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Hi Dear Petloss family,
As you all know I've been dealing with two terrible loses: my sweet girl a min-pin called Jessie (she was living with my parents) and two weeks ago our baby boy, a cat named Neko was hit by a car and died. I suffred so much about Jessie, I got her when I was a teenager and later I moved and to leave her with my parents was so heart-breaking. As I'm an animal lover, my husband and I decided to get a kitty. The sweet cat was our wonderful Neko. From the first day he was playing and he was so sweet and funny. Some months ago I was thinking to get another cat for Neko to have some company and to play with. He was then 2 years and still palyful as when he was a baby. I regret not doing that... He never was mean to other cats or people, he was adorable.
To lose Neko the way we did was such a shock. This past two weeks have been terrible. We knew we wanted another cat, though we also knew it would never be like our Neko. We have so much love to give, we wanted to get another cat as soon as possible, the house is so empty...  so we went on looking for kitties and we found one we liked, a little grey-black tiger with some orange tiger dots. We went to visit the people who had the little ones and the litter was cute. They were four (five originally but one died) three girls and a boy. The little kitty boy looked a little like our Neko so we thought we would not take them and we were actually looking for a male but then when we saw the little ones we fell in love with them and we decided to take two girls... needleness to say they are cute. We are very happy and we know Neko would have loved them. Our sweet angel know watches over his two new adoptive sisters...
Diana Jessie and Neko's mom.
Our new babies are the two on the right: we called them Estrella and Luna.
Luna & Estrella Luna & Estrella together Luna & Estrella sleeping

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They are just so sweet and adorable.  I am sure that with them to focus on you will start to feel better.  I know that the only thing that consoled me, was rescuing a new dog.  New babies never ever replace the ones we have lost, but they sure do help our recovery I think.  I am so pleased for you.  May you all have long and healthy lives together.  Much Love Di xxx


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AHHHH...they are absolutely adorable.  I love their coloring.  I'm very happy for you.


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Oh they are sooo cute! I love how they curl up together when they sleep! I agree with Basil, your healing will be a little easier with your two new friends to focus on. You'll still mourn Jessie and Neko's death, but having these two beauties will help you heal.

I hope your time together is long and happy and healthy.

Take care,


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Welcome to your foreverhome, Estrella and Luna!!

Oh, Diana, they are so precious!  I'm smiling as I look at your pictures, how dear they are. I am so happy for you and your husband, and happy for them to have such loving parents who give them a loving home.  Perhaps Neko had his little paw in guiding you to them. 

Happy hugs,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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What you got their is a calico and a torbi. A torbi is a cross between a tiger and a tortishell. I have one.
Your kittens are beautifull. It was such a good thing you adopted then


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Hi Diana,

they are sooo adorable, they will bring your family so much happiness. I too adopted 2 kitten sisters and raised them, they healed my pain and it was the best thing I've ever done. They have grown into fantastic cats, very loving and they always have a friend when you get 2.


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Oh my God Diana,
they are sooo cute.  They will bring you much love and needed happiness.
Heather, Hank's forever mommy

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Diana, they are just gorgeous! Jessie and Neko sent you two little dolls to love and they will help you take care of them. I wish you lots of luck and joy. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Thanks you all for your messages. We are so happy to have two new babies in our house. Both of them have things that reminds us of when our sweet Neko was a baby just like them. They are doing great, they run all over and jump everywhere, hahaha they really brought a smile to our faces. One of the little ones has a problem with her tail and I have to take her today to the vet. She had an small accident at the breeders house and she got a wound. I noticed that her little tail is a little crumbled and she has like a ball if you feel around the wound. I think it might be infected. Hopefully for the rest they are fine, playing, sleeping and having fun.

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OH DIANA, THEY ARE ADORABLE!  I just know that Jessie and Neko sent you those two special babies.  I am so happy for you.

Kate (Gus' mom)


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OMG Diana, I want them!!!!  They are just so darn cute and adorable.  They are lucky to you have you as a mom.

I love the names - Estrella (star) and Luna (moon).  Very cute.

God bless you, your Jessie and Neko and your two little girls.


Piggy's Mom


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Hi there, I read your message and have seen the adorable pictures of your new kitties. I lost my beautiful Ricky (10 months old) on the road last week and have posted a message. I would like some advice- i would love a new kitten or kittens but I am so worried that they might end up with the same fate as Ricky and I really dont think I can go through this pain again- would love your thoughts- thanks Ricky's mum Lorraine xx


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Everything good with the little ones. They are running and playing. I took last friday Luna to the vet because of her tail. He said it might be broken but the wound was so infected that he could not tell for sure. He gave her something for the infection and he told us to give her antibiotics for ten days. Today is day 5 and it's like nothing happened!!! She's doing great. Next week we will take them for vaccination.
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.
Estrella with my books...
Estrella & books 
Luna on the keyboard

Luna & keyboard

After playing the whole morning...

Sweet sisters


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Dear Diana –


I’ve been here when you went through your loss of your beloved Jessie and my heart just broke when I read about your sweet little Neko. In fact, I couldn’t get through your post as it rendered my soul so heavy. But now I see that your Neko has guided you to Estrella and Luna. They are SO adorable, and SO lucky to have found you and your loving heart. I know your sadness and your sorrow over losing Jessie and Neko will always be there, tugging at your heart strings, but your new babies will help combat those feelings.


Many hugs and warm affection to you and your new family.


Rusty’s Mom – Allison.


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Oh my gosh your cats are ADORABLE! I just put my cat, Pixie, down on friday and I miss her SO much.  I really want another cat, but I'm afraid I only want another one so soon because then I don't have to deal with the pain her loss has left in my heart.  it's even harder since I'm in college and not allowed to have animals in campus housing.  I have at least a year before I ill be allowed to have an animal. in the meantime, I go home to visit pixie's grave whenever possible. Congratulations on your adorable new kittens, they seem to love each other!
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