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Nearly one week had passed since my most treasured and beloved friend had passed on. Her name was Tsunami; named after those tragic tsunami's in asia in 2004. She was born that day, and it had been flooding here. My neighbor had almost lost her from drowning and every day from then on I spent with her by my side. Threw the bad times but mostly threw all the fun and beautiful days.

All of the memories I have of her are so happy. She was probably the happiest dog in the whole world. I swear, every time she entered the room it was like she was glowing with such joy and happiness. I couldn't help but to laugh at her silly moments, and just like she was by my side threw the tough emotional times, I was with her by her side threw everything.

She was my shadow, my partner in crime, my best friend, we were always connected by the hip and hardly ever separated [never for more then a few hours a day]

What happened on the ninth changed my world forever. We were taking our favorite walk together down this beautiful dog walk. There was a cool breeze and it was after sunset. She was jumping around and wagging her tail like it was the most amazing walk she's ever taken, [even though we've been down the trail a million times] We were nearing the end of the dog walk, as we were passing another couple walking their young pup. I nodded and said hello, and in a blink of an eye the hardest and longest hour of my life happened.

She just dropped, fell to the floor in convulsion's, instantly I knew it was a seizure but I stood in disbelief saying "Come on Na' What are you doing?". The couple walking the dog both were registered nurses and came to my side instantly.. doing the best they could to help as I began to scream for help, my sister running to get my parents. The nurse picked up Na with ease and told me we had no time to wait.

We ran to their car and tried so hard to rush to a vet hospital. I had no idea but there was only ONE 24 hour vet hospital in all of las vegas, it was after 7pm so all the rest were closed. And my luck the only open vet was about an hours drive away. All I could do was hold her, and whisper to her that I loved her and that it'll be alright. That there was nothing that could possibly happen to her. She was young and energetic.

Right as we pulled into the vet, she stopped breathing. That's when it felt like I had also. Like I was hit by a speed car head on. The man driving asked if I wanted to take her into the vet, or just bring her home. I whispered 'home' because thats where she belonged. She belonged with me, in our happy home, together.

The ride home was a blur, I guess I had began to hyperventilate so bad that I fell into a bad sort of shock where I couldn't move, talk, or hardly even breathe. My dad had to pretty much pry my away from her. I just refused to believe my angel and best friend was gone. When I was able to move again I went back out there, thanked those kind people who had helped me, and just went back to hug and kiss my lifeless baby.

I thought about it really hard, and decided that she deserved to have a nice funeral. We took her to the only pet cemetery in the city, where she was cremated and treated with more respect then I ever imagined. It took until friday when I was able to bring her ashes home with me. I placed her near my bed, where I can see her and be with her all of the time. I hung up her memorial the cemetery gave me. With the rainbow bridge poem, her paw print, and some of her fur nicely put together.

Every night since I've lit a candle in her memory, I know she'll never be truly 'gone' I feel her everywhere. Her warmth, and happy go lucky attitude. Today was my birthday and I swear she was in the cool breeze, the warm sun, and crystal clear sky.

Thank you for all of those who took the effort to read this, even if it was a bit long. I'm still grieving and at a loss of what to do anymore. But I know I can find all of the support in the world I could ever wish for here.

Nami, I love you more then anything, and I cannot wait for that day to come, when we can be in each others hold again. Thank you for all the fun times, and for saving my life more times then I could even count.

Love forever,
Your best friend - Heather.

Dec. 28th, 2004 - Jun. 9th, 2008.

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So sorry for the loss of Nami.  You are still in shock, everything happened so fast for you.  You haven't had time to register it.  My Rupert had been sick for 14 months and I knew he was on borrowed time but I was still in shock for the longest time.  It is 20 weeks since he has been gone, today.  I did a post here last night. I had him for 15 years and I miss him every day.  Be kind to yourself and take each day at a time.  It will take a while. Each person grieves differently.  Four years is not very long but long enough to get very attached and become your best companion.  That you will miss and the way it all happened.

Happy birthday for today and know his spirit is around you and in your heart.  No one can take that away.

Ruperts Mum.

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I am so sorry for your loss. You must be so devistated. I wish I could say something to help you, but I can't.


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Dearest Heather,
I just read your post about your sweet baby Nami and could feel the love through each word you wrote.
A love like that will live in your heart forever and one day more as will your Nami.
You have a special bond that can never be broken.
She will be your guardian angel now and watch over you from Rainbow Bridge till the day comes that you can be together once again.
What a blessing that will be to have such a special precious angel taking care of you always.
Something that you wrote touched my very deeply and reminded me of a poem I wrote some time ago so I will post the poem here especially for you.
"Every night since I've lit a candle in her memory, I know she'll never be truly 'gone' I feel her everywhere. Her warmth, and happy go lucky attitude. Today was my birthday and I swear she was in the cool breeze, the warm sun, and crystal clear sky."

My prayers are with you that you find peace and comfort from all of the wonderful memories you share with Nami and that she will guide your path so that you will always have love in your life.
Love and peace,




If tomorrow never comes then we had yesterday.
If we never have one more moment we have our memories.
If time stands still and there are no more words to say.
You will hear me calling you in the softness of the breeze.


Listen to your heart and you will feel me there.
Deep within your soul i will stay with you.
Thoughts of me will keep you warm I will be everywhere.
No matter where you go my love will always be true.


If tomorrow never comes then i will wait for you my friend.
Just beyond the rainbow where there is not a care.
Of one thing you can be sure there will never be an end.
One day you will come and find me waiting there.


So look beyond the rainbow and hear me softly say.
There is no need for all those tears my love.
We shall be together forever and one day.
Until then i shall watch you from above.


