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What was the naughtiest, yukkiest thing your pet ever did? I've been trying to think of things my Gus did - but to be honest, he wasn't the most intelligent dog... I think clever animals do naughty things more.

My Gus was just beautiful and we always told him it was ok to be not too bright, because he was such a beauty...


He did used to eat compost out of my houseplants. He once chewed a hole in the skirting board. He once stole a whole fresh garlic and ate the lot. (It never did him any harm at all, and he did enjoy it!)

I don't count 16 years of biting me (LOL) because, well... he was ssoooo beautiful.... and what's a few missing fingers when you've got the most pretty dog on the planet ;)

I'll try to think of some more. What's yours?

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Mallory would sit on 2 pieces of furniture that she knew she wasn't supposed to. If she heard me coming near the room, she'd jump off fast and look at me like "What? I'm just sitting here."  But she left horrible fur everywhere (reason she wasn't allowed to sit on these 2 pieces) and the evidence was always there.

She constantly hid around the corner and "jumped" her sister. 

After we put the kids to bed, she would sneak upstairs to my daughters room. Often my daughter would bring her back down. She wanted so much rubbing that she couldn't sleep!

Flung her food everywhere. She would take a bit and shake her head back and forth so lots spilled.

Climbed a christmas tree or played with the ornaments.

Tried to open Christmas presents

I'm sure I have loads more too because she was a VERY mischevious cat!  LOL  Thats what made her so much fun though.

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I had to really think about this one as I don't really remember anything really naughty that they did. Chancey liked to roll in nasty smelling stuff until one day it was even too much for her and she said get it off me!

When she was under 1 year old she didn't like the upstairs landing carpet I guess because when we would come home she had it pulled up, all the way up, time and time again.  We finally banned her from the landing when we left her alone.

Digby never did anything bad, I cannot believe it but he never did. He never wanted to do anything that Chancey didn't and he never wanted to get into trouble. He did carry pine cones into the house during the day while we were gone. For about 2 months we had to pick up pine cones every evening when we came home from work.

I guess if they ever did anything bad it must not have been too bad because I don't ever remember getting upset with them. Bless their littel souls, I miss them.


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Okay, you want naughty? My Doxies are very naughty. it is just part of being a Doxie. Schatzie stole dirty napkins and placed them on the laps of my mothers friends who were at the house for Mah Jong. they were not table napkins. Maedy made off with a whole turkey carcass and was corraled before any damage occured. She also ate a dozen fresh eggs that had been cracked and were waiting to be used in a cake. Sil steals towels and drys them in Doxie fashion, Mozie likes bras and darted out the door to greet the mailman with a pink one planted on his head and proceded down the street with his hat on. he got to the corner and finally came back on his own accord. Hershey was the shy guy and would nip extra treats and go under the bed. When he was a puppy he chewed the fridges off everything in the house. Kugs likes toilet paper and it he gets into it, I find it wrapped around the piano legs and table legs. He also empities my pockets of all tissues and other paper.

Hope this makes all smile.


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This is a great idea for a thread. :D

I think the worst thing my dog Denny ever did was chewing the rung on one of our kitchen chairs.  I was pretty angry with him at the time, but now that chair is the most special chair in the kitchen.  I smile every time I see it, it reminds of Denny's time with us.

I lost Denny at age 14 on January 25th of , he was an ACD/Australian Shep Cross.  He was my my constant companion, he never left my side.

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My Husky, Dakota, had the prettiest face I have ever seen on a Husky. One evening, we were having corn beef and cabbage, it was in the kitchen, on the cutting board, and we were in the dining room. Well all of a sudden, my wife's mouth dropped open, and I turned around, and there she was, with the whole corn beef in her mouth, coming to join us for dinner. We looked at each other, and started to laugh, she had never taken any food before, and it was so funny, she had a look that was priceless, enough to say, "where do you want me to sit"

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My big Sorcha used to steal out of the rubbish bin, she would flip the top open with her nose.  One day she got caught out though, as she got the top caught around her neck, she did look silly.  My Jack used to follow my cat Jilly into the garden and follow her around until she did her business, then eat it. Ugh....
Jilly used to catch birds and mice and put them in the garden pond alive.  Every time they got to the edge she would hit them again, poor things would eventually die if I wasnt there. 
My siamese Tammy used to steal food from the neighbours, she was always coming in with fresh cooked sausages or chicken.  If I told her off, she would run away, and ambush me later in the day, by leaping from somewhere high and scratching my back.
Thank you for making me think of the naughty, grotty things that my guys used to do.  It has made me smile...Di

