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Thank you in advance for hearing me whine. I am ashamed that I am being so emotional about this. There is no question that I love Andy and he me and he has bonded with the whole family(except cats). He is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.
But.........I am still feeling overwhelmed with this housebreaking.......he's only 8 wks tomorrow so I know he is still a baby. It seems all I do now is take him out frequently....every 1-2 hrs . He always peepees outside (GOOD BOY!!) and he has a bout 3 poops a day...which aren't quite yet on a "schedule". I am exhausted  just thinking about when he is going to have to go the bathroom next! Then this am I got word that my 89 y.o. mom fell again last night in her skilled nursing unit. She's 2.5 hrs away. I am planning on going to see her with Andy(found a hotel that accepts pets) but I am trying to imagine how I am going to juggle all this. I am very sad that my mom is declining so. My big cat (18 lbs) who had been nicely curious about Andy went after him this a.m. with claws. Luckily Andy jumped back fast.
I am struggling still with thoughts of I've made a mistake by bringing a puppy into our home right now mixed with the oh my God he is the sweetest little thing I have ever seen! I still have the lady's phone # on my desk just in case.......I know she had dozens of calls about Andy but now I'd feel guilty if I gave up on him so soon.
I sound like a spoiled selfish person I know. Maybe I am. I don't think I'm a firm enough puppy mom. I know I should be using his crate more but he screams when he is in it. Yesterday I had to go out for 3 hrs and when I came home he had either chewed or sucked on his tail the whole time. I felt SO GUILTY for lvg him for 3 hrs but how am I supposed to go on with life?

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Liz, alot of this could be due to the fact he was taken too young from his litter. We have a 3 month old pup who learned crate training from his first day with us. He stopped crying after the first day. But he has accidents, and he does goofy puppy stuff all the time. One look at my arms will tell you he has teeth and claws and he's not afraid to use them.

Don't feel guilty. Can you train to to a pee pad, or a grass box? If it doesn't work out, or it turns out to be more than you can handle, then let the breeder have him and find him a new home. You did nothing wrong! Maybe an older dog is more fitting for your situation. You have done the best you can under the circumstances. No shame in that. Just don't give up and then feel like you should have hung in there. Give it all you have, then know when to let go.

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Don't feel guilty....people leave their puppies for 8-9 hours a day!  It will get better and one day you will look back on this time and laugh.  Just know that you need to be a firm puppy mom.  You can do it!!  Let him scream it out. he will learn that it doesn't get him out.  Put him in there and go out and run errands...and iincrease the time each time that you are away.

It's so hard in the beginning.  But worth it.  You guys will be ok. let's see pics!

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OK.... I'll tell you what I did
This may not fit into your life at the moment with your Mom's situation, but you could do it immediately on return or before you go depending on what you have to do.  This was my own plan and I dedicated myself to this for 3 days and it worked for me.

I had a 7 month old puppy who I got from a girl in college who had pee pad trained her.  I thought oh this will be an easy transition.  OMG... then I read that some dogs Never readjust to going outside once they were taught it was ok to go inside on those pads. She didn't have to learn control because she always had a pad handy in the house.  I even put some pads outside with urine on them to woo her but NO, she would wait til she got back inside to go.  So I bit the bullet and went on a 3 day training binge.  Took a Friday off work and by Monday, she was trained!

In your case, the evening before starting, I would wash the floor areas or carpet where ever he has ever gone with "Nature's Miracle" from petsmart or another pet store.  It's amazing and takes all the previous scent away for them.
- In my case, Day one I picked up every pad inside and out. She walked around in complete confusion those first days.  "So now where do I go..????"   

Day one I got up earlier than usual so she would be a little sleepy.  Early early wake him up and take him out.  Every 30 min. take him out.  As soon as he pees/poops give him a tiny training treat (petsmart) and bring him in.  Do this every 30 min. and if he drinks water take him right out too.  If he eats any food, it goes through a puppys system in 5-10 min. (short digestive tracks), Time the feedings and water so they are 10 min. before each out time at most.  They end up being out so much they don't have a chance to go in the house.  And they learn they get a treat for it :-}

In my case, she was so confused with no pads inside and she never went outside, I don't think she went all day long.  But I still took her out every 30 min.  Day 2 she had to go so bad she went immediately outside and then like I said, she was out so much it just clicked... "oh this is where I go now".  The pads were all gone inside so that eliminated that option.

