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Posts: 20
I've been searching for something to ease my pain the past 3 weeks and this site has been a blessing. I thought it might be nice to just share a short sweet memory (or 2) of your pet today. Lets bring a few smiles to some sad faces.

One sweet memory of my Josie cat is when she would "peak" over the counter to look at me wild-eyed when she would want me to chase her.

When she was little she would drag a very long string around the house waiting for someone to pull it for her.


Posts: 355
What a great idea! and what sweet memories of your precious Josie.

My cat Cheeseburger loved to be brushed. I would say, "Cheesey want to do brushies?" and he would trot into the bathroom and jump up on the toilet seat and wait for me to brush him. I would kneel down and brush him and get those wonderful "head bonks" (how I miss those!)

Cheeseburger also liked to "help me" fold the laundry. I would dump the warm dry clothes on the bed and say, "Cheese help Mommy fold the laundry." He would jump up on the bed, find a comfy spot in the warm clothes and lay down and watch me.

I miss my baby boy so much, but thinking about these cute sweet memories is bringing a smile to my face. My Cheeseburger could always make me smile, and he still does.

Dee >^..^<
Cheeseburger's Mom

Dee + Cheeseburger = LOVE



Posts: 686
Great idea.  We could all use some smiles. 

My cat, Gus, loved to play in water.  Every morning I had to fill the bathroom sink with water for him.  He would knock hair ties, Q-tips, anything I set on the counter, into the water and then fish them out.  Once he caught his "fish", he would carry it out of the bathroom like he really had a treasure.  There would be water all over the bathroom by the time he was finished.  He made me laugh so much and at the same time brought so much love into my life.  He was definitely one of a kind.

I love you Gus Gus
Kate (Gus' mom)


Posts: 111
I have a memory of Hank, actually I have a lot, but I will share a few.  He loved to share my yogurt, and when he was little, he would crawl up my body and sit on my shoulder waiting for a bit of yogurt.  He shared my yogurt with me every morning for 1 1/2 years.  His fave was vanilla.
Also, when I was sitting on the computer answering emails or just surfing, he would come downstairs and hit me in the back with his paws to let me know he was here.  He would also run on the treadmill with me, moreso when he was little!
Such a muffin, and I miss him so.
Heather, Hank's forever mommy

Posts: 1,400
It was great to read all the good memories everyone has of their best friends.  It was a great idea. 

I also have many memories of my sweetheart Meister and here are two:

He would scratch the top of the blanket to go under them and sleep at the bottom of the bed.  If you picked up the sheet with it he would take is paw and pull it down.

In the winter if he was cold he would scratch on the heating vents and just stand and wait for heat.

I love you Meister. 
Mommies very good boy.

Mom and Dad


Posts: 153
HMMMMMM....... Let's see.....

My favorite memories:

The way my cat Bubba would greet me when I would come home or when he entered a room. I swear he was saying hi. I miss that.......

Also, we would play his favorite game I called "Where's Bubba" I would call for him frantically. "Where's Bubba?" "Oh no I think Bubba's gone!" He would meow up a storm "Here I am Mom I'm right here!!" "Don't you see me?" Finally I would see him. "Oh there you are!! I thought I lost you!!" He would jump into my arms, smiling and purring loudly. Such heaven it was.....

My favorite memory of my childhood friend my cat Fluffy. She was a beautiful Himalayan/American Shorthair mix with long auburn fur. She loved to go outside (back when it was somewhat safe on my parent's street) one day she came swaggering in from a hunt and to our amazement she was covered in Monarch butterflies. There must have been at least 15 of them stuck in her fur. We sure had a good laugh that day.

And.....then there is my dad's cat Itty Bitty. He was a real character. He got the bright idea one day to sit in the bird feeder out back & wait for a bird to come along. I guess he thought "I see those birdies fly in & out of that thing. What if I sat in it. I could catch one." Sadly for him no bird would set foot anywhere near him. I swear I could hear the birds laughing at him!!!! What I guy!!!!

Posts: 820
What a great idea.

My Rupert had a few tricks.  If the cat door was shut one way he figured he could use his claws and hook it open and get outside.  He had a stuffed mouse that he would collect from the bedroom and howl all the way from there, up the passage and drop it at the lounge doorway and come in for a pat. 

