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Good evening,

I am writing because I need support, answers, and anything else that may be helpful. I’ve had my rat terrier for almost 13 years. I’ve had him his whole life and I had to put him down on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day.

I am overcome with grief, guilt, and sadness; this all happened so quick. I’m trying to process everything and my feelings, and I can’t. I’m heartbroken. I feel like I let him down and in a way, brought him to his death. He didn’t deserve to die.

I tried my best Lou. I’m so sorry.

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I'm sorry to hear about your dog.  It might help to write about him here.  

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yes.. tell us about dog.. i made a post last night about my cat that i had to euthanize yesterday morning.. it was tough but I felt like i was telling people that really understand how hard it is..  my friends around me, they felt bad but i could tell they just didnt get it.


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It is normal for you to be flooded with emotions at this point.

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Just found this page. It is helpful to read the comments about people who have lost their little loved ones. Our family had a little Shih Poo named Luci. She was 13 1/2 years old and we had to make the agonizing decision to put her to sleep this past Thursday. It was a horrible heart wrenching feeling to watch her fall asleep and then just go :( The kicker was my wife and daughter had a planned mother daughter trip to New York City the following morning. The timing could not have been worse.

Luci was an incredible little angel who loved her family 1000%! She went on vacations with us and would be at the top of the staircase with our other 2 babies Josh and Emilee for many Christmas's. She would follow my wife around the house and loved to sit by us on the couch she would scoot up against us. Over the past 6 months we started noticing she was getting more winded on walks through the neighborhood and this past summer she actually collapsed. My wife and I were concerned but she quickly bounced back. Another sign was if you picked her up and set her back down she would cough and gag and then clear her throat. This was going on and on. We knew there was something going on but never to the point we felt it was dire. This past week we made the decision she needs to go to the vet because she appeared to be laboring with her breathing. The x rays came back she had what they call a 'collapsing trachea' common for smaller dogs. The vet said we can try 3 different meds. He had 2 on hand and the other we still needed to get. We got the 3rd medicine this past Thursday and this was the day she collapsed out in our back yard and my daughter brought her back into the house. She came around and appeared to setle down. Luci was doing on but still having that barking breathing sound. My wife and daughter had to leave the house for a few hours but our son was home. Luci went over to the water bowl and she collapsed again and was on her side my son thought she had died. Her gums were blue and her eyes were not opening. Josh our son actually gave her mouth to mouth to bring her back. My wife and daughter rushed home after our son called panicking. They took Luci to a 24 hour emergency facility. I was at a dinner when I called to check on Luci. Josh my son was in tears and said she is in bad shape. I drove to the 24 hour place and knew this was it. The vet said Luci was not in good shape and are we wanting to keep her alive and if so are you doing it for you or her?? We made the very difficult decision to sign the paperwork to end her life. We went in and saw them start the fluids going in. She slipped away very quickly. It has been surreal to look around the house and thta Luci is no longer here. It hurts very much to know our little girl is gone :(

I know time will heal but our little girl left a void that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. 13 1/2 years is a long time but in the scheme of time it is not very long at all. Thanks for the format to spill out my emotions. 

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