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Posts: 455
I was reading some posts today and started reflecting on what my dogs, CoCo and Taterbug are continuing to teach me even after their deaths.  Some things I have learned:

1.  I love dogs a lot more than I even knew.
2.  I have learned that dogs do indeed go to Heaven.
3.  I am a lot stronger than I thought I was.
4.  A dog dying in your arms is one of the saddest things in life.
5.  They do communicate with you after death, when their little hard heads decide to.
6.  I can open up my heart to another dog, not to replace my lost ones but to enhance my life's journey.
7.  Friends and relatives don't always feel the way I do about pets.

I could come up with many more.  What have you learned?

Posts: 1,901
1-that i want to stick around this earth long enough to give my last remaining kitty a compassionate and easy exit out of this world
2-that love is a continuing circle that keeps going around and around
3-that our furbabies do communicate with us when they are at the bridge and that we have to keep our hearts and minds open to the signs
4-they still love us every bit as much as we love them
5-that love is a forever blossoming flower that grows and gets more beautiful with time and maturity
6-to guard my heart with these powerful emotions and to only share those feelings with others i know understand
7-the wonderful world of cyberspace and the kindness of strangers
8-that even though a big love is gone from your everday world that love still remains and is eternal
9-i still have a love of life
10-that God and the universe have a plan for all of us
11-that God will loan you some very precious angels of his to take care of and learn from
12-the unconditoinal love, friendship and acceptance that only a furbaby can give and understand that this is the way that God wants all of us to love
13-that my heart is interwined with many different kinds of love
14-that i cannot wait until the day comes when it is my time to meet up with all of my furry friends at the bridge and continue our journey once more
15-that furbabies are angels in fur
16-you know who really loves you when you need them to be there
17-the value of true human friendship who understand how deep this pain is
18-that none of us make our journey to the heavens alone
19-some souls were meant to be with you on this earth as you were meant to be with them
20-your loved ones are indeed watching over you and helping to guide your life

woinderful, wonderful thread eddie!  thank you for thinking of it.

Posts: 1,198
1. It is important to slow down and take the time to actually notice your surroundings so you can truly appreciate what is out there and what you've been blessed with.
2. Naps are a good thing, especially when it involves cuddling up next to someone you love.
3. Nothing feels quite as wonderful as sitting still with your cat in your lap and just letting time go by.
4. Always greet those you love with a smile and a purr.


Posts: 564
1)  The gain is worth the pain.
2)  Death of the physical body does not sever the bonds of love.
3)  Life goes on.
4)  I will find room again in my life for dogs.
5)  My babies are still with me.
6)  I will never be totally healed of my pain from this loss.
7)  In their honor, I don't ever want to be totally healed from the pain.
8)  My dogs will always love me, as I will love them.
9)  It's sometimes OK to cry so hard that it hurts.
10) There are people who care.
11) There are people who pretend to care, but really don't. (Not here, tho!)
12) Shared grief helps healing.
13) I need people!

That's for starters........ LukeAndLilsDad  (Rick)

Posts: 116
Wow, I agree with all of them. I could only add two while tears are rolling down my face.

1. There are no ordinary moments in life, enjoy them to the fullest. Make sure you tell your loved ones - I LOVE YOU!
2. My faith in mankind is restored because of you people!



Posts: 455
Oh my Lord, you guys have come up with some great lessons learned.  Now, I did learn some things from them when they were living that were pretty neat.
1.  Sometimes, chihuahua's bite just because they can
2.  Sometimes, shih tzu's will eat poop just because they want to


Posts: 893
1. always stretch in the morning
2.  never pass up a cookie
3. there is a love stronger then I would have ever imagined and now i know it
4. even in death Foster is still there for me to talk to....even if he doesn't hear me
5.  unbuttered popcorn sucks
6. the body that they have while they are here is only that- a body.  His spirit and soul lives on in my heart
7.  be happy to see those that you love
8. death ends a life, not a relationship
9 sticks are fun to play with
10 the ups person is evil, even if the humans don't think so..

Posts: 842
Love really is the only thing that matters.

Posts: 596
1. Never take them for granted
2. Even when they try your patience, take a moment to reflect how things would be without them
3. They love unconditionally. Take lessons.
4. They have a better opinion of me than I do about myself.
5. Life is short, bite hard.
6. Grieve as you must. If someone doesn't understand, it's probably because they didn't have a loving relationship with an animal.
7. Don't beat yourself up when the time comes to say goodbye. Just know they still love you.
8. Each of our pets are unique. Don't look to replace them with another. And don't be pressured into getting/not getting another pet to love.
9. You'll know when the time is right to love another. And it's ok to do so.
10. Learn from your pet. They have life lessons to teach.

Posts: 282
1.  When it comes to barking if some's good, more's better
2.  Never talk to a stranger unless he has food
3.  When in doubt, bark
4.  Cats are fun to chase but better to curl up with
5.  Why walk when you can run
6.  Don't save your best face or best manners for strangers & growl at
     family.  They deserve your ultimate loyalty. 
7.  If a kiss is worth a thousand words then give 20 kisses each time
    so that they speak volumes, even after you're gone <3

Posts: 12
1.The bond between a person and a pet can be strongr than I ever thought possible.
2.Cherish every moment 

Posts: 628
Wonderful thread!!!!  Thanks for coming with the wonderful idea.

Let me see; where to start.  Everyone has such wonderful words.  The tears were just pouring!!!

1.  Always be as happy to see your dog(or cat) as they are to see you!!!
2.  Keep them company as  they keep you company too.
3.  Know they will be with you forever and they will be waiting for you at the bridge.
4.  Remember them with a special Christmas gift under the tree.
5.  Always have a warm place for them in the winter and a cool place in the summer.
6.  I love dogs more than I do some people.
7.  There are people who understand the grief you suffer when you loose a pet.
8.  Always, always, always show the love they show you.
9.  Have a camera close by at all times.  You will appreciate the pictures for life. 
10.. Have room in your life for other dogs(and cats) so that the circle of love continues. 