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Buttons was a good girl and didn't get into too much trouble. The main thing was she was a poop eater. Never could break her of it. The only thing I could do was wait for her to go and then clean it up before she could eat it. It sometime became a game. She would see me outside waiting for her, so she would go around to the other side of the house. I often had to peek around the corner and then run over just as she was finishing up. If I couldn't get there on time, she'd woof as much down as possible before I got there.

Another thing she did was she liked to chew on soft cloth. She liked chewing on blankets and my pajama legs. I often let her do it because it felt good. But as you can imagine, my pajama legs became pretty ragged looking after awhile. She managed to put holes in blankets too.

Dear Buttons

Posts: 686
Oh, the stories about my Gus---my kids called him evil, but he was just very curious and intelligent.  They always said he took the "I'm not a cat." thing way too serious.

Gus loved swimming suits and would search them out clean or dirty, no matter where they were in the house.  Then he would chew holes in them or chew off the strings--not a good thing on my daughter's string bikini!  He climbed our Christmas tree, got on top of every piece of furniture--no matter how high.  Knocked over vases of flowers in an effort to pull off and chew the organza bows.  Learned to turn on the bathroom faucet so he could play in the water and splash it all over.  He never figured out how to turn it off.  Opened doors.  Plus, Gus was a good judge of character--my daughter's former boyfriend ticked him off once.  Gus waited until this kid was sitting on the floor with his back turned and then he came out of nowhere to attack.  Gus ripped his shirt and drew blood.  You didn't dare mess around with Gus.  He had no fear and would take on anything--but he loved me dearly.  Oh how I miss that goofy cat!  Thanks for the memories.



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Aw, precious memories.  What we wouldn’t do to have them back with their naughtiness and all.  Bless each and every one of them. 


Tweeny used to like to sit on top of the aquarium hood and watch the fishies below.  One time when I was in the kitchen I heard a “Ploop!” sound.  I said “Tweeny, you been fishin’?” and she gave me this innocent look while water was dripping from her paw.  I wish I had a photo of that but you can see the "Who me?" look on her.


Then there were the times when she was an outdoor kitty and she took leisurely strolls on the garage roof.  I always wondered which one of her two methods she would use to come down, slide or jump!



One time I had collected a bunch of pens and pencils, and set them on top of the side table.  Tweeny got up there and she took a swipe with her paw, then another swipe until they were all brushed off the table.  Then she gave my mom and me such a proud look that she had cleaned off the table!


There was also the annual wrapping paper shredding ritual….


Tweeny was a very good girl but she occasionally like to get into a little mischief.



This would be a bad habit for a furbaby to have…. One of my former coworkers’ cat had learned to open the refrigerator door.  Often when they came home they would find the fridge door open!


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Cute post.   Nike's naughtiest moment occurred when we had only had her for a few months.  We had several things on the kitchen counter, all in different spots.   We had a long loaf of french bread,  several potatoes that we had baked, and some doughnuts (probably the only time those were allowed in my house!).  Anyway, we went out for awhile, and when we returned there was no sign of any of the above food....not even crumbs!   We were all shocked, and of course amused.  We never left food on the counter again....much to Nike's distress!  

Nike darling, I hope you are getting all the french bread and potatoes that your little heart desires.   Mommy misses and loves you so very much!    xooxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooooooooooooooooooooooxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoox

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I love this question! Just the question alone puts a smile on my face!

I had two girls, Katie and Liz, and they were twins from the same litter. Australian silky terriers. Just two of the cutest little champagne colored balls of fluff. They were two of the happiest, perkiest girls you could ever hope to meet. And they had personality with a capital Tee! We got them one month after they were born, in September of 1992.

I think it was about two years after that, that we'd moved into this lovely new home. It wasn't a big home, but it was beautiful home, all new construction, and just perfect down to the last detail.

Well, my girls were going through their "chewing" stage, where they really loved to tear things to shreds with their brand new sharp little puppy teeth. ((Oh gosh this is bringing back memories! LOL!)

