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Posts: 117
...on Monday night. We think it was a fox because she's a small fluffy persian cat and looks like a bunny. No coyotes in our neighborhood but we do see foxes. we are deeply saddened as she was the most special true free spirit. she even had her own language when talking, and she loved to talk. Thank you for this forum. I am sitting here at work and can't seem to focus.. my mind is all hazy. she was only 7 years old so it was unexpected. The hardest part was seeing my wife cry as we picked up whatever was left of Daisy in the back yard. I guess I'm rambling- but wanted to tell all of you that I share your pain for the loss of your loved one. We have no children, and always called Daisy our daughter. Now our attention is focused on her three brothers. Love and Light, Pat

Posts: 418

So sorry about your loss of Daisy.  How tragic.  We have fox in our yard as well.  We actually bought a kennel to put the cats outside when we are out there.  I can imagine that you are going through a lot of emotions right now.  This website helped me tremendously when we had to make the terrible decision to put our Rurgrat down in November.  I will be praying for you all, but remember your baby will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.  Where do you live?


Posts: 2,719
Dear Pat,  I am so sorry for your loss of Daisy.  It is so very hard to loose these wonderful furkids who are so much a part of our lives and families.  You and your wife have my deepest sympathy.

Come here often for support and comfort.  We all know what you are going through.  We all here at petloss feel like our pets were our children, just like you and your wife.

Bless you and the spirit of your beloved Daisy.

Love,  Diane, Mom of Miss Dallas at the bridge over 5 1/2 years

Posts: 2,245
Dear Pat:
What a horrible tragic loss.  I am so sorry that this had to happen to your family and to Sweet Daisy.  The pain is just overwhelming.  I lost my Precious Angel Christopher over 15 months ago and the pain is still horrible.  We are all here when you need us.

Big Hugs
Christopher's Mommy

Posts: 139
Dear Polkadots,

I don't know what to say but I am truly sorry for your loss.  It was such a tragic thing to have happen and I am crying for you both now as I write this.  I will keep you both in my prayers and hope that tomorrow brings you a step closer to some comfort.  Please keep coming here, it's a wonderful place with great people that really care.


Posts: 699
Dear Pat,

I am saddened to read about the tragic loss of your beloved little girl, Daisy.  My heart goes out to you and your wife.  We all understand the numbness and emptiness after losing our babies, the anguish of knowing they are gone.

You and your wife are in my thoughts, and I say a special prayer for your Daisy.
With deepest sympathy,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 251
Oh Pat,

I am so so sorry for the loss of your precious daughter, Daisy...they are our sons and daughters and to lose them is just too much.

I am thinking of you in this difficult time. Please tell us more about your girl when you feel up to it. You sure have come to the right place, we all understand.

A big cuddle to you,

Nuggetsmum Alana

Posts: 117
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for comforting us Alana, Katherine, Margaret, Georgeann, Lograham and everyone here. I can't put in words how much it means. God this is going to take so long to heal and recover from! And most likely never will. Daisy was incredibly special. and daddy's girl indeed. she would always cuddle up at night by my right arm- then lift her back leg so i could rest my hand on her stomach. with her long hair it was like sleeping with a teddy bear at night. it was our little thing. right down to the trademark sound i made tapping the mattress four times to call her to come to bed. she would always come to that. well, sometimes.

She also was daddy's little helper. whenever I did projects around the house she was there. inspecting my work and lending a paw. oh man this hurts.

We live in Nashville TN. I guess we could have tried harder to bring her in earlier at night. but she just LOVED the outdoors so. and made it hard to find her. She was fascinated by squirrels, butterflies, fireflies, birds, skunks and all else, she LIVED for that, since moving here from Los Angeles four years ago perhaps our only comfort is knowing that she got to live and see it all.

I hope to get a pic of Daisy up soon to share.

Tonight, unable to sleep, I wandered downstairs to find her brother Hubble just staring blankly out the back door. the wave hit me all over again. He doesn't like to show his hurt- but I could see it. He immediately turned away to hide what he was doing.

i did see a sign yesterday. when taking down the last of Daisy's flyers I hit my left turn signal by the stop sign it was on- and suddenly the flasher blinked extremely rapidly! pointing right towards the flyer with her photo. i have never seen this before- and it didn't happen again after that. while walking in the garden white butterflies would fly by- those are a sign from my mom (also with Daisy) that is a long story that goes way back.

I will pick up a live trap from the county next week and set it. I want that thing out of our neighborhood for good. I just wish we could find all of Daisy so we could give a complete burial. so far just three paws. that really hurts....

Much love to you all. and I pray somehow tonight you find comfort enough to keep you going through tomorrow. I know how hard that is.



Posts: 117
here's a pic of Daisy.
I sent another cute one of her into this forum photo help section
and will post it when i get an email saying it's converted.

hearts to all, Pat

ps, i'm unable to take down this ad of her missing.
that's why you still see it.


Posts: 23


Daisy is SOOOO Beautiful.  I am sorry for all the pain you have gone through.  I will keep you, your family and Daisy in my thoughts and prayers. 


