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Hello everyone.  I’m finally back at my house but still find it very empty without Wizard, my best friend.  Him not being in the window as I come up the driveway, not greeting me at the door meowing as I come in, not sitting in my lap as I type this…..  Basically, for lack of a better word, it sucks!  I'll be going back to stay at my Mom's house again tonight or tomorrow for several more weeks or longer.  So, until I get internet there, I don't get on this much.  I'll be on today and tonight though!


As many of you know, I lost my best friend and companion of nearly 17 years on Wed, May 28th.  My wonderful, smart and talkative all white kitty (with 1 blue and one greenish/yellow eyes) passed at the Vets in my arms 4 months short of his 17th birthday.


The strange thing is, I had a bunch of SubQ fluids, special food and other medication left over after Wizard passed.  I could have returned them to the Vet, but I decided to donate them to a no-kill cat shelter.  So, I went online searching for one and tried to pick one I felt comfortable with.  I found one in Salisbury, MA about 30 minutes away on the highway.  So, as I looked on their site to get their address so I could stop by and drop off the medication and food, I saw a very cute and sweet looking kitty….  It was like Wizard directed me to her and was telling me “Here ya go Daddy, here’s a sweet little girl that needs a loving home….  I can’t think of a better home and daddy than being with you…”


I really wasn’t ready for another cat but a warm, relaxing feeling came over me that simply made it feel OK and like this was the kitty I was supposed to get!


So, I read the information about her and found she was 7 months old.  It said “If you come home after a long day at work and want someone to talk to, “Bandi” loves to listen!  And, when you are finished talking, she enjoys telling you a few stories of her own!”


One of the zillion things I loved so about Wizard was how he’s be happy to see me, talk to me,. Listen and then talk to me again!  So, Bandi sounded like she may do the same!


I still wasn’t sure if I was ready though.  So, I called the shelter and told them about the medication and food and asked if you would accept it.  They said YES!  Bring it down!  They said “Maybe you’ll find a kitty here to adopt too.”  I told them I wasn’t ready to be looking at new kitties yet but I did see a cute one on line from their shelter.  However, I said, I don’t think I’m ready to see her.  They told me that many of their kitties were in Foster Care and Bandi wasn’t at the shelter as she had a foster home until she gets adopted.


I told them OK, then I’ll be down tomorrow with the medication.


The next day came and I headed down to the shelter.  As I was dropping of the medication a nice girl came out and asked, Are you the man that just lost his kitty?  I said yes.  She said, didn’t you say you thought Bandi was cute?  I didn’t know but she’s getting over a little kitty cold and is here today, do you want to see her? 


I was stunned….  I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t sure, but I wanted to see her…  So, reluctantly I said, OK, maybe a quick peek.   So, they brought her out and she looked right over at me.  They passed her to me and she was adorable.  I said “Hi Bandi, how are you?”  And she Answered with a meow!  I said You are so sweet…  I just lost my kitty…..  She meowed and started purring and rubbing against me…..


I swear, Wizard had something to do with all this….


So, I filled out the adoption form and they said they’d get back to me in a few days…..    I went back to my Mom’s in Massachusetts….  Yesterday they called and said I was approved and I could pick up Bandi tomorrow (today).  So, I headed back to New Hampshire to cut the lawn at my place and get ready to get Bandi and bring her back to my Mother’s house with me in MA.   I felt so bad about getting another kitty and bringing her home to Wizards house without him being there…..  I didn’t want her to be a replacement.  But, after cutting the lawn and getting ready to head to the shelter, I got a call on my Cell phone.  It was the Emergency Vet’s where I had put Wizard to sleep and from where he was sent out to be cremated.   To my surprise, the call was to let me know that Wizard’s ashes were ready to be picked up!  So, I wouldn’t be bringing a new kitty back to Wizard’s house without him being here! 


It’s just so strange how everything is working out!


