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Floyd got out of hospital today.  And can you believe on the way home he said he was looking through the paper while in the hospital and he saw advertisements for Beagles and he said "one day".
Well, I just could not contain myself.  I told him I had something to show him on the computer when we get home.  At first he was not too thrilled because the dog is a Beagle Mix and is not a puppy.

I told him that we are not up to all the training and all the stuff you have to go through with a "puppy".  This dog may be a Beagle mix, but she sure does not look like it and besides, I do not care.  I know this dog needs a home and we certainly can provide one for her.  So, I do feel better that I will not be going behind his back!!!!! 

I will name her either Emma Lou or Emilee Lou.  I have to have the middle Lou in memory of Bonnie Lou.
Oh, hubbie is well and fine.  Did not mean to leave him last on this post.  I am so excited!!!!

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Hurry up weekend!!


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Yay Clara! I have been expecting this post, lol! I am so happy to hear that 1st Floyd is home and doing well and 2nd that he has agreed to being a daddy again. This is such great news. I am so excited for you.

Tony was the same way. He wanted a puppy and I had to explain to him the benefits of getting a grown dog instead. We weren't up for all the training either. It has been a blessing to get Paco, already trained, and all we had to do was provide the love and the home. He has done the rest and made it easy for us.

I love the names you have picked out for her. So, when are you getting her? She is going to make you both so happy and I know you will make her so very happy and she will love you forever for giving her a home. You and Floyd are perfect parents for a sweet beagle mix needing a forever home!

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Horray!  You will have to keep us posted!


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Oh what an exciting story!  How old did you say she was?... I couldn't agree more on the puppy being a little more than "I" could handle too at this stage, but I sure do love puppies!   Max was 1 1/2 when I adopted him and he is really full of pee and vinegar.  He's now a little more than 2 1/2 and still full of plenty.  So one a couple years old is just perfect for you guys.  I love the names and can't wait for pictures Mom.  Have the camera ready!!!


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Yes, Berta, I think we both knew this was going to happen sooner, than later. 
I can hardly stand it.  I am like a kid before Christmas!!!!!!  As I had said before in a post, I will know when the time is right and that time has arrived.

I think the turning point for me was being here alone while Floyd was in the hospital.  So lonely and a little scared!!!! 

I know I have Bonnie's blessings; that is why I will give this new fur baby Bonnie's middle name.   

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Posts: 628

Judesmom----I will be like a proud grandma with my pictures.  I will post them probably Sunday when I truly have her in her forever home.  I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited.  How will I sleep until then??????


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Murphy, she is about 2 - 3 years old.  Perfect age for us old people---lol.

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