And one day, when I came home from work, I discovered what they had been busy doing all day long while I was gone.

They literally had torn a hole in the drywall!

I don't know how they did it. And in fact, I don't know whether one or both of them were guilty. But whoever did it, did a fine job of tearing a hole in the wall!

Later on they also carved more than a few gouges in the baseboards.

But despite the damage they did, we never really got mad at them. They were just the cutest little buttons. We adored them to death and spoiled them rotten their whole lives. (Sigh.)

I wish sometimes I could go back and do it all over again with them. I was a darned good mom to them. But if I had a second chance, I swear I'd be an even better mom, knowing what I know now.

But anyway, that's hindsight.

Thanks for this great question that brought a smile to my face. Today is the one-month anniversary of saying the final good-bye to my girls -- at least until we meet again one day at the bridge --- and I needed a lift!
: )


Posts: 5,100

OMG!!  This is hilarious!  And, such a welcome respite from our sadness.

One day, about two years ago, Betsy trotted in the house with what I first thought was a piece of gray string in her mouth.  Well, it was a HUGE rat she had hunted down and captured.  I screamed so loud my husband thought we had an intruder.  Well, sort of.....

Merriam, Ralph the Rufus used to like napkins as well.  He loved dragging them out when I brought a date home.....that is when I discovered garbage cans with lids that close automatically.   And, once, when he was a pup, he stole a Hershey bar out of my purse, neatly unwrapped it, and ate the whole thing in less than a few minutes.  I almost had a heart attack.  He just grinned at me.

Easy, our German Shorthaired Pointer, ate an entire loaf of bread once, and he drank my entire cup of coffee when I left the room for about 2 minutes. When my husband and I were dating, we left Easy (who was his dog) in my house separated from my little Betsy and Ralph by a doggie gate.   While they watched, he went to the cabinet, took out their treat bag, and ate everything in it.  He then laid the empty treat bag in front of their doggie gate, just to torture them!!!  :-)

And, yes, my precious little angel Betsy ALWAYS thought those were little "wedding cookies" in the kitty litter box at my mom's...oh, yummy....

Oh, how this made me SMILE!  Thank you dear Estelle for the wonderful thread!



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Melissa and all,

I forgot the time when Mozart, Silver and Hershey ate forty dollars worth of Godiva Chocolate. Silver waited until we were in the middle of 2 lane, snow covered, deer infested Rogers Pass to give it back to me in spades. Mozie looked googooeyed all the wasy from Missoula to Great Fall but he never threw up. Hershey it seems only had one piece.

Then there is last year when Mozie discoverd Elijahs cup at the seder, sclupped the entire cup and was ill. he told me he thought it was fancy grape juice instead of Mogen David. This year the cup is going on top of the china closet.

Kugs has a new thing with shoe laces and the hems of my jeans. he thinks it is a game of yug o war and then he discovered my bath robe and on Sat he got towed town the hall, thought that was fun and came back for seconds.

Memories can bring sniles and giggles.



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Hello Meri and everyone,

My husband wanted me to tell you all about the time Ralph ate half a light bulb I had accidentally dropped on the floor.  I called my vet at 2 AM and screamed, "MY DOG JUST ATE A LIGHT BULB!"

The vet, who was obviously still asleep, said, "Oh. My kid ate one the other day and she's okay.  I think Ralph will be fine."   And, he was.

Meri, we found out Betsy liked Pinot Noir when I accidently spilled a glass during a dinner party.   She lapped most of it up before I realized she was under the table.......then she was really under the table.  EEKS!  She was my little blond party girl. 

Ahhhh......the memories. 

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My cat Beau used to sharpen his claws on the speakers and I would yell at him and he would run away.  I would give anything to have him back again so I could tell him it was okay to shred the speakers. 

Posts: 180
I love this thread!!  I've laughed so much at the antics of all your babies.

