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We are guilty I think I put my dog down 2 years ago and still regret it. My wife said he was suffering but I don't think he was I had the dog from the day he was whelped by his mother I knew the dog better then anyone I went through 2 life threatening sicknesses with him and didn't give up on him then. I feel I let him down by giving in to my wife and putting him down. he had some leg issues he would lose traction on slick floors and his legs would give out he didn't cry he would just get back up. He spent a little more time resting but he was 15 he didn't go upstairs anymore but still used the stairs to go outside with very limited issues he loved life a bird or cat would make him spring into action. I am a heel for what I did to one of my best friends even if it was only 1 more year he deserved it. We don't put people down because they have leg problems or because they get old but we tell ourselves it's okay it's humane to do it to dogs. Unless the dog is in pain I disagree they give us so much let them have their life let them pass on their own.

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I feel your pain. I too was talked into letting my sweet Termy of 16 years go because he was struggling everyday. I didn't mind cleaning up after him because of the unconditional love we are given by them. Termy didn't do the same things he used to do either and like you I chalked it up to him being 16. I don't think we ever get over the guilt of being the one to make a decision to end a life Even if it's for the best. Termy stopped wagging his tail and jumping up and he too slept a lot. For me it's been 8 months. I think if we could have been able to look ahead and see life without them we would have made a different choice. Now we regret our choice. If only we could take it back. I'm not sure if we can ever move pass this in our life time but there will be the day that we will see them again and they will show us that they harbor no blame and that they love us to the ends of all time. I guess we are the few who understand unconditional love from our babies. Sad that other don't feel the way we do.
I wish you love and compassion to help heal your broken heart.
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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I dont know why it's seen differently for animals vs. people with regards to euthanasia. I read an article or two written by vetrinarians and they basically said that older, sickly pets... if they were not sheltered from the elements and other animals... they would die much sooner. Either from the elements, or by becoming animals of prey. I let one of our vets know my wishes -- that I hope my dog can pass peacefully, and gently in his sleep and she also said 'that rarely happens'. I'm sorry you are struggling with complicated grief and regret. Seems like there's that second-guessing with so much of these end of life decisions. We always want to do the best we can for our pets. I have seen a person or two on here say they regret waiting too long / not euthanizing there pet... that the pet's last moments were difficult. I don't know what the right answer is. ((hugs))
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