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This is my first post here. I'm hurting so badly tonight. We got Mila when our puppy had drowned to help heal our hearts, and she did just that for her short 20 months with us. Anyway, here it is.

A few months ago, our dog Odie (french bulldog) was attacked by the backyard neighbor dog (german shepherd). He had pulled up the chain link, our dog had stuck his head through, and the other dog pulled him through. DH was home and ran out and jumped the fence in a matter of seconds so he ended up being ok. We tried to fix the fence the best we could, putting up wood, cinder blocks, etc to block the fence. THe other people did nothing on their side, we kept reminding them, we were so nice we didn't even give them the vet bill. DH lost his job in August and we didn't have the money to put in a wood fence yet, but that was going to be one of the first things we do when he gets another job.

Today, however, Mila (also a french bulldog) found a teeny gap and was pulled under again by the dog. I came home and DH was inside, and I went out to look for them. I started freaking out and he saw her and jumped over the fence. We took her immediately to the emergency vet, and at first they thought she would be fine. She was breathing and they were getting her stabilized. About an hour later, they rolled her over to clean her up (she was muddy) and she just stopped breathing. They tried to get her back and they couldn't. She had what appeared to be brain stem damage and swelling of her brain. I was able to go back and give her one last kiss. I am so heart broken, we got her a year and a half ago to replace out broken heart from losing a puppy to drowning. She was not even two years old yet, so I just feel so guilty. I feel like I should have known better and fixed the fence better (honestly, I thought there was no way our dogs could get through.) I know DH feels guilty because he was the one home. I want to blame someone so badly, but I know that we did the best we could. Ugh, I hurt so badly. We are some of the most over protective dog parents and I just feel like to lose two dogs in such a short period of time makes us failures. :(


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My heart breaks into tiny pieces for you!  How utterly horrible - and how utterly insensitive of your "neighbors" to allow this to happen twice!  I'd say  to report it to the police, but most likely, they'll do nothing - no proof that the dog pulled your poor Mila under the fence.


Being the nasty person that I am, I'd suggest, if you get another dog, to get one larger than a GS - a Great Pyrenees comes to mind.


Your pain must be overwhelming, I know - to have this happen to one so young is doubly hurtful. But please don't blame yourselves; you did everything you possibly could - and you did it with love.  Mila is gloriously alive now, and utterly healthy & safe, with no memory of what happened.  Her memories of her Earth time are only happy ones, ones filled with your love for her.  And you *will* be reunited when the time comes, for the Creator knows that you are kind and loving people; just as Mila is part of your hearts (as is the puppy), so will they be part of your Eternity.


May Mila's Creator hold you gently in the hollow of His hands, comfort you, and lead your hearts to peace.




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Dear Melisa,

     I'm so sorry you lost your poor Mila.  I can't even imagine the heart break of losing two sweet pups in such a short time.  There are so many, many different things that can go wrong, how can you anticipate things like this.  Please don't suffer blaming yourself over this.  Who thinks that a dog on the other side of the fence would drag your dog through and attack her? 


     I agree with Maerlyn and believing that our dear pets are safe in the hands of their creator.  They don't relive any fear or pain they went through before they died.  They forgive all. 


     I wonder if an electric, invisible fence would help with your remaining or future pets.  I hope things go better for you in the future. 



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