~d Louieā€™s Mom


Posts: 730
I'm so sorry for your loss and in such a tragic way :( She was beautiful.


Posts: 117
Thank you SO much for your support.
Yes, she was just absolutely beautiful. While she in some ways Daisy was a princess she was very down to earth and a big tomboy at heart. Full of love and fascinated with everything nature. Oh it is just so hard to concentrate here at work today. WE WANT HER BACK!!! I just don't know how to cope. All of your thoughts and prayers help a lot. Thank you for this.
Pat (Daisy's daddy)


Posts: 418
Pat, she is gorgeous.  I am praying for you.  When I read the part of only finding 3 paws, my heart just stopped and the tears started.  It breaks my heart.  The only thing we can pray is that she didn't suffer.  I am so, so very sorry to read about this.  My heart felt sympathies go out to you.  The little 11 year old girl across the street from us found her cat in her yard with an arrow through her midportion.  A neighbor said he thought it was a stray and had permission from his dad to shoot it.  They took the cat to the vet but he was in too much shock to save him.  The 22-year-old who shot it, along with his dad for telling him to do it, now face felony charges of animal cruelty.  I spoke with the girls mother who said all they wanted was for them to come forward, admit what they had done and apologize to them.  I can tell you, they are not well liked in our town anymore.  My prayer go out to you, your family and your cats little friend.  Hang in there, come back often and please participate in the candle ceremony on Monday.  It truly helped me.  We lost our Rugrat (cat) on 11-19 and my mom on 12-18 so I am comforted knowing that they are together.  They have both been around us, we can tell by the little things that happen around the house.  Much love to you! 

Lori Graham
St. Charles, Minnesota

Posts: 2,719
Dear Pat,  She was/is a beauty and I'm sure sorely missed.  I pray for you and your wife.

Love,  Diane

Posts: 111
Dear Pat,
I am so sorry for your loss of your fur baby Daisy.  She was a beautiful girl.  My prayers go to you, your wife and little Hubble. 
Heather, Hank's forever mommy

Posts: 117
Hi all. God bless you all so much. I just got home. And can't stop bawling. Seems the hardest is the drive home- knowing you're coming to a home w/o your daughter. On the way I stopped by Michaels to get some stuff for her burial. That too was so hard. As I type this I miss how Daisy would always climb up the the keyboard and sit on it so I couldn't type and had to pet her. I guess there will be lots of these sad memories to come. Each hurt so much. Also stuck in my head is how when she was lost all I would pray to God is that she would be home again so I could just hold her paws. She had the sweetest ones. the were like bear mitts. and she had special way of cuddling you with them. I didn't ever in my wildest dream expect to hold them again like this. When will this hurt ever end???

I wish I knew she didn't suffer. But seeing the 20 foot circle of her hair everywhere I just can't get out of my mind. ahhhhhhhhhhh its so painful!!!!!! I know she put up a fight. Part of me doesn't feel right to just harden my heart. That wouldn't be fair to Daisy. Because she is so truly wonderful. She deserves to not be forgotten about.

So sad about the cat with the arrow. I am relieved that justice will be done about it! This spring we had a tiny blue russian boy appear on our back doorstep. Beautiful yellow eyes. he was shot in the back leg with a pellet gun. We were able to get it out safely at the vets. at first we weren't sure if we wanted another cat. we pondered giving him to the no kill shelter. well one day went by the next and we never did it. and he grew on us. boyyyy, did he grow on us. he's like a teddy bear and you can't be anywhere without him wanting love. we named him Desmond- after the LOST show on ABC.

Last night he, Hubble and their brother Willy all shared the bed (a black elderly cat that sort of chose our home after growing up with the neighbors for some reason- so she graciously let us keep him. we didn't want that, but he just would never go home and we couldn't leave him out in the cold winter). Anyway, for the first time ever Hubble tried to kiss Desmond. In a very sweet way. Of course Desmond didn't know how to react so he raised a paw. But Hubble is good about being the big brother ad comforting everyone.

We definitely will participate in Monday's candle ceremony. We've burned a candle every night since finding Daisy. Thank you thank you thank you for being there for us. just typing this calmed me down a bit.

thank you.... many hearts

Posts: 117
i just had a mini inspirational moment.

The neighbor's cat Puddin' (cat food hog) came over for his usual dinner of stealin' out of our babies' bowls. Desmond saw him coming and immediately confronted Puddin' in a Chuck Norris kind of "oh no you don't" but unconflict kind of way. I've never seen Desmond be a big boy like that. It dawned on me that since Monday i've been seeing all the boy's much more. I'm more closer watching them grow up, and am proud of each of them.

