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So it's been one week today that my beloved Jax went to be with the angels. I still miss him and still cry every night that he's not snuggled up with me in bed.
But now I'm left with a bit of grief and guilt as well as anger.
Jax was hit by a car but was found by our neighbors. My mom had seen him 2 hours before when he took off to chase a bird. When Jax got out of the house he always came home and he never wandered more then a house or two. He was 6 years old and I had adopted him as a stray. It's hard to break an old habit. But the street he got hit on is a block down the street and a block over. Jax has never done this. And even my neighbors have all said they are so surprised about where he was found. But what angers me more is that nobody took the time to stop after hitting him to contact us. Jax was collared and tagged with information to get a hold of us. 

I am angry that someone could hit an animal and not check to see if there was anything they could do....whether that be taking it to the vet hospital or if it was too late to check for a collar to see if family can be contacted. I just could never hit an animal and keep on driving without making some sort of attempt to help. I know there is nothing that can be done. It is what it is at this point. But what would you do if you accidentally hit an animal in the street? Would you stop or keep on driving? Do I have a right to be angry with this person even though I know they didn't mean to hit him?

I love you and miss you! You don't even know how hard it is to go on without you. But I know that you are with your sister watching over me! xoxo


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First, let me tell you how very sorry I am to hear about the loss of your precious Jax.  Losing our babies is so hard, and when it's something tragic like what happened to Jax, it makes it that much harder. 

To answer your question, I have a story for you.  I hit a cat once years ago. He was a beautiful black cat and he ran out into the street right in front of my car.  I didn't even have time to brake.  He ran off into the darkness.  But I did not drive away.  I pulled over and searched for an hour for that cat.  I knew he had to be nearby.  I was so worried about him and was afraid I wasn't going to ever find him.  I finally found him up in a tree (he was "calling" to me) and he came to me, as if he knew I wanted to help him.  He was just beautiful and so sweet, and he was fine thank God.  I took him to my vet and left my name and number for them to contact the owner.  He did not have a collar but I was told he was micro-chipped.  I offered to pay his vet bill too.  His owners were found right away and they contacted me immediately, much to my surprise and relief.  They were so blown away that I did what I did that they forgave the vet bill, which was only a consultation thank God.  The vet's office did not charge a boarding fee - very nice of them!  They also thanked me and told me he was ok.  I can't remember the kitty's name, but he was just precious, and I'll never forget him.  I kept in contact with his owners for a little while until they moved to Ohio.  They were wonderful people. 

I, like you, do not understand why there are so many horrible, uncaring people in this world.  It just makes me sick to my stomach.  I'm so so sorry you had to go through this pain.  I hope you know that no matter what, your Jax loves you and is with you always.  God Bless him.  You're in my prayers and thoughts during this difficult time.

Many hugs to you.

Gerlie (Gypsy and Luna's forever mom)

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I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet Jax, he looks like such a sweet, lovable boy.  The anger you describe is totally justified and I would feel the same way if that had happened to one of my furbabies. Anger is just one of the many stages of grief that we go thru when we are dealing with the loss of a beloved furbaby. I know I was angry too but I was more angry at myself feeling like we should have waited a few more days before putting my sweet Peanut to sleep but I am now slowly realizing that she was a really sick girl and it needed to be done why prolong her suffering more than we already probably had?  I can't believe the person that hit Jax would just run him over and not stop to check to see if they could do anything or at least call you the owner to say an accident had occurred. I do believe it was probably an accident but still NO WAY could I ever do that and just drive off.  When I was a teenager I thought I had hit a possum in the road and I felt horrible, one of those ugly old possums but it was A living thing and I felt horrible. I drove back around and he was gone..turns out he played possum but that he was fine. I never did feel a bump or anything, I think he rolled or ran under the car and got scared himself.  So anyways yes I wish there was some way you could fine the driver but I am sure as you said it is probably a mute point now.  Jax was a very loved kitty and he knew that and he loved you.  He is now safe and happy at the Bridge and was greeted by all of our furbabies as well.  Take care of yourself, I am so so sorry.



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Thank you Karen and Gerlie.
I know I get upset when I accidentally run over squirrels. I even cried the first time. It was so horrible. I just don't enjoy killing things even by accident. One time we saw this car hit this dog in front of us and even my mom pulled over to try and help the people who hit him. I was only little at the time but my mom got a blanket from her car and they laid it in the back of this person's SUV and my mom and the two other people lifted the dog in the car to take to the vet. This dog wandered on a 4 way intersection so needless to say the people couldn't avoid hitting him but atleast they took the time to try and help him. My mom asked them to call her so they know what happened and it turned out the owners were contacted and the dog survived thanks to everyone who took quick action to get the dog help.
I am sure for my Jax it was too late. My mom who went to check (she knew she couldn't bare to tell me in case it wasn't him) said to her it appeared he went quickly. I don't know if she was saying that just to not upset me or if she really believes that based on what she saw. However I do know my boys collar was right w/ him with our numbers that could of been easily called to inform us of the accident. I am not mad at this person I am just mad that they perhaps made no attempts to help him or us by letting us know.
I def. know my baby is up in heaven looking over me. But I am horrified that he died the way he did. All pets deserve to die peacefully in their homes or in their loved one's arms. None should have to go alone :( I thought having to lay my Kira down in December would be hard but this is by far a pain like no other.

For my baby


A week has past and the pain remains,

Of the thought of never seeing you again.

No last goodbyes no kiss on the head,

No cuddling next to you while lying in bed.