Crate him at nite, they won't go where they sleep and learn to hold their bladders much better. Put him in the living room and put a blanket over his crate except for out front, it will make him feel warm and secure.  Put his stuffed animals in with him.  Go to bed and shut the door.  But get him out early, early in the morning.

Day two - do the same thing....  (I know... I know...but it's worth it in the end)
Day three if going well, move it to every 45 min.

You arn't going to be able to let a puppy have full run of your house if your not home or sleep with you at such a young age, they have not gained full bladder control yet.  If you do, you have to expect all sorts of problems.  They like their little crates when alone.  They feel secure, safe in a big ole house.  But not too many hours, their bladders are small :-}  6-7 hrs. in the crate over night will give him lot's of bladder training.

I went at it like Rambo Potty Training LOL.  I hope your Mother is doing better. I would take a small crate for him and come back every 2 hrs. to take him out.  He won't go where he sleeps.  It will be good training.  And you won't have to worry about a cleaning woman coming in and him wandering out.


Posts: 1,982
8 weeks is soooo young, I didn't realize you got him at 6-7 weeks old.  My goodness, I'm surprised they let him go that young.  I'm sure he'll have lot's of mishaps while being trained at that age, but like I said, he won't go where crated , and often outs even for a few minutes is what it's all about. Like you said, he always goes when he goes out, so he's ready to learn.   I don't think they have enough bladder control to last very long at that age, I would think 1-2 hrs is way too long if he's not in his crate. 

It is a lot of work, and like I said before, I ended up rehoming my puppy because I didn't have the heart to crate her 9 hrs. a day while I worked.  I was very lucky with Max, he was 1.5 but who knows when you get an older dog too how they will be left alone.  They didn't even know if he was housebroken.  But after several months of being crated, he had great bladder control and he's never once gone in the house or done any damage when I'm gone.  You just never know, even with an older one.


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Thank you ONE and ALL. I have done so much better today and therefore so has Andy! I used his crate several times today for short periods and he DID GREAT! He is such a GOOD LITTLE BOY.  Right this second is the hard part....I put him in for bedtime (he has been sleeping with me the past 5 nights). He is squealing right now But I think in a minute or so he'll quiet down. I have to laugh about the puppy wee wee pads. The lady I got him from recommended them. Back in my day we used plain old newspaper. Anyhow, since it's easy for me to scoop him up and go outside I figured why not just keep trying that. I realize b/c of his young age his bladder/bowel control is pretty immature and he cannot really be expected to control it. However, I figure there's no harm in house breaking ME! Anyway, the puppy wee wee pads are a joke b/c he PLAYS with them and races around the house with them.
Anyway,,,,shhhh....guess what! Dear little Andy is ASLEEP!   :)))))))))

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Dear Liz,
 How very precious Andy is. He just wants to be with his Mama and to make his Mama happy.
 How are you kitties doing? I hope they are adjusting to their new brother Andy. I am stupid for not thinking of this until now! There is a wonderful product you can buy to help your kitties. It's called Feliway for cats. It is a diffuser that you plug in the wall that is refillable. I bought one when Wiggles suddenly became terrified of thunderstorms. It's great. Wiggles still gets a little scared when she hears thunder. But she goes right to where I have the Feliway plugged in and relaxes. Before I got the Feliway, Wiggles would not calm down until about two hours after the storm had passed.
 The Feliway is available at petstores - ask for the one for cats. There's also one for dogs. Maybe the one for dogs would help Andy. I haven't used the one for dogs. I use the one for cats and highly recommend it. If the petstore in your area doesn't carry it, let me know and I will mail you one to try.
 God bless, Linda

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