He loved to help with bed making.  He would lie on the mattress as we tried to put sheets and blankets on.  When we got to the top layer he would suddenly pop out.

In the morning he would always go out for a wee and come back for a cuudle in bed. He would always expect a rub before I hung the washing out.  He would lay on an old seat outside by the clothes line.   Sometimes he would be in the greenhouse next to the clothes line and I wouldn't see him and he would suddenly meow at me, scaring me.

If he wanted to go outside, he would bang the old back door key and meow at us. If I was reading or on the phone he would head-butt me to make sure I didn't forget he was there.  If I had a bath in winter he would come in and talk to me and rub against the hot bath.

If I was sick he would always be there and comfort me, sleeping next to my tummy.

If I was nursing him and got up for any reason, he would hook my clothes with his claw.  He would then give me gooey looks as if to say don't go.  We had lunch together on the swing seat.  How I hate lunch time now.

There are so many tricks he had and memories are all I have left.  I miss him so much.  Love you so much Rupert.

Posts: 117
so nice to read about all these special one of a kind personalities :)
warms my heart.

Daisy also loved brushing. and it was kind of a funny time when doing it.
you would brush her then she'd walk just out of reach from you-
you tap the floor four time with the brush, and she'd quickly leap and jump back to you and the brush. over and over, stroke... tap tap... jump... stroke... tap tap... jump

she also had this thing about how she only could drink water that dribbled from the tub faucet. so that had to be left on 24 hours a day. if it wasn't- she let you know about it.

she also had a ritual of walking to the mailbox every night and getting the mail with us. she really loved that.

we love you so very much Daisy.... you're such a sweethearrrt.
we really miss you...
mommy and daddy

Posts: 991
I have so many good memories of Miss Moll. I think what I miss most is the way she was in bed with us. After we were settled, she would move up against one of us and slam her cute little butt up against us. She'd turn a little, and slam again. She kept that up until she found her place for the night.

My favorite memory of my wirehair fox terrier Cricket is captured in one of the few pictures I have of her. It says it all: she's standing in front of her dishes, with her two tennis balls and purple squeaky dumbell beside her. She'd hold one tennis ball in her mouth and bat the other around the house using her front feet; we called it her bally-bally game. One squeeze on that stupid purple dumbell brought her running.

Thanks for the memories, girls.
Molly and Crick's Forever Mom

Posts: 20
Thank you everyone. The posts made me, and I'm sure many others smile. Something I haven't done much of lately.

Wow! The personalities our sweeties had. 

Perhaps I'll make the same request next week. It was so nice hearing your fond memories. 

Posts: 76
Hey guys,

I have many memories of my beautiful boy, Jackson. My husband used to get him so excited, telling him when I was coming home from work at night, by the time I was in the driveway, he was howling a storm at the front door. He was only a little dog, but he sure did make a lot of noise. The neighbours thought that we were killing him, he sounded like he was in pain. We were so pleased to see each other. It was wonderful.
Didn't matter where he was in the house, if that fridge door opened, he was there watching for a treat. I used to call him the fridge magnet.
To my beautiful boy. I miss you so much.

Shiannon, Jackson's mummy

Posts: 95
Thanks for the wonderful idea. Lord knows we could all use some smiles when thinking of our precious ones.

There are so many that I can think of. Here are a few: My Bennie loved to be chased with a fly swatter.  He loved empty plastic water bottles. He loved to play blanket monster (I would put my hand under the blankets and he would growl and bite my hand) first thing in the morning and then to get him off the bed, he had to walk the plank (I would put my hands under his arms and hold him while walking him to the edge of the ben and pretend he was falling into the sea!)

I miss these things so much.


Posts: 205
What a great idea....
I have so many wonderful memories of my Tai-Chi...
Whenever she came in from the rain all you had to do was tell her to dry her face and she would rub it all over her doggie bed......
She loved to sleep under our platform bed which we called "the cave" she would bring her favorite toys under there so her sisters couldn't get them....
Her 8pm snack...she would come over to us and give her sad eyes and rest her head on your lap...if you ignored her she would swat you with her paw until you got up and gave her one...
These are just a few...I love and miss her so much....Lisa

Posts: 8
I love this thread...a couple of my favorite memories of Chloe (a 3lb yorkie) are when she would sit on my shoulder and we would snuggle our faces together when I said 'give momma some love' and when I would come home I would have to get on the floor and she would come running up to my face and make a snarl that looked like the abominable snowman from the christmas cartoon - it was the funniest thing. Only 19 days since she left and oh, my God, how my heart misses her!