The strangest thing of all was, 3 night ago at my Mom’s, I was up late going through pictures of Wizard and listening to a few of our taped conversations.  I started to cry and I went outside for have a smoke.  It was about 1 AM and it was a starry sky.  I was crying and asking for Wizard’s forgiveness for putting him to sleep and hopping he understood…  I was asking if it was alright to get another kitty and if he’d forgive me….  I begged for a sign and nothing…..   I begged again and nothing…..  So, I finished my butt and got ready to head inside and I said, OK, I guess you can’t give me a sign but maybe someday you will.   Right then, a quick but beautiful shooting star streaked through the sky!  I think it was Wizard telling me he’s safe, he loves me and it’s OK to get the cute kitten he seems to have helped me find!


I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy and reading too much or what I want to into it all….  But in my heart of hearts, I think Wizard is still with me and talking to me and I think he wants me to get Bandi!


I picked up Wizard’s ashes and they sit next me now; he’s in a really beautiful pine box with a plaque with his name on it.  They even gave me a dried flowers bouquet to set on top!


I miss Wizard soooooooooo Much!


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There is no coincidence and after you told the story of how you found Bandi, I have absoltuely no doubt that she is meant to be yours.  I think Wizard had a paw in this...he was a magical kitty and loved you so.  Perhaps he sent you Bandi to help you in your grief....of course she doesn't replace Wizard but is a newfound friend for you and you for her.

I'm very happy for both of you as I know the terrible heart wrenching grief you feel over Wizard.

Many hugs,


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Bob, I was wondering how you were doing. I think its way more than coincidence that you saw this kitty and were approved to adopt very near the time that you got Wizard's ashes! it almost seems like a cycle. and the shooting star just seals the deal. Wizard knows for sure that you need a furry friend around you- he also knows that he is "top cat" and will never be replaced. but I think he has a paw in guiding you to the right new companion.

When I lost Oscar ( my 13 year old bichon) I waited a few months to get another one. my other dog Felix seemed lonely so I began the hunt for a dog. when I saw Kramer online at a shelter, we applied, and oddly enough were approved on my husband's birthday! Oscar might have been saying " here's your birthday gift Dad- a new crazy dog to make you nuts!" and even weirder, my husband said when Oscar passed away " now I know what the expression "heart dog" means. Kramer's name before we got him was Cupid!

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I am so, so pleased for you.  Please remember that you are not trying to replace your Wizard.  By the sounds of it, he found you this cute little kitty, I certainly think that she has the Wizard stamp of approval.
How can it all be just a coincidence, think about it.
Your Wizard loves you and wants you to be happy, so he sent you little Bandi, cos he knows, she would not find a better home, than with his Dad.  Love Di xxx

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Dear Bob,

I've had a lot of challenges and not able to post much the last couple of weeks, but I came here today to read your post and am just flooded with emotion after reading this.  I really think it was meant, or set up, for you to have Bandi.  It just seems so that Wizard is giving you his blessings sending you this little girl.

If I already didn't have Rusty (and Samantha and Sylvia kitties) when Tweeny passed, I knew I wouldn't be ready for another kitty, but Rusty and I have gotten really close, and I have come to realize that he is not taking Tweeny's place, because he is my little boy, Tweeny was my little girl, their purrsonalities being different.  Bandi being a little girl will never take Wizard's place, but I think he wants this little girl in your life.

The way Bandi immediately started talking to you, the shooting star, and now Wizard's ashes home with all just seems so right.

Bless you for donating Wizard's supplies, for now other kitties can be helped in his honor.

Today is Tweeny's 25 month bridgeday and I am still very sad, missing my girl, but your happy news is all our happy news.

Please keep us all informed, oh I know you will! 

(((((((Bob, Wizard and Bandi)))))

Love from Tweeny's ma


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Dear Bob

I was so happy to see a post from you. I know how much you miss your Wizard - he was a very special boy. I know he and my Cheeseburger found one another and are looking down at us hoping we are not so sad. You and Wizard have been in my heart and prayers.

What a wonderful post! I have had signs from my boy too. I have also had the opportunity to be around cats for adoption - but I know I am not ready yet. It is not in my heart. But from your post I do believe Wizard is sending Bandi to you and the shooting star is just an awesome sign from your precious Wizard.

Take care Bob - and keep us posted about Bandi.

Bless our boys Wizard and Cheeseburger.

