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If you have read "A message from the Bridge", posted in here recently, you will know that I lost my dear sweet Molly on November 13, 2010, but she almost immediately helped my find a new latest shelter rescue Monty.

In the words of Monty Python...And Now for Something Competely Different!

I lasted exactly 25 hours after losing my Molly girl.  Seeing my partner cuddling with his dog just hurt my heart so badly....I was so lonely.  I had grieved Molly over the months of her illness, and didn't feel too too guilty about going to the shelter the next day.  Our shelter isn't a no-kill, they don't respect an" appropriate grieving time".

Molly was an 85 pound shedding, goofy husky-shepherd pound puppy.  I never ever thought I could like "little dogs"...I always called them rats in dog suits. But...Sunday afternoon, cowering in his pen while the big huge wild dogs barked about him, was a little  11 pound Malti-poo.  Terrified of the noises, abandoned for the SECOND time in his short 1.5 year life, by families who were supposed to be his "forever families" but I guess they thought it was "forever or until we don't want you anymore".

Due to separation anxiety, improper housebreaking etc. Monty had been branded hard to adopt, a special needs dog, etc. Well, I am a special needs teacher...maybe I needed a special needs dog.  I grinned when I saw his file..a royal purple file folder....all my special needs kids are in...wait for it...royal purple folders.  His past history had scared off many people, but not me, I just wanted him with all my heart, so on Tuesday he came to his forever and I swear,  LAST forever home.

Well, in one week, Monty has only had one accident and that was Bruce's fault, not Monty's.  Bruce didn't follow the schedule and he admitted it.  It is called...being vigilant and putting him on a schedule. He has another doggy, three cats and Bruce at home when I have to go to work, so he isn't alone or shut in a crate all day like he was in his first two homes.  He was frantic the first day I left, but with a  calm and "calm'on sense"  approach and logic, lol, he is getting much better.  He has learned to sit and that no...chasing cats is not allowed here.

Monty is my new little white shadow.  He is sleeping by the computer at my feet in his new bed. He eagerly greets me every day after work.  He is thrilled when I wake up in the morning and he can jump on me for cuddles and kisses.  He has already acquired two coats...omg I am a little dog owner who is accumulating a doggy wardrobe?  We live in Canada and his coat is thin, in terrible condition and he is underweight, so he NEEDS, for health reasons,  cute sweaters...doesn't he?

My Molly would have approved.  He has already brought such joy and love to a hurting heart. Just wait...the time will come for other grieving furparents to welcome a new baby. I just hope you get the wonderful results I have.

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I live in Canada too and can say YES, get that little Monty all the help you can to stay warm!  He sounds just adorable and Molly is happy that you have found a new love, not to replace her, just more love - and who doesn't need more love?!  Congrats!

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Let's see pictures!  I want to see a pic with himand his cute little sweaters!

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I think Monty has found a very special mom too and is very lucky to have you.  He sounds so incredibly sweet!  He reminds me of my own little Millie, who I adopted after my Sheeba passed.  Every morning Millie acts so thrilled when I get up, I just have to laugh.  Maybe Monty will get a little holiday sweater?  Thank you for sharing, and happy holidays to you both.



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thank you for making my heart smile with your story :)


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I am so happy for you and for Monty.  Thank you for saving him!


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My sweet Abigail von Schnauzer, rescued herself just a year ago, says "You go Monty!"

Sounds like he's fitting in nicely. I found with Abbey that all the negatives went away with a schedule(early in her finding her place in our home, she thought there were too many rules and threatened to check herself back into rescue lol), plenty of exercise and rules that make sense. These little ones are only difficult to live with while living with the wrong person.

Best wishes for Monty and you in a truly forever home :)


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He sounds like such a precious little boy, he is soooo grateful and in love with his new mommy!
I can't wait to see his pictures, in his new sweaters of course!


Posts: 40
Thank you all for your support and best wishes that Monty can finally find his forever home.  There have been little accidents but omg compared to my Molly's LAKES of pee, his few little drops are miniscule.

He has put on 1.3 pounds(yay puppy lamb and rice for scrawny adults too) and is definitely looking less scrawny and pathetic.

He survived his first two periods of ten minutes left alone today(taking Bruce to the dentist and picking him up).  The first time I came home he was frantic....barking and dancing and jumping, but I just sat down quietly in a chair, basically ignoring him,  until he settled and then cuddled him and told him his was okay, in a very calm voice.  The second time that we came back in he was much calmer.  He just needs to know that we CAN go away AND COME BACK.  And that he won't ever again be shut in a crate for endless hours.

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Oh yes Monty needs cute doggie sweaters. And we NEED pictures! and more pictures!!!

Welcome home Monty! May you be blessed with many long happy years with you new FOREVER Furmom!

My heart aches for the life sweet Monty had to endure before he met you. Now hearing how well he is doing with you, my heart sings! Congratulations!
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