I will hold you in my heart and never let you go.
I will guide your every footstep along life's way.
Then one day i will run to your waiting arms and you will know.
This is our time and you may come and stay.

 ┬ęKathy Hayes aka  AurichWolf aka Katie  2007



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Dear Heather

I am so terribly sorry for the sudden loss of your Nami.   She is such a beautiful girl.  I know how much you miss her.   Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kate (Gus' mom)

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Wow, every emotion, every feeling, every thought you explained in your post is exactly what I went through and are still going through when my beautiful Dalmatian, Jesse was struck down at nearly 13 years of age with not only a heart condition but then seizures. We are still at a loss to know what caused the seizures, as I'm sure you are. Did you ask your vet what it could have been? For such a young dog, was she bitten by a snake or something like that? If it were epilepsy, normally the fit ends and then the dog returns to normal, so I'm not sure what happened to your Nami.

I know this must be tearing you apart - Losing my Jesse has completely shaken up my world.I admire the fact that you've been able to put her spirit next to you and other beautiful memories. I'm not yet able to do it for my girl. My mum has her at home and even though the crematorium kept some of her fur for me, I'm still not emotionally up to collecting it. I feel so mean on one hand, but I just can't deal with it right now.

Rest easy with the knowledge that you did everything you could to save her and that she went to the bridge doing what she loved - being with you and being free. Some of our pets don't get that chance due to long illnesses. She knows you loved her through thick and thin - you were her blessing just as she was yours.

My thoughts are with you and Nami.

Jesse's Mum


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Dear Heather

I too have no words of comfort for you.  I dont know what to say.  Your girl is just so beautiful, the pain you must feel unbearable.  The only thing I can say is, those 2 people who helped you, must be some kind of angels, they were in the right place when you so needed support.  At least you were not alone.  You must be in such total shock.  I am so sorry, much love Di xxx

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Dear Heather, Sending you my deepest condolences on the sudden and tragic loss of your little girl Nami.   I know the pain and disbelief that are enveloping you now, and I know that it takes a lot of effort to make it through the day.   With this kind of grief,  one can only take things one day at a time, take your time to mourn her at your own pace, in your own way.   Please know that now that Nami is at the Rainbow Bridge, she is full of vigor again, running, playing, and getting into mischief.  The only thing missing from her life is you, but she knows and believes that you two will be reunited one  day.  Hold on to that thought, as it is the truth.   Wishing you comfort in the numerous and wonderful memories  you have of your little sweetheart. Hugs from Houston, MsSavion


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Dear Heather,

I am at a loss for words, and can't really see what I am typing because the tears are just falling.  My heart goes out to you on your loss.  I sincerely hope that you allow yourself the time you need to grieve the loss of your Nami.

It sounds like she had a wonderful life since meeting you.  And that's a wonderful tribute to your love.  Please continue to come here and post because even though you are in tremendous pain you can find some comfort here if only for a few moments now.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Dear Heather,

Your post about your beloved Tsunami is heartbreaking, I am so very sorry that you lost her so suddenly, without warning, so young.

I wish there were comforting words for you, but I know there aren't any.  You have lost your cherished partner and companion, your furchild, and I don't think there is anything more painful or shocking.  One never imagines a day lived without our precious ones, and when it happens the sadness is tremendous.  We know how sad it is.

Know that your little girl, Nami is waiting until your work is done here, and she will meet you with such joy.  She's left you with precious memories and her love, and those are treasures to hold on to.

With deepest sympathy,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

Posts: 27
Dear Heather,

I can understand how heartbroken you are and I'm so very sorry.

I do believe from the bottom of my heart that you will see your precious doggie again. 

Meanwhile, it hurts so much.  But think how much you loved her during her short life and how much she loved you.  You wouldn't trade those four years for anything would you.

I'm so terribly sorry.


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Sorry about the loss of your best friend. Take care.


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Dear Heather, I am so very sorry for your loss of Nami, I am in tears as I write this as your story just broke my heart as I feel every ounce of your pain.  I lost my sweet beagle one year ago on Thursday although today feels like the day as it was on a Tuesday two days after Father's Day. My connection with Peanut was spiritual, one of a kind the same as you had with Nami and when that leaves your life it is very painful and very hard to learn how to go on without that in your life anymore.  Nami knew you loved her and she loved you and her wonderful life with you. She is no longer with you in the physical sense but she made you the caring person you are and she will always be a part of your heart and soul. Our lives are made so much better by experiencing the love we shared with our babies. Yes the pain is indescribable but it is worth it, I wouldn't change a thing with my sweet Peanut. I love the picture of Nami what a sweetie pie she was and such sweet soulful eyes.  Please take care and hang in there and we all share your pain and are here for you.



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Oh Heather,

I really just don't know what to say.....I am so so sorry....I am crying for you and I am crying for your Nami...a sweet little baby taken too soon...oh my, what  a shock for you....I just really don't know what to say, I am lost for words. I am sending you so much comfort Heather. Please lean on us. Life just isn't fair is it?? Try to take each minute as it comes, each second. We are all here for you

Love Nuggetsmum Alana

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Dear Heather,
I'm sorry for the loss of your Nami, she was such a gorgeous girl. What a terrible experience you had. My two fur-babies also passed away all of a sudden, so I understand how you must be feeling. My prayers for you in this difficult times,
Diana, Jessie and Neko's mom.

Posts: 19

My heart reaches out to you.  I wish there was a way to mend your broken heart, to make it not hurt so much. Your baby was beautiful and I am sure she loved you as much as you have shown you love her.  All of us here have been graced with understanding that relationship but have also known the devastation of the loss so please remember you are not alone and we are here to share and care.  For me it has been 46 days since my Maya crossed the bridge.  Always in my heart, always in my soul.
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