I started this message a while ago. But had to put it aside after the first sentence. As Hubble came up to me and like Daisy he wanted attention while on the keyboard. Of course I had to be with him instead of the computer. Daisy knew to get in my face about it. But Hubble because of what's happened found a deeper place in my heart just then. And I pet him what seemed like forever- and we bonded.

and so my mini inspirational moment is- to spend and enjoy EVERY 'moment' with our kids. They grow up in seconds. We have to be there with each of them- as much as physically possible. even if it means closing the keyboard.

just now, no sooner than I finished this thought- Donna came and said we have a new Daisy 'sign'. followed with "and if this isn't a Daisy sign, I don't know what is!"

I followed her into the living room where the TV was turned on- to a static channel. This is a long story but my mom always turns on the TV to a static channel at JUST the right moments (xmas, birthdays, moments when talking about her etc) to a channel inaccessible by remote control. It all started when we bought this TV after she died. this time- the static channel came on, but was not also static- BUT in FULL COLOR!!! we've never seen that before. ever!!!

such a beautiful night- when everyone's gathered at the rainbow bridge saying hello. rainbow colors INDEED.... thank you for this forum...

God bless everyone.


Posts: 117
it's morning. I finally got a good night's sleep.
I am exhausted from the whole week.
should probably eat something but i can't.
i left the TV with the static channel on all night and slept beside it.
So wonderful that mom and Daisy did that for us.
My sister is also there with them, as well as Houston.
The static is much more colorful this morning...

I miss how Daisy would always stretch her arms out
and roll over wanting her belly rubbed in the morning.
While I think we're slowly healing I imagine this weekend
will be a very melancholy one.

This morning I will start digging her place in the garden.
then make her box and fill it with memories.
we will have her ceremony tonight at sunset,
since that was her favorite time of day.

love and hugs to all, and hope this day you feel
just a little bit better than yesterday.
God bless...

Posts: 1,205
Dear Pat

I have been away for a week, and have just read all of your posts.  I am so, so sorry about your Daisy. 

I have to tell you that Daisy is my Mums name, and my sister called one of her cats Daisy.  Mum hated her name and pretended to be cross, when the cat was named after her, but I know that she was flattered really.

My Mum, and her kitty namesake have both passed, but I am sure that Mum would have been there to welcome, another Daisy.

I am so sorry for your pain, I feel it, as we all do.  I feel that you do not need to be told that there is no death, and you will be reunited one day.

Thinking of you and your wife.  Love, Light and Many Blessings to you both.  May you soon find peace.  Much Love, Di

Posts: 117
Di, thank you for that :) it brought smiles
Daisy is a special name - seems like your mum knew that and treasured it.
at first i was hesitant on the name but later saw that a soul named Daisy, does in fact- eventually grow into 'one'... as beautiful, as wondrous, as precious- as a 'daisy'...
special indeed...:)

Posts: 20
Dear Polkadots,
My heart is breaking for you and your wife. I lost my darling boy Chaz on August 16, 2007 to what we think was a coyote. It was such a terrible way to lose him. One minute he was here, then he was gone...... I did not see him after the attack, a wonderful angel found him and contacted the authorities, and then canvassed the neighborhood to find his family, so I did get his remains back. That was the most important thing to me during that terrible time. The tears are pouring down my face thinking about what you are going through. I'd like to tell you that it does get easier, but I'm not sure. Some days are OK, and others I just miss my boy. Please know that there are many many furparents out there that feel your pain and offer prayers and support. The Pet Loss family are the only ones that got me through one of the darkest periods in my life. I will send Chaz to make friends with Daisy at the Rainbow Bridge and introduce her around. I'm sure they will be great friends.
Take Care,


Posts: 8
Oh Pat,

My heart is breaking for you.  I just lost my beloved black lab Kuma on Friday, but I took some of my grieving for Kuma to grieve for Daisy.  I'm so sorry that Daisy couldn't have been in your arms when she passed.  I'm trying to think of something to console you, but all I can come up with is that cats (and dogs) are so in tune with nature that Daisy probably fought that fox with little or no fear.  I'm sure she was already at the Rainbow Bridge long before she lost her paws.

I'm glad you're bonding with the other cats, as they probably need comfort also.

Sounds like you were a wonderful dad and gave Daisy a wonderful life.


Posts: 117
My love to Chaz and Kuma and hope you find a little more strength today than yesterday. Thank you for your comfort. it is very very very hard but every thought from each of you does help.

so sorry to hear about the coyote - i do hope you were able to control them so that they don't hurt any other family members.

i do keep wishing I had been there for her last breath, or even earlier to fight the fox. and then i sink back into feeling so helpless again.

Daisy's brothers are doing better i think. hard to tell sometimes.
we have the whole weekend to enjoy each other at home. i'm really looking forward to it.

hugs and comfort, Pat (Daisy's daddy)

Posts: 143

Pat, I am so very sorry for your loss.  Daisy was a beautiful cat and she had a wonderful home with you and your family.  She is at the rainbow Bridge now playing with all our furbabies.  Take good care and again, I am so sorry to hear what happened to her.  


Posts: 117
Sweetpepe, I am so sorry you lost Cockerpoo.
You are in my thoughts.
Thank you.
Love and strength to everyone tonight.

and fireflies...

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