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On sunday, i lost my dog tobi who was about to turn 19 years old in november. I miss him so much but cant help but feel guilty for putting him down. there was 3 injections that the vet used on my baby. the first one which i think was a pain killer really caught me off guard. we were petting him after the shot then all of a sudden he started crying and barking, it broke my heart so much knowing he was in distress his last few moments. then he went limp and was staring into space, the vet told me it is like he is feeling drunk and this was fairly normal (about the crying and barking - i would describe it more as a scream), but i didnt believe him. We said our goodbyes to tobi but i am not sure if he was even there. Tobi had arthritis and dementia. He could barely walk and stay upright the last week of his life. the day before i put him in his room and he started to cry at the wall, something i have never seen him do before. For about 2 months i had never seen his tail wag or rarely, but on sunday when i opened the gate after coming into the house he wagged his tail at me which absolutely broke my heart, knowing he was going to be euthanized the same day. Did the pain killer or anasthesia the vet gave my dog cause him pain? and did he see me there with him after the anasthesia during the final shot? i was right infront of him the whole time but not during the 1st shot because they took him into a separate room, right after the first shot i went into the room and saw he was scared and shivering. So he only saw me before the 1st shot and after it. I feel so guilty for putting my life time friend down but I know he was in pain. Rest in peace my baby :'(

here are a few pictures of my baby:

the first one was when he was young (about 1), and when he was 17 in the smaller picture. the 2nd picture was the day of euthanasia


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Jolie, my Yorkie cried too for the first shot. She went to the bridge on Monday. She never cried for shots and never fussed
when she was being handled. It hurt me so bad to hear her cry. It was like she was saying she didn’t want to go.

I am so sorry for your loss as I am dealing with my recent loss too.

Hugs and healing vibes for you.


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My Tuffy cried too.  He was a small boy and they had a hard time finding his vein.  I was told to leave the room (my wife stayed with the vet and tech).  He was my boy, it really upset me to hear that.

Once they got him sedated it was okay.  He got up to go outside, and flopped down.  I picked him up and took my little buddy outside for the last time.  Walked around the yard and said our good-byes.  :-(

Toby was quiet when he was euthanized, 11 months later.  Tuffy was a fighter, the vet told us that she gave Toby just a fraction of what Tuffy had been given.  Toby just went to sleep.  

Love those boys forever.  This was 3 and 4 years ago, and we never forget.  Things do get easier in time, but a piece of our heart is gone.  Until we are reunited again.

Also though, a piece of their heart stays.  I dream of my boys often and have their dog tags on my key chain.  I often take these out when walking Ellie and Missy, when we are at the bridge where the boys had their ashes scattered.  

Tuffy, Toby, Ellie and Missy's Dad

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I am sorry for each of you. Euthanizing our pets is hard enough. Then the cry... it has to be heart breaking. I truly am sorry a horrible situation was made even tought.

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So sorry for those who had to hear their pets cry during euthanasia.😢😢😢
My dog was almost 18 when she was euthanized last month and was quiet thankfully.
Peace to you
Trixie's mom

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I have been with 4 of my dogs through euthanasia and all peaceful. On Sunday we had to say goodbye to our beautiful cat Matrix (his story is under another thread). He cried out twice during the first injection. I will never, ever forget that. It is one more thing that adds to your pain and lodges in your memory.

Hugs to everyone who experienced this during a very heartbreaking but loving choice we made for our furry ones Xx


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My dog, Reg, who I had euthanised today (it's discussed in anther post on this site), cried out when the sedation was administered. She was eating well, but was bony and little nonetheless. My other dog, Stan, who was euthanised January 2019 had a catheter popped into his leg and there was absolutely no distress. My vet today was extremely gentle and caring, but I wonder why they just don't use a catheter most of the time? No doubt the wail only lasted seconds if that before she became dopey, but it's something that's added to the horror of the day. It's not the only time I've observed pain during euthanasia.
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