It still hard to believe that your gone forever,

And that we will no longer be with each other.

I can't bring myself to tell you goodbye,

Because the thought of doing so only makes me cry.

So instead I will say, "until we meet again"

Forever in my heart you'll be until the end.


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I live up a winding 2 lane road. One day I was on my way out for the evening. there was a beautiful black medium sized long haired dog running down the middle of th road. This was at night. I tried to get to her. I called I made about 20 illegal uturns and stops and blocked traffic trying to get this dog. She was terrified and when I would stop she would turn the other way and run. She ran in the middle of the road and I was several miles up the mountain. This went on for what seemed like hours, but I doubt it was one. I finally had some food andI got out of my car as shewas running in the same direction as me. I got down on my knees I held out the food I begged and pleaded with her. She stopped looked at me and with sheer utter terror in her eyes ran the other way, as she was rounding the bend I got up and I screamd at her "Please, Dog Please your gonna get killed!!!Please stop!!!" Sure screaming at her was not going to help, but she was already running so fast and was going around the bend again. This is with cars honking and screaching all the while and me in the middle of the road at times. So, she disapeared around the bend and I jumped into my car(I had tried keeping up with her on foot, but no way) I made another illegal uturn on a turn and I heard a screach and I mad another turn and I saw her lifeless body. I could tell before I got out of my car she was gone. I got out and movred the little well medium sized lifeless body out of the road and removed her color. I could not see to write down a number. I drove sobbing hysterical back to my house and saw that her name was Sage. I called the number and told the man on the other end of the phone the terrible news. He said that she was his parents dog and he had no idea how she got that far from home or what she was doing out. I hung up after telling him how sorry I was and where she was located. I saw her poor little body for 2 days after that. I would have done something but I thought they were going to get her. Real sad, so sad poor dog was so scared. I mean before I was trying to catch her. Sucks.
So in answer to your anger. Yes be angry, very angry. People(not all) are such (I can't say it on this site) .
I am so sorry for your loss. Don't let the stupidity and ignorance of one peice of.........spoil the memories of your cat.

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Firstly I have to say that I am very sorry over your loss of Jax.   It is an absolute horrible way to loose a fur baby.  My Hank was hit by a truck on our street in front of my house 3 months ago.  I crossed the street looking for him, stopped to talk to my neighbor, and he ran out onto the street trying to get to me.  The truck didn't even stop.  Kids who saw it (I had my back turned towards my neighbor) came running to our house immediatly, and my husband ran out to see Hank.  He was still alive, but with head injuries that were non life sustainable.  It was the hardest drive I ever had to do to get him to the vet to end his pain.  If the kids didn't come right away, we wouldn't have found him until later.  My only blessing is that we were able to be with him when he was sent to the Rainbow bridge.

I am very angry at the driver for not stopping.  He took my baby boy away from me, just when he was having the chance to live.  I am trying to forgive, but it is tough, since the man who killed my cat lives down the street.  It takes every bit of my will power to not go down and punch him in the nose!  One day, I may forgive, but will never forget.  This being said, please focus on the good memories of your little Jax cat.  He was a true beauty, and you had 6 years of really good memories.  Someday, when you look back, these memories will make you smile through tears, just like Hank's memories do for me.

People (some anyway) dont' give a rats !@# about the streets they drive on, or things that run into your path.  They drive too fast without being aware.  That day, it was my cat.  What if it was someone elses one year old?

Posts: 540
What a beautiful poem you wrote for Jax, it brought tears to my eyes. Again, I am so very sorry for your tragic loss of your baby boy. I would hold on to what your Mom said that he died fast and felt no pain. I think in many cases when animals are hit by cars it does usually happen pretty quickly. I do hope that in time you are able to find some peace. Perhaps you will be ready to get another kitty some day to honor Jax and to share your love with another??

LoudPurring- what a horrible story you shared.  I feel so bad you had to go thru that but I also commend you for taking the time to do everything you could to try to save the dog. As I was reading I was hoping there was a good ending and that you were able to save the black dog but the poor thing was hit and then for the son's owner or the owners for that matter never came to pick up her body and you had to see it on the side of the road for days. Oh how aweful that people who call themselves pet owners can't go and retrieve their beloved companion but leave them on the side of the road?? That just sickens me that people are so uncaring. They certainly weren't true animal lovers like all of us here and I guess we should feel sorry for them or something.

Take care.


Posts: 555
Of course you have every right to be very angry at the person who hit your sweet baby.
Some people have no feelings and sadly that is just a part of the world in which we live.
You love Jax with all your heart and gave your heart to him when you rescued him and gave him a loving home.
That is what he took with him to Rainbow Bridge.
He took the love and the warmth of your home and a piece of your heart with him.
He left behind with you all of the warm memories and all of the unconditional love he gave you knowing that would help you to heal one day.
The one thing that our loves would never want is for us to dwell on the sad end but rather to make the world a better place because of all the wonderful memories and love we shared and the lessons of life they taught us.
When you have been able to work through the anger then it will be time to use life lessons learned from Jax to make life better for another.
Weather that will ever be one you take into your home and heart and only you can make that decision or just one you show kindness and love to in honor of your Jax only time and circumstances will tell.
Whatever happens in the future I am sure that Jax will have a paw in it and you will follow his lead and your heart.
One thing of which I am very sure is that Jax will guide your every foot step till the day you see him run to your arms at Rainbow Bridge.
Love and Peace,

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