Cheeseburger's Mom


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Dear Bob,

I am crying, your post was so touching, and made me so happy for you.  I know your heart was broken when you lost your Beloved Wizard, the light of your life.  And it feels so true that little Bandi is meant for you, a sign and a gift from your boy, for he knew your love, and that love is meant to be shared.  This little kitty named Bandi was paw-picked just for you.

It's good that Wizard's ashes are home with you now where they belong, with his Daddy.  Listen to your heart of hearts, it will always tell you the truth.   

Happy Hugs,
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever


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I knew you were out of touch with the board while you're at your mom's; still, everytime I come here, I check to see if there's anything from you.
I know how much you miss Wizard. You were such a good dad to him. And what a great way to celebrate Father's Day this Sunday, with Wizard back with you and Bandi.
You know you have to send pictures and tell us how it's all going.
My schnauzer Molly at the Bridge says WAY TO GO BOB, WIZARD AND BANDI!!
My prayers are with you as you grieve Wizard and settle in with Bandi.
Molly's Mom

Posts: 820
To Bob

So glad you are getting Bandi.  This is fate, she needs a home and you need a fur friend.  My Rupert died 19 weeks ago and  still have his pyscho sister and she is healing my heart.  I can't think of getting a another cat, not for a long time, but  also realise there are so many cats needing a loving home and that makes me feel guilty.  Minnie has been doing her best to heal my heart after Ruperts tragic passing and Bandi will do the same for you.  It will never replace Wizard but it may help you to move on a little.  Their lives are not as long as ours and there will always be losses for us to bear.  Best wishes to you and Bandi.  Ruperts Mum

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Bob, I read all your posts and your darling Wizard captured my heart! I am so very sorry for your loss, but I do believe Wizard guided you to little Bandi. She needs your love Bob and you need her to give love to. Wizard is still with you, all around you and he wanted you to know he loves you and wants you to be happy. Darling Wizard is back home now and he will help you take care of the new baby. Wizard is definitely sending you message. Best wishes, Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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Dear Bob,

Now we KNOW.  Wizard is a WIZARD after all.  He definitely had a paw in choosing Bandi for you and he sent you the shooting star "sign" for you to know everything is okay with him.  What a wonderful and strong spirit Wizard has!  I think you will be getting many more signs from him that show you he is watching over you and little Bandi like a guardian angel now.

I am so glad you are back, Bob.  Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your precious Wizard.   He will be forever loved and missed.

Also accept my congratulations for the adoption of little Bandi.  She is going to help you so much and become such a huge part of your heart.  She will never replace Wizard, that goes without saying, but she will be very, very special to you.  I can just tell.  The shooting star indicates that!!

Love and hugs,
Betsy's forever mom

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So glad you are back had wondered about you. I am glad for you and the new Bandi in you life. You are right, I believe it was a sign from Wizard giving you the go a head because he knew you were the right match for Bandi, we  never replace those we have lost for they are with us always in our hearts and you have so much more to give. God Bless you and Bandi as you two start your new life together. You deserve it, the both of you and Wizard will always be there.----Jerry in Oklahoma.

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Wow Bob, this is just WONDERFUL! I just can't imagine having SO many signs from Wizard pointing you in the direction of this little girl! I do believe it was definately meant to be! Please keep us posted and post a photo when you have one of her........would love to see her!
Sending love from PJ and Hawkeye's mommy

Posts: 64
Hey Bob!
Was in here briefly a couple of days ago to make a post and read your update.
I kid you not . . they WANT us to continue to LOVE ON!
Seems like the more we Love, the more Love we have to give . .
I'm picking up my new pup this Sunday, Father's Day.
I can't think of much else . . have been busy Puppy-Proofing the house . .I'm looking at rhinestone collars and a suitable Fall/Winter coat . . so looking FORWARD !
I received Karma's ashes Monday and was hit with a tsunami of emotions ! The grief hits in unexpected moments, then I remember Karma as a new pup and all the hopes and plans I had for her . . for US!
alas, was not to be. But we had a BLESSED 2 and a half years . . every day was a gift, and every day, I KNEW IT!
And if there's a conscious power "above" . . it was all for a reason . . and this new life is as much a part of the reason as anything else!
God Bless you very much Bob.
Love ON!!

Karma's Mom

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