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I feel so bad. I took my almost 13 year old dog in for a lipoma removal surgery thinking it would improver her quality of life to get it removed. The vet talked me into removing three lipomas and I agreed. Five days after the lipoma removal a area on her side opened up and the staples had pulled through the skin in that area. I took her back to the vet and they trimmed the dead skin away and resewed the area. The vet assistant told me the vet wanted to hang onto her for a few days to allow it to heal. Everytime I called the employees told me my dog was doing fine. I never talked to the vet in the entire time my dog was left there. When I went to visit her a few days later a vet assistant came out and told me the vet was killing my dog. She said " I know you cannot see what is going on under her bandage but your dog's surgery sites have all opened up." My dog's whole side, stomach and leg ended up opening up and were filled with pus and infection. The vet had not communicated with me about any of this. I removed my dog from this vet and took her to a emergency vet. They gave me a option of wound vac care with a estimate of 8-12,000 dollars with a poor prognosis. I took her to another vet the following morning for a second opinion and they stated there was nothing they could do. I had her put down with me holding her and telling her how sorry I was. How could a veterinarian look at my dog and know her surgical sites were opening and infected and not tell me sooner. Now, I live with enormous guilt. I did not have the 8-12,000 for the wound vac treatment and feel like I let my old girl down. I am supposed to watch out for her and I put her in the hands of someone who I thought was competent. There is a report at the vet board about this and several employees have already contacted the vet board as well about the actions of this vet. I only wish I would have known something was going on sooner, I may have had a chance to get her to another vet or had another option. My heart is so broken. Rest easy my sweet Jenna girl...

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There are different kinds of deaths. Sounds crazy, but what I mean by that is there are deaths that were completely unexpected and the circumstances surrounding the sudden death are traumatic.  This is one such death.

It leaves us with the grief of the loss and the symptoms of having been traumatized. The symptoms of the trauma take priority and they are severe, painful, frightening and devastating. I know. I have experienced traumatic bereavement.

My heart truly goes out to you.

I sent you a private message via this website. Just didn't want to take up too much space here.

Take care,

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My god that is horrible! I'm so sorry for your girl, may she rest in peace. You should not blame yourself for this, had you known, you would never have allowed him to lay hands on her. Think that such doctors exist that cause these things to people as well. You should let go of the guilt, this is not on you. I hope you find justice and that vet gets punished because he is dangerous and completely unprofessional. Keep fighting for this so that he will not hurt another one. My condolences for your beloved Jenna.
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