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Yesterday was 10 weeks since Megans accident. Last night I had a dream that was so real I even dreamt that I had woken up from another dream and was telling Megans Daddy all about it! Megan wasn't in the bit I was telling him about, her appearance came later, well actually she wasn't in the dream, she had passed away, it was like a dream in the present except my childhood dog was there, he was there and well, and I was cuddling him which was lovely and I kept thinking to myself "why did I say so many times on PL that Megan was our only furbaby, when we also had this guy? Why did I forget him?" When he passed away I was only young and he was my Mums dog really, I was never very close to him, yet in the dream I loved him (not like I love Megan, even in the dream she was clearly my heartdog)

Very strange.

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It sounds to me like your childhood dog came to comfort you and let you know Megan is okay. He was showing you he was alright, so that means Megan is too.

I've had many dreams where I dreamt I woke up from a dream. I've also had dreams where I woke up in bed (but was really sleeping) and my boy Piezon walked in the room. I'd be confused because I thought I was awake and my mind logically believed Piezon had died. Then I'd realize I was dreaming.

It sounds to me like it was sort of a lucid dream. I feel like our spirits are awake when we wake up in a dream, but our bodies are sleeping.

Even though you weren't close with your childhood dog, I think it's a good sign that he came to tell you all was well. And maybe the love you felt for him was so strong because it was a reflection of his love for you. They bring back much love from "the other side." Perhaps he is Megan's guardian there. Who knows.



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You know, out of the blue a few months ago I had a dream of Lucky, one of the dogs I grew up with.  Lucky has been gone since the early 1980s and I do not ever remember having a dream of her after she passed away. 

But all of a sudden I had a dream of Lucky along with my childhood kitties Nitelite & Batman.  I think maybeeven Blackie was in the dream.  I do not know why I had the dream, all I remember is seeing Lucky & I think Nitelite & Batman in the dream.  They were just there - it was dark outside and I remember seeing Lucky in the street and I think Nitelite & Batman were in a car near where Lucky was.  I remember being surprised at seeing all of them after all these years. 

All three pets have been gone for well over 10 years.  As I said, I have no idea why they came to visit me, especially Lucky, after all these years.  Lucky was my mom's heart dog, so even though I loved Lucky, I was surprised to get a visit from her after 25 years.  All I know is they did come to visit me and I was so glad they did.  I was also so glad I could remember parts of the dream after I woke up, enough to realize they had all come to visit me...

- Kelly
Blackie's mommy

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Oh I so hope it was a visit. I like the idea that he is Megans guardian. Noone she knew in life has died so the idea of her being lonely does bother me a little. I know this sounds awful but I have thought that when the first person dies that she knew I will have a little comfort that they will be with her. How selfish that sounds but it's true.

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