 251
Hi Tweeney's Ma!!

What an absolutely beautiful, breathtaking and amazing tribute to your little girl!! I just love your words and those pictures are amazing. EVERY picture is so beautiful and full of colour. I particularly love the ones of your girl amongst the flowers. I bet that is how you remember your furbaby!

Your words, "It was a different life, a happier, sunnier life." are so , so true. That is exactly how I feel about my Nugget who passed to the Bridge 4 and a half months ago. The sun doesn't shine anymore for me.

I am so blown away with the love and adoration you have for your precious Tweeney. It makes me so happy to see that there are other furmummas who love their babies as much as I do!

Thankyou so much for your uplifting post.Your girl misses you as much as you miss her!!

Nuggetsmum Alana


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This is such a loving tribute that you created for your sweet little girl. Sorry to be late responding to your post but my thoughts are with you at this 2nd Bridgeday of your beautiful princess Tweeny. She is certainly your Sunshine girl and each picture makes me smile seeing her beautiful face and her shining spirit . Your touching words show the Love that you have in your heart for her.
Let the precious memories flow and allow your heart to feel some peace knowing your girl is safe and well with all of our beloved angels.She is truly beautiful inside and out and she Loves you as much as you love her. It is so evident in her eyes that are so filled with love for you.
Hugs to you,
Max's mom Jo

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