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My dog Rizzo has been gone now for a little over two months, for those who haven’t read my other post, I had to put her down suddenly because of kidney failure. I missed her symptoms and by the time I &
got her to the vet the kidney failure was too far to do anything about. She was diagnosed on a Wednesday & I had to put her down the following Monday.

The grief I feel is so physically heartbreaking and at times feels unbearable. I’m able to make it though the day, but night time is by far the hardest. I feel her missing the most when my brain has time to rest & I just start sobbing. I miss her so much & I feel like the people around me expect me to “be over it”. I’m not married, I don’t have kids, and Rizzo was my companion. How do I just get over it? I loved her more than most humans & she definitely spent more time with me than most people in my life.

I feel like I dont have any support. I feel like I’m going crazy because I’m so heartbroken. She’s gone & it’s over...I’ll never see her again & I can’t stop crying...

How do I cope with these feelings? Does it ever get better???

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I am so sorry for your loss. I too am grieving the loss of my dear Chesney. It has only been a few weeks and like you I function during the day but nights are hard. I do have another dog and that has helped me a lot. However she is grieving too. I am having guilt that I put her down too soon. She was 17 and declining but I could have given her more time I believe.  I do believe we will see them again. I can't imagine heaven without my sweet Chesney. I will pray for your peace. I know when I got Chesney 17 years ago I had just put down my 17 year old poodle. It helped me to heal when I got Chesney. When you feel that you can I do believe getting another dog will help. One thing I am trying to focus on is that the only way to avoid this pain is to never know the intense love and companionship we had with our fur babies.

Take care,

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3 weeks ago I lost by Angel Otto. Even though he was going to be 16 years old this month and he has declined over the last few months.. it was sudden.. he was still enjoying his food and all his walks. That night, we want for walk before bed and then i noticed his back legs suddenly became really week. We went back home and I gave him pain medication thinking it was his arthritis. But it didn't, it got worse really fast and we rushed emergency hospital. He had suffered a massive stroke and they said there is nothing they could do. They only gave us a couple hours to.say our goodbyes. This has been a very traumatic experience. I still believe he has lots of life in him, if this didn't happen... I go through my work day, but once I get home I start crying. I miss him and not sure when it will get better. I also can't get the images out of my head from that night. I had him half my life. Next week.we ate going to pick up his urn. And I just can't imagine how I'm going to go through that..

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jenkra I'm very sorry for your loss, and I know the pain you all are going through.  I lost my sweet boy, George, just two weeks ago, it happened so fast, and I second-guessed my decision over and over in my mind.  I left a message for the vet to call me a few days later, just to try to clear my head about my decision and she called me back, she reassured me that George would not have gotten much better had I taken the option of giving fluids at home, and trying to get him to eat and drink.  He was in a lot of pain, suffering with kidney failure, and she said it was the right thing to do, even though it is hard to feel that.  

Like jlkfnp, I had George after I lost another cat 12 years ago, and I never thought I could go through that heartache again.  It doesn't get easier, but I think we have to know that they are with us for a short time and during that time we give them all our love and we get so much in return.

Mariab, I picked up George's ashes yesterday, it was difficult, told myself I wouldn't cry until I got home, but I couldn't stop the tears as I barely whispered to the girl at the desk why I was there.  His little wooden box was so beautiful, and there was his little paw print, and I felt some relief that he is now home.

I do appreciate having other people to talk to who feel the same, we are never alone even though the loss and grief can feel overwhelming.  I pray for your hearts to heal and your minds to be at ease with time.

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The one thing that makes me feel better is thinking that I gave him the best life ever. He had an amazing, long , beautiful life. And I'm you can say the same about your fur babies. And I hope that thought will give you some comfort too.

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Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel.
I lost my girl to kidney failure nearly 3 months ago.
It was a quick diagnosis. She was fine one day, sick the next and find the day following. I still beat myself up about not picking it up sooner...

I was the same, crying daily, not functioning properly. She was my everything. My baby girl. She did everything with me and followed me everywhere. Whenever I am alone, I find myself thinking of her and crying endlessly.

I have another older dog who is 6 (my girl was only 4 ) and she was pining for her just as much as I was as was my daughter.
My husband found a puppy 3 weeks ago and although I wasn't ready and still at times feel like it's the wrong time, have managed to open my heart a little to the new guy in our lives.
My older dog has stopped pining, my daughter is a lot happier and he brings me moments of joy.
It doesn't take away the pain of loosing my baby girl and he definitely hasn't replaced her, but he has helped to fill that void in our lives.
I still cry for my girl daily, but I feel that I can now function that little bit easier each day.

I hope you are able to eventually experience a little joy in your life soon. Just know that it does get better.
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