Posts: 51
Memories......Of which there are many.  Memories are what gives us the strength to go on without our babies.  Memories of wonderful, heartwarming times spent together.

Favorite memories of my little Mr.Bill~~sitting on mommy's lap in the car letting his silky ears blow in the breeze~~"sneaking" the leftover ghoulash, getting it all over his sweet face~~being so excited whenever mommy came home, so happy to see her, even when he was so sick~~going swimming, and watching him so carefully walk the ledge of the pool cuz he couldn't let mommy out of his sight even for one moment~~

Favorite memories of my precious "puck"inese~~taking pizza that mommy gave him and running into the living room with it, making this throaty snort, so excited~~when mommy would pet him and he would pretend he was sleeping so I would keep doing it~~how when he was sleeping, if we were too noisy he would clear his throat as if to say, can't you see I'm sleeping~~his spending every moment with mommy~~my constant companion

"Memories pressed between the pages of my mind,
Memories, sweetened thru the ages, just like wine"

                                  ~~Elvis Presley

I love you Mr.Bill xoxoxoxoxo
I love you Pucky  xoxoxoxoxo


Posts: 613

Memories....really, that is all we have to hold onto now, so they are truly precious.   Nike's eyes would follow me wherever I was, I would look back, and her gaze would always be locked into mine.   Sometimes I would see her little head peering around a corner, her big brown eyes so doelike.  That is why I always called her my "little doe".  Her middle name was Sealy, as she had a funny way of keeping her body still in the sitting position, and pivoting her head all the way around, it was so funny, and she definitely looked like a seal with those contortions!  I remember her wonderful scent, her lusciously soft fur, her cute little smile.   Eleven months ago yesterday.......God Bless her and all of our precious fur babies.



Mommy loves and misses you, my beautiful golden doe.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Posts: 143
I have so many memories of our dear Pepe.

One day I'll never forget is when we went to the beach and the girls went into the water.  He had never gone in before, except maybe just his paws.  The girls went out further and he wanted to stay with them and he kept walking.  At one point he was no longer walking but was in fact swimming.  He looked so surprised and kind of startled.  

Another funny thing he used to do was sneak toys from the neighbor's dogs.  He would slink back to our yard peeking over his shoulder thinking that he was getting away with something!  We would laugh and the next day toss the toys back over our joint fence.  

Posts: 16
This is a wonderful thread. I love all of the stories about everyone's beloved furbabies because it makes me think that I know these lovely animals that my Sadie is probably playing with right now!
My favorite memory of Sadie was whenever we would say WALK she would go nuts!!! We eventually went to spell it out but then she figured out what that meant so it went to the point where we could only say W but then she figured that out also:) She was such a smarty. But she would go crazy, she would Woof and shake her butt and smile up a storm. She would also make these weird noises like she was trying to talk, we called it Rabling cuz it sounded like "Ramble rur rable" like Come on!!! Hurry up!!! She loved walks. She also loved it when we or she would open presents because she had such a fun time tearing up the paper!! I love her so much.
We also recently lost our cat, Sapphire, unexpectantly, at age 4. I have a lot of good memories of her as well, she used to always climb up on the top of the couch and get behind where I was sitting and chew on my hair:) She was such a silly and sweet girl. She left us about 13 days before Sadie did and I hope they are together happily.


Posts: 1,328
Puffy, although a bit over 4 lbs. at the end, would jump from the dining room table over to the kitchen counter. It must be a good 3 ft. And, even a few days before she died, she jumped it. None of the other cats would dream to do it.
She was a real survivor and tough mentally--my little Puffy.
My animals are all a bunch of jokers--they keep me entertained. Mindy is the talker, constant chatting (sometimes it's enough already Munchkin).
Bootsie is laid back and sweet. Nothing much bothers him. When he does sense he might get scolded, he runs in his "bowl." It's a chinese bowl on top of a table and he leaps in the bowl and curls up. 
Deanna, the dog, well she's a character, too. She loves to chase the cats, but only in a sisterly way. Bootsie will bite her ears to play and swat at her--she knows she's not allowed to play hard with him so she lets him really go at her. 

