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I just thought of this the other day.  The week before my dog, Louie died, I was at my sisters house.  She has a cat Sparkles and she is a, to her self cat.  She does not like little kids and she only wants you when she needs you type cat kind of a B_**_ (fill in the blanks).  So on this particular day she was climbing on the computer desk and she came up behind me as I sat and she put her paw on my shoulder.  My sister was in the room and she could not believe what Sparkles was doing.  She than climbed down my shoulder to my abdomen area and curled up and fell asleep.  I was floored I though she was dying or something, I asked my sister “is your cat alright? Why is she doing this”. My sister was just amazed.  She had no idea but was just as weirded out as anyone because she does not do this type of stuff at all not even with her or her daughter or anyone.  I let her sit and sleep for ½ hr- 45 min than I needed to move.

Louie and Sparkles were around one another, Sparkles could not stand Louie.  Louie never paid her any mind, honestly I don’t know if he even seen her ½ the time bc of his hair.  She would hiss at him that was the most of it.

After Louie died I went there and when I walked past her (Sparkles) she tried to maul me. I was like “Dang Sparkles what’s your deal”.  I never put 2 & 2 together.  Every time I go over there she will NOT come by me and I think it is because Louie is w/ me.   Back to the beginning though, do you think Sparkles sensed or knew that Louie was going to die and that is why she crept up on me and fell asleep on me? A warning or a I feel sorry for you type thing?  I have been wondering about that and was just wondering what others thought.  Let me know what you think please. 


~d Louie's Mom


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I definitely think there's something there. pets have a unique sense of seeing the other universe. My guess is Sparkles knew something indeed. When my mom died Hubble would get very strange- and 'see' things on the stairs that weren't there. it was very weird. but not living in a materialistic world with credit cards, work, bills, stores, deadlines etc etc- i think pets see nature and spirits much more closely than we do. lots of wonderful thoughts yours and Louie's way.

Pat (Daisy's daddy)

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d, first let me say how sorry I am for your loss.  I truly believe Sparkles had a sense of what was coming.  After I lost Drew, my older kitty Six-Toes hid under our bed for a week and wouldn't come out too much.  When he did come out, he would look all over the house for her.  Six-Toes has always been very loving, but was even more so after our loss of Drew. 


Your Louie was indeed a beautiful baby.  Please know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and that we all care very much.  Take care.


Your friend,



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