Beijing has been at the bridge 7 years now and Sammy has been with him for 5 years.  Beijing was my very first dog.  He single-pawedly changed me from a bird/cat person to a bird/cat/dog person.  He was a hairless Chinese Crested and will always be my heart dog.   Sammy was my gigantic Moluccan Cockatoo who died in my arms of old age.  Sammy lived in a big floor cage where the door was always open.  His bird food mix contained peanuts in the shell which he didn't like.  The peanuts always ended up on the floor of the cage.   Somehow Beijing (who would eat anything) discovered the peanuts and decided they were one of his favorite things.  Since the cage door was always open, Beijing would bound up into the cage and steal the peanuts one after another right out from under Sammy's favorite perch.  This came close to giving Sammy a heart attack since this "predator" was always jumping into his cage with him.  But Beijing just ignored the bird and continued making off with the peanuts.  After a while, Sammy got used to the intrusion and would only hiss in annoyance until the dog jumped out.   Once Beijing had collected a peanut, he would carry it out of the cage and carefully crack it open with his teeth, somehow peel the red skin off the nuts and eat them.   Every day there would be peanut shells on my carpet.  It was like living in a circus tent.   How I would love to have that endearing mess to clean up even one more time.

Our present canine love is Shanghai, our powderpuff crested.  Shanghai is 15 pounds and 7 years old and thinks he is a rottweiler.   Just 2 weeks ago he cornered a large, angry racoon under some shelves in our garage.   As Shanghai was attempting to kill the intruder on behalf of his pack, he managed to plant both front legs (up past his knees) in a pan of used motor oil my husband had left under the shelving.  This meant I couldn't even snatch Shanghai up and throw him back into the house while I dealt with the racoon.   When you liberally mix motor oil, a small dog and a racoon together, you get a dose of chaos.   I tried to extract the racoon from under the shelving with the only weapon at hand - the pooper scooper.   Eventually the racoon got tired of all this attention and made a break for it out of the garage with the dog in hot pursuit and me in hot pursuit of the dog.  luckily, the racoon got away without ever biting the dog.  The only casualties were the pooper scooper (which broke in half during the fracas) and a whole bottle of dog shampoo.  That's what it took to get the motor oil off the dog's (formerly) white front legs. 

Our 16 year old cat, Figaro, is a lifelong blanket sucker.   He'll pull up a small section of any handy fuzzy blanket and suck on it in total bliss for about 15 minutes.  We can always tell when he's been "sucking it up again" because there will be a little blanket "peak" in the middle of our bed. 

Thanks again for this suggestion.  Nike's carb overload and the Dakota corned beef caper were especially entertaining. 

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I just remembered something naughty Gus did when it was his first Christmas.

We couldn't understand what was wrong with the tinsel on the Christmas tree - it seemed to be dropping it's tinselly bits and looking really threadbare. It was a real mystery.

Anyway a couple of days later I saw my little Gus "going to the toilet" and it was all sparkly tinselpoo!

Puppies really will eat anything! It didn't do him any harm and it all came out the other end...

But we laughed so much - we called it Chrissypoo. :)

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One day I came home from work and found all the X-mas ornaments off the tree destroyed and scattered all over the living room.  Many of the ornaments were ones that I still had from when I was a kid b/c I had made them.  I remember one ornament was painted orange and after getting wet by dog slobber (smiles) during the chewing process, there was orange paint all over the living room rug as well.  I remember being so mad that I lifted up the whole 6 foot tree (it was an artificial one) and carried it upstairs and placed it on the landing.  I wish I had a video of me doing this..I was still in my skirt/dress clothes from work (lol).  Anyway, I put a babygate at the bottom of the stairs so they couldnt get to the tree ever again!  Anyway, after I calmed down, I was just glad that Uma and Conan were ok and had not ingested anything!

Uma and Conan's mom

Posts: 1,205
Dear All
Ive got to say that the antics that our guys get up to are hilarious.  After crying with sadness at some of the posts today, I have come here and am crying with laughter.  Thanks to all    di