Posts: 49

I agree this is a great thread. I guess my favroite memmory of Tigger would be brushing her. She loved it more then anything outside of eating lol. No matter where she was inside or out all I had to do was say " Tigger you want to be brushed"? and tap it on the floor and she would come running as quickly as she can. She would then basically flop right down in front of me in excitment and then i would brush her. She would purr so loud it was crazy and she loved nothing more then getting her chin brushed as well as her belly. It was usually a nightly ritual for us. I really miss that a lot.


Posts: 24
What a wonderful idea, to share so many happy memories. I have so many of our Lucy, but here are a few. Lucy loved the bathroom. She would follow me in there when I took a bath and would just sit on the edge of the tub watching the "strange human bathing ritual" and patting the water with her paw, looking very perplexed. She was also a climber, and would turn up in the most amazing high places--on top of the kitchen cupboards, on top of the fridge, and my favorite, sleeping in a decorative basket on top of our 7 foot high media cabinet! One more, that shows how sweet she truly was. When I found Lucy in the parking lot of the apt. where I lived at the time, she was half-bald and crawling with fleas. She was so pitiful and so sweet, I had no choice but to take her in. She was so good when she she was being flea-bathed and fine-combed--she didn't so much as squirm or fuss in the least bit. But that's how she was--she was so sure that everyone loved her and was doing the right thing for her (even if that meant she had to be submerged in a pool of water!)  


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Oh, I have quite a few funny stories about Princess, here are some:

*** When I'd be in the restroom getting ready for work, she would run to the doorway,meow, I'd turn and look at her and she would run off for me to chase her, when I'd get close enough to her, she would act shocked, make herself real tall, spike up her tail and then chase me back to the restroom. We would do this several times before she tired.

***Also when I'd be getting ready in the restroom she liked to meow at me, then literally jump and climb the doorway, hang there for 2-3 seconds and run off, she loved me saying "Go, Princess pie, go"

*** Whenever I'd be wrapping gifts, she loved stealing my tissue paper, tearing it up and taking it to the bedroom where she slept

***This shows how smart Princess was, if my husband's alarm for work didn't go off or if he pushed snooze, she would get into his face and loudly let him know he needed to wake up, she did this exactly at 5:30 a.m. I don't know how she knew that he had overslept, but she knew,she was his lifesaver more than once, absolutely incredible!

***When I was looking through pictures, she loved, loved, loved trying to be sneaky in order to try to lick the pictures. She would get mad when I would tell her" No, you don't do that!" She would give me a look filled with attitude and would saunter off, she had such a personality.

*** One particular day I was sitting on the couch and my husband was sitting on the floor between the coffee table and couch. Well Princess jumped onto the coffee table and wanted to come to the couch to sit with me but she didn't want to jump over my husband nor get off the table and walk around him. She looked at him for a second or two and without hesitation, in one smooth move, my husband still staring at the tv, moved his shoulder forward, and she just calmly walked onto him, walked over his shoulder and walked onto the couch. She used him as a bridge! I began cracking up and asked them how many tricks they came up with while I wasn't home. They both looked so adorable doing that!

***Lastly I miss her sleeping with us. My husband and I would literally be squished on one side of the bed, while she was sprawled out on her side. She liked to lay perpendicular to us and take up as much room as possible. Now, if she lay down too quickly and she realized she wasn't touching me, she would wiggle her body (still laying down)  over until she could feel my touch, I thought this was especially sweet. She always jumped onto our bed within 10 seconds of me laying down, it never failed, this became a game of me counting to see if she ever took longer, but no, never. It didn't matter if she was knocked out asleep in another room, as soon as she heard me climb into bed, she'd come over and join us, she loved cuddling and showing her love.

Posts: 65
I love this idea!
One Sunday afternoon, my mom was making dinner for my fiance, me, my sister, her boyfriend, and my step dad. The steaks were being marinated on the counter. Maddux is a Great Dane so had no problem putting his big 'ol head up there. We were all sitting on the porch and Maddux could come peak around the corner a few times to make sure no one was coming in the kitchen. When we finally did go back to the kitchen, we were missing a steak!! Immediately I called, "MaaaaddUX!" He came to the bottom of the steps, poked his head through the cracked door, and was licking his lips. HAHAHA! I will never forget that.

He also at a whole block of cheese from the counter. He was quite the sneak.
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