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Here I am again, asking you to help me with your prayers and thoughts please; a little one was puttted down to sleep by the "person" that was supposed to be her adoptive mom; the little Beagle was a sweet old lady a bit deaf and yes, she had a bump but the vet at the shelter said it was nothing serious. I offered myself to drive her on a 700 kilometers trip to her adoptive family, all the way feeling each one of those kilometers was worth it even if I had to walk, to save her life.
No news from her for a whole week made me think the worst happened. And as it was, the worst did happen. This individual didn't have the integrity to answer our calls and messages after she took the decision to put her down.
Now everybody that crossed that little old Beagle's life, that did everything they could to help save her life, are grieving over her death.
And I am devastated as I saw the last look in her eyes as they took her away.
Please pray for the little one, that didn't even have a name.


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I am so sorry to hear of such a sweet dog's demise. And under these conditions. She went to Rainbow Bridge knowing the love and care and attention of all of you who touched her life; she did not go alone. She is happy and healthy now at the Bridge and she can hear again.
My prayers are with you all as you each mourn her death.
Molly's Mom

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This sounds very sad. It must be tough on you. I love beagles, they have the cutest little faces and they're mischevous in a good way. Sorry for your loss.


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How very sorry I am. Poor little baby. Such a sad life. he will be in my prayers and thoughts. He will be at the bridge and happy with all his new little friends


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She is at the bridge with many new friends, her new life will be full of joy. I am sorry for your loss.----Jerry in Oklahoma.


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I am very new here too,having recently lost my precious Ridge.  But  I can assure you that I will pray for you.  It is so disheartening to see how cold people can be to an innocent little dog.  No wonder you are so saddened!  Please know that you are most certainly in my prayers as you grieve the loss of this little baby.  I think it would be nice if YOU gave him a name.  No dog should be without a name.  And it should be a beautiful name, just the same as this little beagle was!

God's Peace to You,

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Blessings to you and to the others who's lives were touched by this little sweetie. The world would be such a far better place if there were more people like you. Shame on the person (I use the word person loosely) for not doing the right thing. I am so sorry, you all must be in such pain. Just remember that that little angel left this earth knowing love, she was not alone. Now she is young again and I'm sure feeling very blessed to have known you. My thoughts and prayers are with you my dear.



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I am lighting a candle for that dear little baby under BEAGl. I can tell you are so very upset and I am so sorry this had to happen. That darling knows you love her and she will be your angel watching over you. I am sure my beloved Mr. Meowgy is taking care of her, he is such a good boy. Again, I am so very sorry. Donna, Mr. Meowgy's mom


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I will say a prayer for your Little Beagle Lady - you showed her your love and that blessed her life, and she knew it.

I'm so very sorry.
Katharine, Grunt's Mom Forever

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May God grant special blessings for the little ones who have no one to watch out for them, or who are neglected, or worse.  This beloved beagle's spirit literally soared to the Bridge where she was greeted by all of our little loved ones. 

God bless you for being such a kind and caring soul.  This precious beagle felt your love and it enriched her life.  That last sad look in her eyes that you saw as she was being driven away has been replaced by sheer joy. She is home now.

Betsy's forever mom
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