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I can't believe the sorrow I feel right now.  One message on the answering machine and I am sobbing uncontrolably again.  My comet is back and now I have to go and pick her up.  I can't believe this, its so final.  I can't wait to run over there and pick her up and bring her home again where she belongs and at the same time I never want to go pick her up because she is no longer my sweet dog.  I can't imagine how in the world I will be able to do this, where does the strength come from.  I need to know because right now I just feel like crawling up into a ball and never facing anyone again.  I guess its fitting because I went to the candle ceremony last night for the first time since she's gone.  I still can't believe that she is gone.  I feel like there is a part of me missing.  This is so horrible, if only something else could have been done for her.  I was looking at some other dogs online at some shelters and was thinking about go to meet one that looks like her but I just can't.  This pain is too much and so new and oh so raw.  But I promised my comet that she would stay here with me in this house and in my heart until the day that my heart no longer beats and then they would take her from our home and lay her to rest with me forever.  How can I get the strength to go get her?  Where does it come from?  I need help with this.  I don't have an urn for her yet because I just can't do this yet.  It has to be something real special for her and I'm not ready, but I wonder will I ever be ready?  Where have you all gotten the strength from?

Please let me know.

Posts: 139

I jsut had to add that a few minutes my vet's office called and said that they would bring her home for me or I could call them when I was ready.  They told me that she would wait there for me until she could come home.  They decided to bring her to me and I don't know if I'm ready but I can't let her stay there, she needs to be home with me.


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mw0263 - I'm so sorry to hear that Comet is ready for you.  If it's any consolation, I didn't have to buy an urn, a beautiful wooden box was included. (I put Bridget's leash in with her.)   So you may not need to.  the day i got the call that Bridget was ready -- it was a TERRIBLE day to begin with. I had some woman screaming at me whose grandkid I babysit, and then about 4 other minor catastrophes happened.  And then to top it off, I got "the call". It was all I could do to keep it together that day.

So all this just to say...I understand. I've been there and I know how hard it is.  But I have to say, it doesn't bother me in the least having her here.  I thought it would make me sad.  But I've been keeping her in the laundry room until I get a 'special place' sorted out for her, (it involves redecorating) and I find myself talking to her. 

My sympathies for you....I'll be thinking of you.



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It's very difficult when our furbabies return to us like this, but it's
where they belong no matter what. That's where the strength
comes from.  My baby also was returned in a beautiful carved
wooden box with an ivory ribbon & rose on top. I've put him by 
his photos and two of his favorite toys in my curio cabinet.  Yes,
a part of me is missing, too, it's my heart, he took it with him.
Nothing will ever be the same. I'll miss him forever. I hope Comet
sends you a sign that she's ok now. She'll be with you forever,
you just can't see her anymore. Watch for the signs, I know
they send them.


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i know how you feel just an hour ago i went to pick up samantha, i didn't know if i could do it, but then i was thinking that i couldn't leave her at a vet's office, she needs to come home. home is were she belongs, my heart goes out to you.


Posts: 139
Comet is home now and in my livingroom.  She will remain with me where she belongs.  I only pray that someday in the future I can remember the joy that she brought to me without this extreme pain and the tears will someday be replaced with smiles.

Thank you all so much for being there for me.  I could not have done any of this without you all.  I hold a special place in my heart for my comet, you all and your babies.

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Its good to have our pet home again. Sofie is home and with her family again. We light our Monday candle and place it right next to her. The light casts a bright glow on her flower decorated Buddhist urn. Sofie's spirit glows as bright as her candle ever will.

Your pet will be the same. They never leave us. Welcome home Comet
The pain will abate. The joyful memories will never dull.They will shine brighter with each passing day.

Posts: 909

We got the call that vicki is back also. all of our dogs are in the Pet Cemetary so she is the first

that will have to be picked up. My heart goes out to you for I know just what you are feeling. they told us there is no rush-that's good. Please remember that your baby is running in the meadow -happy and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge now.




We Who Love So Deeply


We who love so deeply
Are called upon from above
To do what is unthinkable
For the babies that we love


We do not want to part
Fight against it till the end
Do everything that we can
To help our special friend


The time comes when we know
Can no longer question why
We must end their suffering
Let go so they may fly


We hold them with urgency
Trying to take their essence in
Realizing this is the last time
Then heartbreak will begin


Tears run down our face
Sadness fills our heart
Our soul cries out in anguish
Why did we have to part?


After they have gone
To the rainbow in the sky
Grief and pain engulf us
Why did they have to die?


We fought so hard to save them
Struggled against the tide
Now our grief is overwhelming
For they’ve crossed to the other side


Then we hear a whisper
Telling us not to fear
“I will always love you
And I will ever be near.”


Look up to the night sky
And find the brightest star

When they are not with you
This is where they are.


© Carol Ross aka CareWolf 





We do what we can to help the

babies that we love.

It breaks our hearts but

It is the last gift we can give them.




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