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Hi Friends,

It's been a while since I've been able to post. I've been busy dealing with health issues and other things. Don't want to bore you with the details of cruddy things going on here, and I'm trying to be optimistic and not dwell on things.

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had something similar happen to them. Maybe you can share them with me. It's regarding signs from our fur kids on the other side. Piezon's visits seem to be more rare as time goes by, but that's another topic. My experience is that on the occasions that Piezon has visited, he hasn't always shown the qualities that were characteristic of him.

For example ... Piezon was always SUPER excited to see me whenever I'd come home. He'd wiggle his entire tailless butt and try to hold back barking with his inner yelps. He'd shake and shimmy for quite some time, and eventually calm down.

When I see him in my dreams, he is usually calm, no excitement. He sits still by my side. He's not sad or solemn, just so much quieter and calmer. He has also shown me his belly a few times in dreams, and he wouldn't do that very easily when alive.

Another example ... he wasn't a face-licker. Most especially he did NOT lick me. However, he would lick me if I said, "Do you love Mama?" and then he'd just give me a tiny little lick on the tip of my nose. He'd also lick me if I said, "give Mama a kiss." To the contrast, on two of his dream visits, he licked my face a lot on his own. I never asked him to do it in those dreams.

I guess my concern is that these aren't really visits, and I'm just dreaming up what I want to see. Does anyone else find that their visits show new or different characteristics in signs from their babies?

P.S. Still pray for everyone here every day and think of you all the time.


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Hi I do not know if this means any thing or if it was a sign or me missing her so much that i just dreamed it  but a few weeks ago I was dreaming I was getting ready to go some wheres and right be for I was leaving my Amy, that passed away this past July came running up to me I was so happy to see her and ask where she had been? when I went to pick her up she was a different color! . I woke up and thought it was odd that her color was different , still I was so happy to have a glimpse of her any color. Hope it was a visit not sure .                                                                             

Thanks kim

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Hi Lori,

I have read many times about dream visits but haven't experienced any myself.  However, my mother, who is a very practical, no nonsense, no fantasies type of person did have a dream visit from Riley after he passed.  She was very, very moved by it to the point that she couldn't get it out of her mind.  She said it was so real that she didn't know it was a dream.  She had been petting him for a very long time when she realized she couldn't be petting him because he's not alive.  At that point the dream ended abruptly.  She told me it was so real that it's still hard for her to believe it wasn't real.  I believe it was a visit.  I'm still waiting for my visit.

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Hi Lori,
Sorry to say, I still have not had a dream visit so I haven't had any experiences to draw from. A lot of people describe a feeling of euphoria that accompanies a dream visit and distinguishes them from regular dreams. . .Mary

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Kim ~ Thanks for sharing your experience. I've had that happen to me too. My cat Sneakers died a few months after my boy Piezon. I've had a few dreams about her too, and in one of them she changed colors as well. I did feel like she came to see me when I woke up despite the change of color. I'm leaning toward that these really are visits from them, but I'm curious as to why these uncharacteristic things happen, and if anyone else has had them.

Pam ~ I do think your Riley came through your mom, and she was meant to share it with you. Riley wanted her to.



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Lori, yes I have had a similar dream. My April had long hair and the color was off, it was white but it had a yellowish/gold hue to it. Even with the change  I knew it was her. Also in my dream she ran in between my legs, tail wagging FAST. I could feel her tail against my leg, very surreal. I also had noticed a person next to me, I couldn't see his face, but somehow I knew him. When I awoke I was crying, I was shaken by the dream. After talking with friends and family about it - the person next to me could have been my Dad, he passed away 18 years ago.

I don't think its a coincidence we are seeing a different color, I'm shaking as I type this. I don't know what it means but I loved it.

River (Mary), I will pray that God brings you comfort with a dream of your baby.



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Lori, sorry to say that I still haven't had a dream visit from either Luke or Lil yet, so I probably can't be of much help.  It is interesting that many other folks here who have had these visits can relate to experiencing some changes in their pet's looks or behavior.

Please don't try to explain your visits away as self generated....we both know that our innate skepticism can be our own worst enemy!

LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)


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Let's look at the simplistic answer to that they appear different or act different - because they "are different now".   They are in a calm spirit state, not feeling the anxiety of seeing you come home after being gone, not being alone in the house, so excited to see you return.  Your Piezon knows you loved to get his kisses, so now, he kisses you all over your face. Now, he's comfortable rolling over on his back showing you his belly, it's no longer a sensitive area for him.  I don't think we'll have the same personality traits when we come back to visit our loved ones either. If we are loud and boisterous, or nervous and talkative, I think we'll be appear calm .... spiritual when our loved ones see us in their dreams. 

I would feel if they appeared to us exactly as they had been, it may be more of our minds just remembering than an actual visit.  But that's just how I see it :-}
Murphy's Mommy


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I definitely agree with Sandie.  I believe that our beloved friends that have moved on from this physical world are simply wiser than all of us who are still living and also have a better understanding of life; what happened to them and where they are now.

Piezon being so calm when he visits you doesn't surprise me one bit. He understands why he is there with you in your dreams and what he needs to do.  He's there to tell you that he is okay, that he misses you, and that while it's okay to be sad there is really no reason to be sad because what happened was a natural progression of life.

I wish I had more dreams about Buddy.  It's rare for me to have any dreams (or actually remember them when I wake up) but seeing as how I think about him constantly, I am surprised I don't have that many dreams about him.


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Thank you all, for saying just the right things ... as usual. I knew I came here for a reason.

I want to say more about dream visits, but I don't have the time and I think I'll put it in another thread for another day.

Thank you again ...

Hugs & Blessings,


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i am guessing that pizeon like all the other souls that are up in the heavens is feeling a very serene calming sense of the divine spirit.    that is what he presented to you.................that 'divine' calmness and tranquility that he is also feeling.  he wanted you to know how wonderful he is feeling now.     and that he also wanted to give you something that you really loved and that was his kisses.    perhaps the soul still evolves in heaven and maybe the next time you see him it will be slightly different  than this time as he is growing and learning more along the way.

as for folks that have seen their babies but they are a different color..............well a friend of mine had seen a kitty sitting by me one night while i was at my computer.  the kitty was golden in color and she thought it was sgt pepper who is a cream colored tabby.    when she was relating that story to me, her eyes widened and the look on her face was stunned as i told her that there had not been a kitty sitting by me,    she was adamant that she saw a golden colored cat sitting by me and looking at me.    we both came to the conclusion that it was jude and that now her aura is a golden color.     so i think that explains people seeing their babies with a different coloring now.    it's their aura.  

i wouldn't concern myself with what you take as a change in pizeon and it not being a dream visit.     it was too real for it not to have been a dream visit and as he grows and learns more so will his demeanor change a bit.   but the one thing that hasn't changed is that he's still crazy about his mom!
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