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It's been already two weeks since you left for the RB. These days have been so sad and difficult. I cannot sleep so good because I'm so afraid of waking up and going downstairs to find an empty house. My sweet Neko, mommy and daddy miss you so much, you were our baby and such a wonderful cat. I can't stop the tears as I think of how we found you on the side of the road lifeless with your poor little jaw broken. I carried you with my arms and we took you home. I cleaned you and touched your soft fur before I wraped you in a towel. And the next day I could not stop crying when we brought you to the vet, we never thought we would take you so soon to be cremated. We never thought we would have to say farewell so soon, you were only 3 years and a month old!!! I hope the insensitive person who did that to you would have a punishment.
Sweet Neko, enjoy your time on the RB, play with other kitties like you used to do here, enjoy the sun and eat a lot of meat and cheese!!! you deserve it, you are our angel and we will always love you.
Diana Jessie and Neko's mom.

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Neko was a doll baby. It's an awful way to lose him, too. Sorry for your loss.


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I just wanted to let you know that I think about you often and am so sorry for the recent loss of Neko so soon after your loss of Jesse. To have to deal with both of those is hard, I know firsthand.

Neko was such a handsome cat and I know he was very loved.


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Dianae - my heart goes out to you at this time; you are in my thoughts and prayers.
your friend, Elaine
Love knows not its own
depth until the hour of separation.
                        Kahlil Gibran

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I am so sorry that you had to go through that horrible ordeal.  I know the pain that you are in and I'm truly sorry for your loss.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Posts: 317

Thank you all for your kind words. There is no day that I don't think of my Jessie or Neko. My two angels... I miss them very much, but I'm thankful for the time I could spend with them though it was so short.
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

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How sorry I am for your loss. It was two weeks ago also that I had to assist our 16 year old Chihuahua to the bridge. The way you lost Neko was tragic and I am deeply sorry. We are all here with you, I know this site was an immense help during my initial time of loss but it has in some way helped me ease the pain. I know it will always be there but thank God it has not been that 24/7 pain I suffered so many days after her departure. In a way I believe that responding to others, total strangers, the way so many responded to me has helped me deal with it. Peach will always be with me and I know at times the pain will rush in and we all will have to deal with it in our own way. In my case it's the loneliness or the emptiness here in our home. Peach was here with me always and we had our routines. I work evenings and my wife works during the day. I work as a security officer and when I get to work the plant closes and I am there also alone. I too am thankful for the nine wonderful years that Peaches gave us. We have to go back to that thought many times especially when the pain starts.
God Bless you, he already has both Jessie and Neko when he brought you into their lives to give them all your love and devotion.--Jerry in Oklahoma.

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I think of Neko's story often as it parallels my little Hankies.  It is horrible, awful, and so tragic to see them that way.  I hope our kitties are raising havoc at the bridge!
Heather, Hank's forever mommy

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Dianae, My cat Gizmo was hit by a car not far from my house. I found him on my way to the store on my 43rd birthday. I stoped traffic to get him. I wrapped him in a shirt and took him home My heart goes out to you. Keep your good memories of Neko close to your heart. Thats what will get you through.          Peace to you, Gizmos mom


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This picture of Neko is so sweet - what a handsome boy.  It is so tragic the way you lost him, my heart goes out to you in your sadness.  Jessie is taking care of him now, maybe knowing that brings you some comfort.  I know it hurts so much, not having him with you.

Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 317

Thanks Jerry, Heather, Gizmo's mom and Katharine for your messages. I can feel the love and the confort that come from you all. I'm so happy that we can all help eachother and comfort in these difficult times. We're still mourning for Neko. I think we would never stop missing him. I think thoug it's getting better, I'm trying to think of him as the happy naughty funny kitty he was and that brings a smile to my face. These wendsday it would be alredy three weeks... it's just amazing how fast it goes...
Diana Jessie and Neko's mom.
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