These are the thoughts that came off the top of my head.  I am sure there are lots more lying in the deep parts of my brain.

Posts: 315
This is a great idea Eddie.

I learned that love is everything and love lives forever.  
I learned that our spirits are always together even if our physical bodies are not.
I learned how to be a better person.
I learned there is a good reason why God spelled backwards is dog.


Posts: 455
Here are a couple more

1.  Hope that your human kids and loved ones greet you with the same enthusiasm that your babies do when you get home from work.
2.  If you think you are a person of supreme importance, try ordering someone elses dog around.

Posts: 893

I also learned that Foster is everywhere in the house and the yard.  The other day I went around the house and said out loud "you are here....." in each place that he used to be in.  And he was everywhere and he is everwhere in spirit :)


Posts: 2,123
Wow, I absolutely love this thread. All of us from so many different walks of life, backgrounds, environments and from all over the world, have learned the same things from our pets. How awesome is that?

The things I've learned from knowing and loving Piezon are mostly introspective, or IOW, things I've learned about myself and how to apply it to life. However, these are lessons easier said than done.

One more thing before I share them. Thank you Ed Jones, for starting this thread. What a great idea.

I learned ...
... that I had the purest relationship I've ever had, and now work toward the same with humans in my life.
... that being angry for a short time is okay, but holding on to it prevents me from truly living.
... not to bring past hurts with me, but to look at every moment with a fresh, clean eye, as if each moment as something wonderful to bring me.
... to live in the moment.
... never to squelch anyone from expressing their true nature. To allow everyone to be who they are, and most especially ... allow a dog to be a dog and not a human.
... that if my dog's overweight, I'm not getting enough exercise.
... that my words, emotions and energy (low or high) effects how other people and pets react to me.
... that no matter how many flaws people have or how things look from the outside, all beings have something lovable about them.
... that being an hour late home for dinner, doesn't diminish my "welcome home."
... that life's about the journey not the destination.
... that because the love I feel for my boy still goes on ... so does he ...
... that I can move on from such a deep loss, but will always live with a piece of me missing until the day of our reunion.

Posts: 1,901

well, debbie you just gave me another much needed laugh.    looks as if manda is giving col sanders a run for his money there, huh?   and i bet jude was manda's first customer!   thank you for that wonderful sense of humor of yours.


Posts: 455

You forgot, CoCo is there as well...and Taterbug was a prissy little girl:)


Posts: 455

No harm Debbie.  I was just letting you know:)


Posts: 214
Dear Ejones: thank you for allowing me to think of the good things and write them down.

1. that you can love someone so much to the point that you would rather let them go in front of your eyes than to witness a minute longer of their suffering

2. that I wouldn't trade the pain the loss of Sashimi caused me for the 5 wonderful years she gave me

3. that Sashimi's presence in my life changed me, saved me and will live along with me forever

4. that I am going to be a little bit sad the day I have a baby because Sashimi will not be there to meet her/him

5. that her presence is so strong inside of me that it feels as if she never died

6. that I nurtured the purest feelings for her such as: unconditional love, without anger, sorrow or jealousy

7. that I should call a person up or meet her asap when I miss her or feel the urge to tell her I love her

8. that I will remember her and miss her everyday of my life until I die

9. never to take anything or anyone for granted again in my life

10. that love and the people and animals I love are the most important things in my life


Posts: 455

I have thought of many, many more but will let this thread run it's course before I post any more


Posts: 541
Thank you so much for this wonderful thread, Eddie. I love it. I have cried and laughed so hard reading it. We have truly learned so much. I can't add too much without repeating.

1. Looking into a dog's eyes is the closest we'll get to seeing God on this side of paradise.

2. That dogs can read your mind and know exactly what you are thinking.

3. That no human could or will ever love me as much as my dog.

4. That my dog is as thrilled to see me after a 30 second trip to the mailbox as he is after a 10 hour work day.

5. To slow down and smell the flowers. Or every twig and blade of grass if you're a dog.

Posts: 541
Just wanted to add a couple more I remembered after giving it some more thought.

...To be more loyal and faithful to my friends and loved ones.

...Not to hold grudges. To try to forgive and forget as quickly as my dog.

...To give everyone a warm welcome when I see them.

...To make the people I love feel like they are the most important person in the world.

Isn't it amazing how very much we have learned from our pets? This is such a heartwarming, positive and healing thread. Wanted to bump it up again.


Posts: 308
What a great thread!! Things that i learned from Lenny..and his loss.

!) that life can go on without a whole heart as he took it with him
2) to love someone so much it physcially hurts
3) that i can and do love others more then myself.
4) to count the days gone by as days closer to being with Lenny forever rather then how long its been.
5) that there are other animals out there that deserve a great life even thou i will never love again like i do Len i can indeed Love
6) the emptyness is a way of life ..
7) going to the park without Lenny isnt any fun
8) lenny still visits me if im patient and willing to open my mind and heart
9)true love like we shared doesnt go away because were not physcially together.
10) Lennys death taught me that it is possible to truely love and be loved unconditionally, and that we dont choose who steals our heart and who is in our soul.


Posts: 438

That Christmas Eve is a time to celebrate, and that each star in the sky represents one of our babies in heaven looking down at us.  Never take for granted one minute with your pet.  Think before you leave the house each day how they feel when you are leaving.  Thank God they are there when you get home and they are safe and healthly.  The Good Lord trusted us with them, we should be the humans they see us as. 

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