Posts: 317
I love this thread!!! I enjoy so much reading about our sweet little naughty babies... Oh I remember somethings about my Jessie... when she was a puppy, we bought this beatiful little basket with a pink pillow inside for her to sleep. Well you can guess that in a few days one of the sides of the basket was gone!!! Everyday that little thing with those sharp  little puppy's teeth destroyed her bed. Anyway we could only laugh at the situation... she would also play with her toys and she would not rest until they were destroyed, for example a little rabbit that she had, she torn off the head and the filling came out, she was such a sweet little destroyer thing!!! Later when my Jessie got older she would sometimes go to the kitchen (when nobody was there) and pick all the garbage of the trash can and she would search for bones if we ate chicken or somthing else she could eat... it was so funny to see her in the carpet (she was a miniature pinscher)trying to eat such a big bone. She also would go to the bathroom (if I accidentally left the door open) and take all the papers out the trash can and shred it all into small pieces. I would then enter and see a mess on the floor... but I never got mad at her, I just clean all and tried to be more aware of the door. Another thing Jessie did sometimes was to escape from home (my parents live in an appartment on the 7th floor) and run down the stairs... I would then run after her afraid that she would fall or something. Then everytime I catched her she would just look at me like:"well I just wanted to go out a little while..." I would hold her in my arms and later go for a walk.
How much I miss her!!! I wish I could see her doing all those naughty things again...
Diana, Jessie's mom.

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When we were on holiday , our Beau would open our wardrobe (sliding the doors ), jump on the layers where my
sweaters were and pull them all out. Our neighbour who " catsitted " for us told me when we came back home that she had to restack my things every day.
We then bought a wardrobe that we could lock with keys , our Beau was puzzled in the beginning , not being able to open it anymore. He then tried to
open the drawers , this took about 1 day for him to solve this and away he was again. I remember  laughing till I cried  when I saw him doing this.
This thread brings on so many memories.
Thank you for it.


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This thread is bringing such smiles to my face!  Thanks to all who are sharing their wonderful stories---and thanks to Estelle for getting us all started.


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We had the sweetest, mixed breed, but mostly black lab, named Moey.  It was Thanksgiving and we had just come home from food shopping, and laid the Thanksgiving turkey on a landing.   When he was a puppy he found our Thanksgiving turkey, and chewed the most perfect hole into the plastic, and spit it out.  Continued in his puppy teething stage to chew through the frozen turkey.   When all was to quiet for to long, we knew alarmed to go looking.   There Moey was in all his glory, relief for his puppy teething, chewing our Thanksgiving turkey.   

Moey had a tummy that just never stopped wanting food.   We had left pizza dough raising on the counter for making dinner.   OUR DINNER!   It turned into Moey finding that dough and eating it.    OK - now think!   Dough - rising in warmth, and time.    Moey was laying and seemed like a bit of a tummy ache.  Poor baby!   Those big melting brown eyes, were a little sad for a while that night, as we watched him closely as to if the Vet would be needed.   Moey did just fine though as we saw the dough rise in his tummy and to our relief and his - he digested through.

We live in the country and on 40 acres of land.   We had neighbors who had a farm, and not exactly sure - how?  When?   or events --- but unknown to us our neighbor had pigs!    Moey came home carrying a little pink pig, that looked newborn, and sadly must have died, and the neighbor discarded.  

Moey I spotted in the yard one day playing what I thought was ball.  NOPE -- it was a baby bird.   Then he wanted me to keep it alive and checked on it every few moments in a cage I had it in.   Sadly, it didn't make it, but that didn't stop Moey from bringing home every baby bird he could ever find.  

That was one funny little boy.   LOVE YOU MOEY!   REMEMBERING YOU!    MOMMY!   

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A few years ago, I made my husband some key lime bars and he came into our bedroom to talk to me for a few minutes since it was late and I was already in bed. . After noticing Kaldi didn't join us, I asked him where he was. I also asked him where he left the key lime bars. He said he left them on the coffee table in the living room. I said "are you nuts? Kaldi's going to get them." He said "No he won't, he knows better than that" Well, after calling him a few times and him not responding, we went upfront to see what he was doing. There was the baking dish on the coffee table minus the key lime bars. And Kaldi was laying on the other side of the room trying to look innocent, but the evidence was all around his mouth. Even though , he normally would not steal our food, I guess the sweet treat was too delectable to resist. And you know what my husband said? "He could have at least left me an end piece, that's my favorite part." lol
Ah, the good moments.That was a pretty funny one. I hope you're enjoying all the key lime bars your heart desires now, Kaldi. Just don't make yourself sick, that's alot of sugar!


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My little Tuffy clawed at the carpet at my bedroom door until it was a big, huge, mess of yarn.  And he gnawed a hole in my bedspread.

He was such a rascal!  But, he never got in trouble.  LOL  He was spoiled rotten.


