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You don't know what you have until you lose it. No truer words were ever spoken. 

I'm sorry to keep bothering everyone with my posts, but Pet Loss is the only outlet I have to express my grief and sadness from the pain I'm feeling right now.

I'm 17 and my friends try to be understanding, they don't ridicule or laugh at me. They know how much I love my pets. But they don't know what it feels like loosing something that I really loved. 

Miss Kitty was less than 2 years old. One of my friends found her when she was just a small tiny kitten. She was wandering alone and hungry on the streets. My friend brought her to me and an instant bond formed between me and her. I never thought I'd wake up one morning and she'd be gone. That was the last thing on my mind. 

I'd come home from school and she'd be sleeping on my bed, or sleeping on the chair near my computer. 

Sadly I think I began taking her granted thinking she would always be around.

The thing I miss most about Miss Kitty is how she would jump up on the table and stand up on her back legs and put her front paws on my chest and lay her head on my chest and purr so happily.  And now when I look at that empty table where she gave me so much of her love, my heart just cries out in pain.  

There's a small kitty door where she could come and go as she pleased. I'd go to sleep at night, and Miss Kitty would go outside and play with the neighbors cat. I'd wake up in the morning and Miss Kitty would be sleeping near me. 

But now she's gone and I have no idea where she's at. If she went out looking for a male companion, she would have been back home by now. It's been a week since I last saw Miss Kitty, and my hopes for her safe return are fading.

My greatest fear is that she was attacked by stray dogs that wander around the neighborhood at night looking for food. I have 5 dogs and she's grown up around my dogs and they would all play together. She had no idea there are dogs who would hurt her. 

I'm trying to hold on to hope that she will return. But my gut feeling tells me that something has happened to her, and that I will never see Miss Kitty again. And that's what hurts so much, is that feeling of knowing that Miss Kitty is forever gone from my life. 

My prayers are that wherever Miss Kitty is at that she's safe and healthy.

The kitty door along with my arms are open and waiting for her safe return home.

God be with you Miss Kitty.

Thanks for reading this.

Your friend,



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Come here as much as you need to.  These early days are the hardest and it is particularly hard for you because you don't know what happened.  At 17 I don't think any of my friends would have understood so at least you have great friends.  But you are right, they may never understand the love that you have for Miss Kitty.
I hope Miss Kitty is ok and she comes back to  you too.  In the mean time, hang in there and post out your feelings as much as you need too.

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Miss Kitty is just beautiful David. And what a lucky lady to be so loved. I so hope she turns up safe and sound. Please keep us updated.


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I am very sorry your little kitten is missing!  I will pray that she finds her way home safely.  Please keep us posted!


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