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Yesterday my pit mix rescue of 6 years killed my 14 year old cat. I’m beside myself with grief. I found her on my bedroom floor. She was my first pet, I adopted her at 19. They have lived In The same house peacefully for 6 years.

My little cat only weight 7 pounds. And usually she would boss the dogs around. I lost my best boy Russo last June, an 80 pound red nose. They were best friends. She would curl up next to him or rub up against his nose.

We recently took in a foster. A 12 pound terrier mix with a sweet demeanor and zero aggression issues. My pit Ella has always had issues with food and toys. She was emaciated with bad mange and a bad infection. She was lovely, and I spent day and night training her and fattening her up and healing her. She is so obedient and always tying to please. And I’ve always kept an eye on her. Fed her separately, lots of excessive. She was so good. I feel so betrayed by her now. I can’t look at her. But I also can’t imagine rehoming her. We also have a boy cat I’ve brought hime to my moms. Ella used to try to break up the fights when the cats would get into little tiffs.

I don’t know what happened. I feel like it’s my fault. I should have separated them when I wasn’t home. But they all seemed fine. I don’t know what to do now. My heart is broken. I’ve moved my other cat to my moms. And I’m taking the foster back to be rehomed because I feel like a failure.

My little cat was the only one in the house that likes to sit on my lad and would cuddle when I was sad. This hurts so bad. And any kind advice would be so appreciated. euthanasia is not and will never be an option. has anyone been through this?


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I am so sorry to hear of this. You must be devastated. Others have been through similar things. I remember a family who had left their 3 dogs in the garage when they went to the store. When they came back, one of the dogs was dead..having been attacked.

I can tell you that death at the hands of animal sibling is not always prompted by intent or deliberate violence. Just like human beings can get in tussles, so can animals. And they have no intention of killing their sibling. It just happens by accident and the one who did the killing feels just as bad about what happened. This can happen between people too. I have heard of numerous cases where two guys started to push each other around and one fell and hit his head and died and in another case a punch was thrown which killed someone. But it was never their intent to kill someone. They were just angry.

My dog Tum loved her sister cat Emerald with all her heart. They were best friends. But a couple of times over the years I got scared when Em was playing with Tum (teasing her) and Tum got angry. Panic set in. Tum would NEVER hurt Emerald, but in a state like that things can happen when there was NO INTENT at all.

It happens between human children. Young children have been known to kill a sibling without meaning too. They are even too young to form intent. A toddler who throws a baby in the crib to the ground to play or a kid in elementary school who wants to see how strong he is and decides to beat up his toddler brother (thinking the toddler can take it) and the toddler dies. No one was trying to kill anyone.

And so it was with your dog. You dog was not trying to kill your cat. It was an accident. A tragic accident yes, but an accident none the less.

And the bottom line is your  world has been turned upside down.

Please keep sharing here. You can post as often as you want and for as long as you want.

Peace to you. I know you are besides yourself. I would be too.

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