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My goodness, Its so good to smile!  Thanks for starting this light hearted thread.  It's so funny to read thru all of the responses!

My Golda, was always such a good boy, but still there are a few things.  One day I came home from work thru the garage.  Golda and Max met me as usual at the door.  When ever Golda or Max and later Di had done the smallest thing wrong, Golda would wrinkle his nose and show his teeth.  This time, I looked at Golda who was really a light blonde.  He had spots of soot all over him.  Max is a red golden and he had the spots too, but it wasn't as obvious.  Somehow they had gotten into the fireplace.  I still don't know how they managed to get into it enough to get this much soot on them.  Instead of getting scolded, they got kisses instead.  It was always hard to get mad at him when he wrinkled his nose. 

Then there was the time that Golda didn't eat much for a day.  He had an intestinal thing that we had him on medication for when he was about 7.  My husband was picking poop up out of the back yard so that he could mow the lawn.  There was this really strange blob on the lawn.  He picked it up with a stick and we realized it was the net from a beef roast that we had 2 nights before!  When we were carving the roast, we had put it in the waste basket that was out on the floor behind us.  We didn't even see him and had no idea until we found it on the lawn. 

what I wouldn't do to see that beautiful wrinkled nose again.  Golda's Mom


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My little furries have done just about everything imaginable!  By far the worst thing happened the other day when Orpheus, our 2yr old yellow lab, destroyed the turkey fyer with his "happy wiggle butt!"  One good hit with his rear end, and it went flying into the family room and we had 3 gallons of peanut oil all over the place!  Thanks to my good friends here, we cleaned it up with cat litter and lysol all-purpose cleaner.  However, it still smells like turkey in the family room!!!

Emma (gsd/chessie mix) has destroyed tons of stuff including 2 chairs and 2 couches.  She is also the resident thief and loves to steal anything that belongs to mom.  She has a special hiding place behind the cherry bush where she hides my socks.  She also has stole my favorite lip gloss (found it after our big snow storm a few months ago finally melted), my cell phone and my kitchenaid wood spoons.  She's real big on stealing the spoons right out of the sink or even if you are still using them (she'll take them right out of the pot). 

Orpheus & Emma's newest thing to take the recycleable's out of the bin.  Our yard is littered with orange juice jugs and yogurt cups...Technically, that's still recycling, right?  They have been recycled - into dog toys!!! :)

The cats tend to behave themselves pretty well, most of the time.  I think the worst thing they have ever done is left a toy mouse in my hubby's shoes.


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Although Tigger didn't do this at the end of your life, but anytime she wanted you to do something and you didn't do it right away she would go and scratch the furniture. You would tell her to stop and she would hump her back and then run off lol.

she also used to get into my fathers closet and get his clothes all cat hairs. That was the one place in the house she wasn't allowed and because of that she would like to go in there more then anything.

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   One of our cats, Peanut, took a loaf of bread, from the top of a counter, and carried it back (apparently with his teeth) to a bedroom, where he then chewed through the plastic wrappper and ate about 1/4 slice of one of the pieces of bread.
   I interrogated my husband, "Where's the bread"? "What are you talking about"? he replied. We finally found it under the bed in that condition.

   Had a dog who got her paws onto counter (we were gone) and toppled over the freshly baked peach pie. It landed upside down so she couldn't eat it. Ha. Ha for her. Was I not happy or what.




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Herbie would tease Belle and go after her.  She knew it was all in fun and loved it.  He would act like he was going to bite her paw, and Belle would "dare" him to do it.  Without breaking a stare, he would slowly and gently put her entire paw in his mouth, and she would go along with it, never losing eye contact -- They'd stay in that position with her paw in his mouth for the longest time.  then he would chase her.  He chased all the ferals, too when they'd come in the house and hang out.  But what he loved more than anything was when someone would chase HIM!  Belle would sometimes chase him.  That was Herbie's whole game -- chase the girls so they would chase him!

Sometimes, if Herbie was snuggling with me on the couch, Belle would climb up on me and squeeze between Herbie and me to push him off the couch so it would be "her turn" -- and he would always let her.  He tried it a few times with her, and she was insulted. 

I miss them both so much.  It will be two years April 27th for Belle and 8 weeks for Herbie this Wednesday night. 

