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I called the crematorium yesterday to verify that Macey's ashes would be returned today as scheduled.  I had to leave a message as they had already gone for the day.  I get a call today telling me that "they had lost the paperwork" for Macey's urn order and wanting me to return the call.  I spoke with the Director who informed me that apparently after the order was taken 2 weeks ago, whichever staff was supposed to process it, never did and now the paperwork cannot be found.  Wow, angry is not the word to describe me today.  I asked her, if I had not called to check on when Macey would be returned, how long would it have been before someone called me.  She apologized for what happened and stated the 2 staff had been reprimanded, however that does not satisfy me.  I asked how long until Macey would be returned and she tells me, no later than 6/23, but she's hoping for 6/16 and has put a rush on the urn order/engraving.  I am so upset and angry at this place, I had to watch my words today talking with this woman as I did not want anything to happen to my Macey because of this.  So now I have to wait at least another week to get my baby back.....this is awful!


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I can feel that you are angry but this is also because you have suffered a great loss.  It is part of grieving and your disappointment at not having Macey back.  I thought it would be good when Ruperts ashes came home but I can't bear to look at them.  They just sit on my chest of drawers.  Id rather talk to his photo because the thought of his beautiful body being in a box is so surreal. 

Don't let it spoil your memories of your pet.  In time you will forget this stuff up.  Take care Ruperts Mum

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Oh, Paws. That is very gosh awful indeed! I'm so sorry this happened, that they lost the paperwork for your beloved Macey's urn, didn't call to tell you and now you have to wait so long. You are justified feeling angry, upset and more.
I know you're "watching your words" so to speak and I truly admire you for that. I don't know if I could have been so civil. You're a Wonderful Person! You and your cherished Macey are in my thoughts. I wish I could HUG you!
I don't know if you have sound on your PC or the ability to watch videos but, just in case, here is one that has brought me much comfort and many happy tears.
The song "Bless the Beasts and the Children" by The Carpenters begins about one and a half minutes into this video but even if you have no sound but can see, it is very worth watching and may help ease the grief of your devastating loss as well as help your anger if even for a few minutes. It is calming and wonderful, the video I mean.
You will see animals from all over the world. Most were rescued from abandonment and shelters while others are simply very friendly wild life.
Paws, I hope this helps and you are in my thoughts and prayers as is Macey. Just click on the link below ...
And, here's a lovely "picture" of The Rainbow Bridge that you can save to your files and post wherever you wish. Macey is there right now, happy, healthy, young, playful and waits for you, Dear one. Big Hugs!
Angel xoxoxox 
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