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Friends, I just crossed over the one month mark since I brought SilverCloud and Rowdy to their new forever home.  Most of this has been pure joy....but not so much last night!

As I was putting little Rowdy back in his kennel to go to bed last night, wily SC, uncharacteristically, bolted for the outside kennel door and was gone!  This was in the dark, woods all around, and he just disappeared!  Of course, I panicked, calling for him and promising him treats if he would just come back.  Those of you who know the breed know that I may as well have been saying that he should just keep going.....Huskies come back if and when they darn well feel like it. 

Sharon came out and got the car to start driving up and down the road in hopes of seeing him somewhere.  I started off on foot with the flashlight and leash, praying that Luke and Lil help me to find him and bring him home.  He does have tags and identification, but if he were to cross over to a busy highway, that wouldn't keep him from getting hit by a car.  Of course, I feared that the worst would happen, and I'd never see him again.

About 2 minutes later, I heard Sharon honking the horn on the car.  She was stopped up the road, two houses up.  I saw SC standing at the end of the driveway looking at her....she calmly got out of the car, opened up the back door, and he jumped right in!!  SC does so love his car rides!!!!

I'm still kicking myself for letting my guard down, but thanking God and my Luke and Lil for helping me to get him back!  Extra anti-escape options are already in place or in planning.  Once again.....WHEW!!!  Rick

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Ughhh! That was scary! I am glad he's back without trouble and unharmed.

Take care,

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Very glad your story has a happy ending!  Seems like SC wants to be in charge!!  I hope he enjoyed his short journey.



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Glad he has returned home. I remember things like that happening with my 2 huskies Zacky and Dakota. Once they start running, they are gone. It happened once when we live in the Caribbean, they thought they were wolves and wanted to shoot them. I'll bet you will be on your toes from now on, best of luck.


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So glad this had a happy ending.  What a scare..and I've been there before myself.  Kyrie (now at the bridge) was the best at running past whoever was coming in or out the door.  You had to be on your toes at all times.  Once out, she would run and couldn't catch her.  I finally learned "she'll come back", and she always did.  But a few times we had some close calls.

Glad SC was willing to go for a ride...seems like I did that alot with Kyrie too.


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Glad that SC is safe!!!


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Rick, I know what you were going through.  Just a few hours after we brought EmmyLou home, she got out of the fenced in area.

Unknown to us, in the back part of the property, a tree had blown down during a storm, right on the fence.  Naturally she went through.  I figured this was the last time we would ever see her.  Beagles are known for taking off!!!! 

As I was trudging through the woods, she came to me; also unusual for a Beagle. 

Needless to say, we escaped proofed the fence!!!
Glad you had a happy ending.


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