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Now this is a fun thread; I so enjoy these.

What stands out most in my mind about Nicky wasn't really all that naughty, but shocking.  I had gotten home with my groceries one day and put most of the bags on the floor at first.  Then I preceeded to put them away and quite a while later I realized I couldn't find the potpouri I bought.  I walked around the house and instead of Nick being on his perch looking out the window as I had thought he was behind the couch eating it!!!  He ate about 1/3 bag of cinnamon potpouri.  I was shocked and called the vet immediately.  He said it wouldhn't hurt him and I believe I gave him something like pepto bismol and the vet was right.  He didn't get sick or anything but he had fresh breath that was for sure.  It really scared me.

 12/29/93 - 12/28/06

Casey's situation was definately naughty.  He was chewing on a bone outside the den one day (Or at least that's what I thought)  By the time I checked, he had chewed a half dollor size hole in the carpet right down to the floor.  All I can figure is one of my grandkids must have spilled something because they had been there all day and he's always looking for food.  Another thing he does that isn't naughty but scary is the other day he got into the lower level of the cat perch and jumped from it on my desk.  He also likes to lay on the back of the couch because it's not up against a wall and he can see down the hall.  Well, he was running into the living room, jumped on the couch and then jump on the back of it.  He was going so fast he jumped right off the back!  How he didn't get hurt at 12 lbs. I have no idea.  He's just a little too wild for his own good, but boy does he make us laugh!!!

 Casey  01/05/07

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This is kind of long, but it is one of the more memorable stories of a bird's abiliity to get themselves in trouble.

This is an old, true, cautionary Christmas story with a happy ending.   Back in 1976 I had a white cockatiel named Casper.   He had been a hand-fed baby and hated other birds.  He, of course, considered himself a person.   He was the love of my life.   He was almost always free to fly.  He followed me all over the house and treated my shoulder like a mobile piece of furniture.  He ate off our dishes and told everyone who would listen that “Casper is a friendly ghost – birds can’t talk!”  Christmas day was a favorite time for Casper because of the abundance of wrapping paper to chew up.


On this particular Christmas day he was wandering around chewing on everything when my stepdaughter unwrapped a small votive candle in her stocking and decided to light it.  (You may guess where this is going.)   Casper was walking along on top of the long stereo cabinet where the candle was.   No one actually saw this happen, but he must have made a U-turn in his stroll and the tip of his tail passed through the candle flame.   Unbeknownst to all of us, including Casper, he had set himself on fire.  


I looked up and saw this odd, moving orange glow, but without my contacts in, I didn’t recognize what I was seeing at first.   Suddenly, I realized that my baby was on fire!   The flames had crawled up his tail, ignited his wing tips and grown to 6 inches high, but he had no clue there was a problem.  He just kept on walking along.   I made an instantaneous decision that his life must be saved at all costs!   I screamed (probably not the best part of my reaction) and dove for him.   He was about 5 feet away and my intention was to smother the flames with my bare hands.   About the same time, others in the room saw what was going on and pandemonium got under way.   


With all the commotion, Casper got scared and decided to fly away.   He took off like a wounded duck with all of us in hot pursuit to both save him and make sure he didn’t burn the house down.  Miraculously, the first flap of his wings blew the fire out!   When he flared out his burned tail stubs to land on the back of a chair, he overshot and crashed down on the seat like a shot-up WW II bomber.   I scooped him up and discovered that his entire tail and the ends of his wing feathers had been completely burned off right up to his bodyline.   He smelled like a singed pillow and looked like a parakeet born with French molt, but there was not a mark on him.   Only his pride was injured.   He was mad at me for a week because he thought I had cut his tail off.   The house reeked of burning feathers all day, but we had a joyous celebration.   For a while Casper flew like he’d been fitted with cement leg bands, but eventually he molted the burned feather stumps and became his sleek, mobile self again.


Casper has been dead for many years – he died of a heart attack or some such at the age of 14, but his memory and the story of his brush with combustion live on.

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I'm in a nostalgic mood today, so I'm glad for this thread.

