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I have had dogs all my life 5 in total. Got 1 now so lost 4. Last July I lost the 4th dog and it was by far the worst. He was the first dog I've had from a pup well 2nd but first I remember from a pup. I was too young to remember my first dog as a pup. My mum had always said we would never get a pup as they are too much work. In 2007 she changed her mind on the condition I did everything for the pup and he would be my very own dog. I couldn't agree fast enough. We got a Boarder Terrier cross Jack Russell black and tan. I passed my driving test after having him a month so around the time he could have walks. I took him almost everywhere with me. Took him training and agility got so I could let him off lead to play with other dogs knew he would avoid aggressive dogs if he aggressive dogs if he could. He was the best dog I'd had. Never ill or needing vets. I never thought twice about having him in my car and he liked it. He would stay on back seat and go sleep. In July last year I went to a mates always took my dog did this time as well. Had a lovely day took my dog long walks. Then put him in the car to go home. Only I never got home. I was in a serious accident and unconsious for 2 week.

I came round at end of July and the first thing I say was Max my dogs name. I had no idea what had happened or that he was with me when I had the accident. My mum told me he had died. I sobbed no no no. My mum promised I could have another pup when I was better. I agreed but didn't care but knew I would want another dog in time. It took another month of physio to get back home. i did get upset a few times over my dog and wanted to move on. Once home my mum had put all photos of Max away and kept most of his stuff ready for my next dog. It was for the best but still upsetting. Our window cleaner asked where Max was so that was upsetting and little things like my mum leaving back gate open when in front garden because it was a reminder that I had lost Max. I went to a lake I used to take Max and a dog that Max used to play with came up to me which upset me tho I did stroke it.

By mid September I was ready for another dog. My mum didn't seem to mention it we hadn't looked for any so I started looking on internet. My mum said it was too early and to wait til October. I reluctantly agreed. I had decided my next dog would be treated exactly like Max as in be spoilt and get what he wanted. In the hope the next dog would be similar, either way he would be happier for it.

On 27th September I had occupational therapy appointment so went to that and got back home to find my nan say thank god you are here. Puzzled I asked why. She answered he's been a little bugger. I guessed my little cousin was there but asked who. My nan told me to look outside but before I could my mum walked in holding a Boarder Terrier pup and passed him to me. I was overjoyed. He was 7 week old in 2 days. I feel it was the exact right time as any sooner I would of been upset that it wasn't Max. Since then my nan has died and she got me my new dog so he now means more to me than Max did purely through things out of my control. I will always love and remember Max as the first dog of my very own. I do still get upset but not as often. I can talk about Max and only managed to look at his photos without getting upset when I got my new dog.

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Dear Marie, so very sorry to hear of your never is easy no matter how we lose our furbabys...I would love to see some pictures of them...if you could post them on under the grief support heading others will be able to give you support and condolances also...

may we all find peace

Toni (Zip and Woodys mom)

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I want you to know I appreciate what you shared.
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