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Our sweet EmmyLou is adjusting really well to her new forever home!!!! 
Her hyperactivity was apparently just being in a new place and wanting to check out everything.  She has not got loose again; not because she does not want to, but because fence has a temporary fix.  Our son in law will come out Saturday and check the entire fence!!!!

We took her to our vet yesterday for a check over and for them to meet her.  Well, she was treated like a celebrity.  They gave her a doggie biscuit.  She did not want it so we brought it home and she was trying to find a place to bury it(in the house).  We think it is under a sofa cushion. 

Vet said she has some Jack Russell Terrier and this worries me because all I know about them is that they are very hyper.  Hopefully she has more Beagle, although Beagles are not known to be calm!!!!!  Anyone can give me info on Jack Russells, I would appreciate it.  

Just wanted to let everyone know that we did not give up even after that first horrifying day when we thought we lost her in the woods.

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Good for you guys!!  I am sooo happy that EmmyLou got her forever home and her mommy and daddy didn't give up on her ;0

Our two new pooches are doing well too.  I was going to update later on :)

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Fostersmommy, I want an update on yours too.

This place was so lonely and empty without a dog.  I know that EmmyLou cannot replace Bonnie, but she is a great dog and will continue to adjust to us and her new home.   

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Clara, I am so much enjoying these stories of EmmyLou's adventures. What a great little spunky girl she is! I'm so glad you found her quickly when she got loose and...already sleeping in your bed? Oh my, she sure does have you wrapped around her little paw, doesn't she? I can't tell you how happy I am for you...keep the stories coming! Hugs, Anne

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I love the name EmmyLou. I was hoping you'd pick that one. LOL!
I love hearing the EmmyLou stories too. She sounds wonderful and full of spunk to keep you and Floyd on your toes!
My best friend has a Jack Russell and he's just great. He is hyper, but he's a very good and smart dog and oh so entertaining. I fostered one once for a while and I had a blast with that dog. She was so much fun. Turning backflips when I'd throw out birdseed or turn on the water hose, attacking the windshield wipers, digging up and chewing on rocks, sometimes bigger than her. She was constantly doing something. We lived near a creek and she stayed in that creek all the time, dragging out rocks and such. She stayed a muddy mess.
Keep us updated on EmmyLou. I know she is a very happy dog to be with you guys.

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awww, EmmyLou is doing so well.  I'm very happy for you guys.  I let me rescue sleep in bed with me the first night and he thought he went to heaven, I love him there with me.  He too buries his bone treats "in the house", under the covers, in the couch, under the bed, in a shoe. I guess for a rainy day :-}  I wake up with them protruding into me.

My sister has a jack russel and lot's of acerage too. Her's is a real hunter and brings back what he gathers (unfortunately) :-}   But she doesn't care.  That dog is her baby and he is glued to her.  They are very smart.

EmmyLou will be a wonderful dog for you guys.  How's hubby doing with her?


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i too am so glad Emmylou is relaxing.. and enjoying her new forever home. what great stories you have!! I have a rat terrier the same family as jack russell they are good hunter, smart and like to burrow .. i have often had to pull her out of a hole where her entire body was in .. lots of energy!!!  keep us updated on the new additon. What a lucky dog to of found you.

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