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The years keep ticking by, and today it’s nine years since I lost my precious partner, Piezon (Paesano, means friend in Italian).

Memories fade. I hate that.

I remember not wanting to let go of the grief, because I worried I'd forget what it was like to be with him. Sure enough, after all these years, it's difficult to conjure up his essence in my memory. I sometimes get his personality confused with my boy, Max. They are very much alike in that they are Australian Shepherds (same body language) and both black & white. Except, Piezon had only a couple patches of white, while Max is about one-third white. But, their personalities are different.

I fooled myself into thinking Piezon needed me. When in fact, it was I who needed him. I fooled myself into thinking I trained Piezon, when in fact, it was he who trained me. Those are both traits that Max does not have. Max absolutely needs me, but it was Piezon who taught me how to train both of them.

I've written so much about Piezon. Perhaps if I go back and read the dozens of essays or poems about him, or his eulogy. I might remember his personality/presence. But, reading those makes me cry. I don't want to cry. I want to smile when I think of him.

He was my soulful, wise dog. You'd think that would make him like a serene sage, but, nope. His cheerfulness gave him so much energy he was always wiggling with excitement. My Max, well, he's sort of moody. Not Piezon, he had one mood . . . HAPPYYYYYYYY. Nothing could bring him down, not even a broken leg when he was five months old. I want to remember his joy and spread it today.

So, sing along with The Happy Song.



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What a wonderful way to honor your guy. I hope that all of us here can someday enjoy and remember the journey we shared with our little ones. Isn't it wonderful that they live in the moment and life is to enjoy.
Thank you for sharing
Love and doggie hugs
Termy's mom

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Cosesmom is exactly correct I think-animals live in the moment with no worries about what tomorrow might bring.  Thus, while they would probably make horrible financial planners they are unequaled at bringing joy and light into our lives.  Piezon and Max is each his own dog with his own personalities, but what they share, their love for you and that love you give to them in equal measure, is what is truly transcendent.  From my own experience I think there will always be days, further apart perhaps as time passes but still there, where thinking of the ones who have departed brings sadness, but I also believe that what they gave us is an unparalled joy, worthy of bringing a grin to us.  They love us so much, and I think that is what they would want, for us to remember them with that occasional tear but more frequently with a big smile, for they not only were, but will always be, a part of some of the best moments of our lives.  

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Thank you Soothspader and Termy's mom, for reading about my boy and for your supportive comments. It's been so long, I feel like those who knew him don't care about his memory anymore. It's nice to have others recognize his presence in this world.

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Hi Lori,
I remember your posts about Piezon and then your posts about Max and how they were so different from each other and how you were struggling to adjust to Max. It is hard to believe it has been 9 years since Piezon passed away, but you can rest assured that there are many of us here on this board that definitely remember Piezon. 

I can completely relate to the difficulty you have conjuring up Piezon's essence in your member. It is getting to be the same way with my beloved Blackie. The other week I was going through many of the different folders on my desktop computer and opened up the folders that contained Blackie's pictures. Blackie and I were only together for less than 3 years, but goodness did he have an impact on my life! But it has been over 10 years since he passed away, and it seems like it was a lifetime ago. And it is getting harder for me to recall more than just a handful of memories of the life Blackie and I shared without having to pull out pictures of him...

I really enjoyed the Happy video - great way to remember and honor those that have gone on ahead of us...


- Kelly

Angel Blackie's mom
Angel Squeeker's mom
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