My Molly Schnauzer Girl was a real sweetheart; never had a naughty bone in her body, or so we thought. When we'd travel in the motorhome, her dry food went into a container that I simply put on the seat of the dining bench. This worked fine for years and she never bothered it. A couple of years ago, we stopped at an rv dealership and went inside, leaving Miss Molly alone--we'd done it a million times. When we came out an hour later, we discovered her food container upside down on the floor under the table, completely empty!! It had had about 2 pounds of kibble in it. Although it was Saturday, I called our vet immediately. They said it would be fine. That night, when she laid down on the bed, she could barely breathe; all I could think of was bloat. During the night, she threw up in our bed, and she could breathe easier. After that, we always had to lock up the container in the bathroom when we left her alone. She loved to eat.

Cricket, my wirehair fox terrier, loved to go to the lake. They had a riding stable there and many bridle paths. One Saturday, I accidently got onto one of the bridle paths; Crick found a pile of horse poop, and she downed it before I could stop her. I stuck my hand in her mouth and excavated as much as possible. YUCK!~!

Cleo, my first cat ever, loved to eat tinsel off the Christmas tree.

Another cat I had as a teen, loved to ambush me and shred my nylons.

My Norwegian Elkhound, Pandy, chewed the corner off the coffee table and a whole in the drywall by the front door the first and only time she was in heat.

Lila Mae Elkhound loved to take books out of our many bookcases and shred the pages; she would also rip the covers away from the binding. She had a paper fetish: any newspaper or Kleenix left out was ripped into shreds. Thank heavens, she outgrew that habit!

I miss my Bridge babies today.
Molly's Mom

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For the people who missed this. I would like to write about my Neko, he was our sweet little devil. Our little monster but also our baby....
When we brought him home he was so naughty... hahaha, he used to "climb" on my husband's legs all the way to the top. One time he was behind the computer and guess what? he go stuck in between the cables. There is like ten different one and somehow he managed to get in there. He looked like a puppet haging in there... we wanted to help him and he was biting and scrathing... Later when Neko was older he used to go outside and often he brought us some presents... a bag of bread... and sometimes a mouse. One time I put some clothes to wash in the kitchen, I don't remember exactly what we were doing but then after a few minutes I go again to the kithcenand what do I see. Neko was sleeping in his bed with part of my underwear!!! So naughty he was...
Ahhh how much we miss him... I just can't stop thinking of him.
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Neko our clown

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Well, Baby Bunz did some naughty things, but this one was embarassing. One night while watching t.v., I noticed that once again the picture was very, very, fuzzy. Being a cable customer, this happens too often. I made a not so nice phone call to cable, and demanded a tech. come out to find the problem. Next day the tech, arrives and I told him I was sick of paying for lousy service. He did some investigating and came out from behind the entertainment center with a cable that had been chewed nearly clean through. He pointed at Baby Bunz, who was sitting innocently next to me on the couch and said, "I think you need to have a talk with your little fuzzball sitting there". Luckily he had a good sense of humor. I sent him away with an apology, and some home made cookies.

      Jacki, Baby Bunz Mommy


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Dear Jacki, what a funny story about your Baby Bunz. It mande me smile. He was such a cute naughty little thing...
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

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Maya was a Lab mix so she was always hungry.

One night I heard what sounded like the door of her food bin closing.  I noticed that Maya was not in the living room with me.

I very quietly snuck into the family room where her food and bowl were located and caught her standing right in front of the food bin.  The door to the food bin was closed. 

Maya was staring straight ahead at it. 

I looked at her for a moment and said, "Maya, what are you doing?"  She turned and looked at me and swallowed. 

I had caught her red handed with a mouth full of food that she had been chewing!

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Great stories everyone!

Okay, one night about 10PM my Max (who necer chewed anything!!!) got into a basket of seashells that my10 year old son left on the floor and ate a starfish!  I called the ER vet who told me that I would have to pump Max's stomach with a turkey baster in order to prevent the spines from hurting his intestines.  So they walked me through the process using hydrogen peroxide.  I was so upset to have to do this but more afraid of what would happen if I didn't do it.  It worked quickly and like a charm, but after that, evertime I cooked a turkey or a roast and took out the baster, poor Max would run and hide!

He also once opened a big tub (bigger than him!) of treats and dumped them on the floor and began eating them in a frenzy!  He thought he had struck gold!  Of course, we caught him and ruined his feast!

Oh wow...I really miss his funny little self!


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